Examples Impact on Society Impact on MS&AD
Symbiosis with global environment
(Planetary Health)
Climate change impact quantitative assessment service for TCFD

Provide assessment of quantitative risks due to the impact of climate change, in collaboration with a climate analysis venture, Jupiter
Number of places subject to analyses:

・FY2020: 12
・FY2021: 6,168
Number of companies ordering the service:

・FY2020: 7
・FY2021: 14
Safe and secure society
Products to address cyber risk

Provide support for cybersecurity countermeasures and coverage for precautionary preparation against possible damage in the event of a cyberattack.
Number of companies/
organizations protected against cyber risks:

・FY2019: 12,330
・FY2020: 13,516
・FY2021: 15,422
Premiums written for cyber risk insurance:

・FY2019: JPY6.50 billion
・FY2020: JPY7.18 billion
・FY2021: JPY8.23 billion
Telematics-based safe driving support services

Provide services that support safe driving utilizing telematics technology
Number of automobile insurance policies* protected by the services:

・FY2019: 382,000
・FY2020: 867,000
・FY2021: 1,718,000

* “Mimamoru” and “Tsunagaru” automobile insurances
Premiums for telematics type automobile insurance (for individual customers):

・FY2019: JPY35.5billion
・FY2020: JPY80.7 billion
・FY2021: JPY150.7 billion
Happiness of diverse people
Tontine Annuities that support future asset formation

A foreign-currency-denominated individual annuity insurance that meets the “usage” needs of customers, whereby the longer they live, the greater amount of annuity they receive.
Total amount of Tontine Annuity received:

・FY2019: JPY 3.4 billion
・FY2020: JPY 4.8 billion
・FY2021: JPY 6.6 billion
Number of Tontine Annuity contracts:

・FY2019: 27,000
・FY2020: 36,000
・FY2021: 45,000
Fire insurance dedicated to housing for indigenous people in Malaysia

Developed dedicated fire insurance for residential building programs with the aim of helping to improve the living conditions of indigenous people in Malaysia.
The insurance is packaged as part of the support scheme.
Number of indigenous households covered by our insurance (cumulative):

・FY2019: 22
・FY2020: 57
・FY2021: 65
Fire insurance premiums for indigenous households:

・FY2019: 3,060MYR
・FY2020: 6,304MYR
・FY2021: 3,132MYR