Examples Impact on Society Economic Impact on the Group
Deal with new risks ■Products to address cyber risk

Provide support for cybersecurity countermeasures and compensation in preparation for damages resulting from the unlikely event of a cyberattack
Number of companies/organizations protected against cyber risks

・FY2018: 9,846
・FY2019: 12,330
・FY2020: 13,516
Net premiums written from cyber risk insurance

・FY2018: 4.93 billion yen
・FY2019: 6.50 billion yen
・FY2020: 7.18 billion yen
Create a mobility society without accidents ■Telematics-based safe driving support services

Provide services that support safe driving utilizing telematics technology
* Both Observe and Protect Automobile Insurance (Dashcam Type) and the Toyota "Tsunagaru" (Connected) Car Insurance Plan
Number of vehicles protected by services

・FY2018: 99,000
・FY2019: 382,000
・FY2020: 867,000
Operating results of insurance premiums for telematics automobile insurance
(for individual customers)

・FY2018: 8.3 billion yen
・FY2019: 33.2 billion yen
・FY2020: 75.5 billion yen
Strive for resilient community development ■Regional revitalization initiatives in collaboration with local governments

Provide products and services that solve regional social issues in cooperation with local governments
Number of agreements with local governments

・FY2018: 283
・FY2019: 374
・FY2020: 461
Ripple effect on net premiums written

FY2019: approx. 9.5 billion yen
FY2020: approx. 14.4 billion yen
Support “good health and longevity” ■Tontine annuities that support future asset formation

A foreign-currency-denominated individual annuity insurance that meets the “usage” needs of customers who receive the greater amount of annuity the longer they live
Total amount of tontine annuity received

・FY2018: 1.9 billion yen
・FY2019: 3.4 billion yen
・FY2020: 4.8 billion yen
Number of tontine annuity agreements

・FY2018: 13,000
・FY2019: 27,000
・FY2020: 36,000
Contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation ■Comprehensive Compensation Plan for Mega-Solar Power Generation

The provision of combined insurance and derivative compensation products to mega-solar operators
* Calculation based on national average power generation results from NEDO solar field test and the default values of emission factors by electric utility.
CO2 emissions from thermal power generation equivalent to the volume of the contractor's mega-solar power generation

・FY2018: approx. 1,700 thousand t-CO2
・FY2019: approx. 3,000 thousand t-CO2
・FY2020: approx. 4,000 thousand t-CO2
New premium for the comprehensive compensation plan for mega-solar
power generation

・FY2018: 1.18 billion yen
・FY2019: 1.94 billion yen
・FY2020: 2.52 billion yen
Strive to improve the sustainability of natural capital ■Simplified evaluations of water-related risks

Assess flooding, drought and other water resource risks at business sites, and support business from the perspective of risk management
* Facilities with a water stress value (ratio of water intake accounted by annual water supply volume) above 40%
Ratio of facilities where water shortage risks are high

End of FY2018: 42.0%
End of FY2019: 40.7%
End of FY2020: 39.7%
Number of sites implementing simplified evaluations of water-related risks

・FY2018: 224
・FY2019: 244
・FY2020: 264
Work toward the realization of “leaving no one behind” ■Dedicated fire insurance for indigenous households in Malaysia

Dedicated fire insurance for residential building programs aimed at improving the living environment of indigenous people in Malaysia. The insurance is developed to be packaged to support the scheme.
Number of indigenous homes offered our insurance

・FY2019: 22
・FY2020: 57
Fire insurance premiums for indigenous households

・FY2019: 3,060MYR
・FY2020: 6,801MYR