The “Creation of a resilient and inclusive society,” which MS&AD Holdings is aiming for, entails realizing sustainable residential spaces that are safe and able to recover from disasters. In order to support people's safety and security, it is very important to predict the risks that could be incurred in the event of a disaster and to develop communities that are prepared against emergencies. To that end, we are conducting various initiatives to realize an inclusive society where everyone can continue to live their lives with peace of mind, in addition to supporting local government to develop disaster-resilient communities.
In addition, revitalizing local communities is also important for creating communities capable of coping with disasters. Declining vitality among local communities is leading to a number of issues such as depopulation and a shortfall in social services. Regional revitalization is a key government policy. Accordingly, we are working in collaboration with local governments and various stakeholders around each region to take industrial promotion measures based on each region’s particular characteristics, support risk management for resilient community development, taking advantage of the natural capital, and to take other forms of action toward creation of a resilient and inclusive society.

Provision of Risk Solutions Before/After Compensation

Believing it is important to create and provide "value before and after compensation" in addition to the core function of insurance, which is to provide compensation in the event of an accident," we have been creating and providing solutions to help prevent damage due to accidents and disasters, and solutions to support early recovery after an accident.
Through development and provision of risk solutions that address the issues faced by our customers and each community, we will contribute to creating communities and societies in which everyone can live with safety and peace of mind.


Providing risk solutions by non-life insurance agents(MSI, ADI) (in Japanese only)

Contribution to Disaster-resilient Community Development

Initiatives in Collaboration with Local Governments

Collaborating with local governments and utilizing the accident and disaster information collectively acquired by non-life insurers, we are promoting initiatives which will assist in predicting loss, and developing evacuation plans for local residents in the event of disasters.

Support for Rapid Post-disaster Recovery

With disasters now occurring every year as a result of climate change, it is important to prepare for post-disaster situations. We are taking such approaches for rapid post-disaster recovery as development of new products to respond to needs which up to now have not been covered, rapid damage investigation and claims settlement, and provision of support, including donations, to disaster victims.

Launch of Disaster Countermeasures Support Insurance encouraging local governments and business operators to conclude agreements

We have been supporting business operators to engage in social contribution activities and facilitate early recovery from disasters through covering expenses, etc. incurred by a business operator that has concluded a disaster support agreement ("agreement") with a local government in cases where they provide supplies, dispatch personnel, and take other measures based on the agreement.


- Toward Realization of Climate Change-/Disaster-resilient Community Development - Launched Disaster Countermeasures Support Insurance (MSI, ADI) (in Japanese only)

Coverage for companies’ costs incurred in evacuating vehicles based on issuance of evacuation information

We support evacuation before a disaster strikes through provision of  “Endorsement Covering Emergency Evacuation of Vehicles in the Event of Disasters” which covers the costs incurred by companies in evacuating their vehicles when evacuation information is issued by local governments in relation to a natural disaster.


[Industry “first”] Coverage for companies’ costs incurred in evacuating vehicles based on issuance of evacuation information - Supporting “evacuation activities” of various companies prior to their incurring damage (ADI) (in Japanese only)

Launch of automobile insurance for fire brigade members, etc. to cover their own vehicles used during fire-fighting activities

This product covers private vehicles, etc. of fire brigade members or others used in fire-fighting activities against accidents involving those vehicles during such activities. Through this product, we will help to realize a society which enables fire brigade members, etc. to engage in disaster rescue operations with “safety and peace of mind,” thereby contributing to further enhancement of local communities’ disaster prevention capabilities.


Launched automobile insurance for fire brigade members to cover their vehicles used during fire-fighting activities (MSI) (in Japanese only)

Donations in response to disasters

In order to help disaster-affected policyholders rebuild their lives as quickly as possible, we collect donations from employees of the Group companies. Utilizing our Disaster Relief Donation Matching Gift Program, through which we make additional donations to match employee contributions, a total of some JPY800 million, including company contributions, has been donated since the system was established in 2004.


Disaster Relief Donation Matching Gift Program

Disaster volunteer activities

We are continuing our initiatives to provide aid to the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake, as exemplified by sales events, co-sponsorship of marathon, etc. aimed at generating funds for reconstruction assistance. When floods or other disasters strike, employees obtain information on volunteer activities from their companies and disaster-hit areas and then participate individually in relief initiatives in these areas.

Creation of Communities where People can Continue to Live Their Lives with Peace of Mind

In order to help create a community in which everyone can live with safety and peace of mind, it is critical to develop an environment that enables people to continue working.
Revitalization of local industries will lead to creation of employment opportunities. It will also generate the capacity to create an environment whereby people and things can be shifted to places where they are needed in a manner which suits the various lifestyles of those engaged in industrial activities. Through our insurance and financial service businesses, we are supporting a wide range of initiatives such as infrastructure development, business continuity, access improvement, and lifestyle diversification.

Support for Regional Revitalization through Conclusion of Collaboration Agreements

Our Group is providing support for various risks, consulting services for regional revitalization, and conducting other activities to support realization of regional revitalization through agreements with relevant partners, including prefectural and municipal governments, local commercial/industry groups, and financial institutions. We are working to create common value with society (CSV) by addressing social issues faced by local communities through our strengths in cooperation with local stakeholders.

<Principal Approaches>

Provision of business continuity plans (BCP)

We hold seminars and other events to help companies formulate BCPs that allow them to rapidly restore and continue their business operations, even after natural disasters or unexpected accidents occur.


Provision of BCP/BCM (Business Continuity Management) Support (InterRisk) (in Japanese only)

Regional revitalization support site

We established a website for local governments to support regional revitalization initiatives by disseminating information on such initiatives carried out by each local government, and useful information for local governments.

Ongoing Support in Line with the Characteristics of Regions and Regional Industries

In order to revitalize society, it is necessary to provide support for sustainable growth of local communities. We have been offering insurance products and services that meet needs, not only in Japan but also in other countries, focusing on particular issues which each region is facing.

<Principal Approaches>

Contribution to regional revitalization through addressing issues associated with unoccupied houses

With the aim of promoting regional revitalization through addressing issues relating to unoccupied houses, we are developing products and services that will promote distribution and utilization of unoccupied houses in partnership with operators of platforms which connect house owners, businesses, and local governments.


Started partnership to promote distribution and utilization of unoccupied houses (ADI) (in Japanese only)

Support for optimization of road inspection and management services through automatic detection of road damage using AI analysis "DORA-RECO (Dashcam) Road Manager"

Through AI analysis of data collected from dashcams owned by Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, road damage is automatically detected, thereby realizing optimization of conventional road


DORA-RECO (Dashcam) Road Manager (MSI) (in Japanese only)

Development of U-Medical Support for veterinarians and livestock farmers

Developed U-Medical Support, a service to digitally support communications between veterinarians and farmers for the diagnosis and treatment of cattle, which is the first-of-a-kind service in the livestock industry. It not only enables confirmation of post-treatment conditions of cattle with electronic terminals such as smartphones but also contributes to enhancing the efficiency of administrative tasks such as preparation of electronic charts and electronic medical instructions.


Started development of U-Medical Support for veterinarians and livestock farmers (MSI) (in Japanese only)

Provision of insurance for small loans to micro-entrepreneurs (Philippines)

Launched Micro-insurance for loans in Autumn 2019, in cooperation with BPI Direct BanKo, which provides small loans to micro-entrepreneurs.
The insurance supports the operations of micro-entrepreneurs through insurance even in the event of an unforeseen occurrence such as an accident or disaster.
Number of policies sold in FY2022: 146,633 Total premium amount: PHP 10,758,390 (Philippines Peso)

Provision of fire insurance dedicated to housing for indigenous people (Malaysia)

We packaged insurance related to the support scheme undertaken by the social enterprise EPIC Homes with the aim of helping to improve the living conditions of indigenous people. Housing with this coverage provides peace of mind to the indigenous people living there and encourages participation in the support scheme by potential donors.
Cumulative total of houses for indigenous people covered by our insurance in FY2022 : 84 Fire insurance premiums for indigenous homes: MYR 15,102 (Malaysian Ringgit)


Press release (MSIG Malaysia)

Promotion of insurance and job creation (India)

We have set up small shops equipped with insurance kiosks in villages, towns, and small and medium-sized cities across the country. Through this, we are contributing to promotion of insurance in regions where access to such services had previously been difficult.
We have also entrusted groups that are working to create jobs in farming communities through issuance of insurance policies. This contributes to improving employment prospects for people in farming communities with few job opportunities other than agriculture
Number of shops in FY2022): 332


Cholamandalam MS General Insurance official website

Insurance for small loans to micro-entrepreneurs (India)

The microinsurance is needed to be an affordable (Prices are determined by the customer’s ability to pay) and meets to priority for risk protection (Examples: property insurance, health insurance, life insurance).
Cumulative total of houses for the people covered by our insurance in FY2022: 440,000 Fire insurance premiums for homes: IRN 86,705,200 (Indian Rupee)

Provision of financial education (non-life insurance) for young people (Japan)

Conducting classes to improve financial literacy for high school students following the April 2022 revision of the Civil Code that lowered the adult age from 20 to 18. These classes provided opportunities for students to learn life skills to achieve an independent, secure and prosperous life, and contributed to the improvement of living standards in the future.
Number of schools: 3 (Tokyo)/Number of classes: 6 frames/Number of students participating: 186

Support for a Variety of Lifestyles

In order for anyone including elderly citizens, disabled persons and people living in underpopulated areas or remote islands to continue living anywhere with peace of mind, we are implementing a range of initiatives, including provision of insurance products and services, investment, and social contribution activities.

<Principal Approaches>

Contribution to addressing issues in remote island areas

We participate in demonstration experiments aimed at addressing issues in remote island areas, including mobility, logistics, and medical care, that arise due to population decline and aging. Through this initiative, we contribute to the creation of sustainable environments and revitalization of remote island areas.


Support for demonstrations of drones and automatic delivery robots (InterRisk) (in Japanese only)

Investment in water bonds, gender bonds and peace-building bonds

Invested in water bonds and gender bonds, both issued by the Asian Development Bank, and peace-building bonds issued by the Japan International Cooperation Agency. Income generated by these bonds will be appropriated for programs which satisfy security needs concerning water and sanitation, programs which contribute to promoting gender equality and female leadership, and projects for achieving peace, stability and rehabilitation of countries and regions affected by conflicts and civil wars.


Investment in water bonds issued by the Asian Development Bank (MSA) (in Japanese only)

Investment in gender bonds issued by the Asian Development Bank (MSA) (in Japanese only)

Investment in peace-building bonds issued by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) (MSA) (in Japanese only)

Launch of automobile insurance for self-driving vehicles utilizing electromagnetic induction lanes

Providing low-cost automobile insurance for self-driving vehicles that use electromagnetic induction lanes, which are expected to be a new means of transport in depopulated areas with aging populations, and in other areas.


Launched automobile insurance for self-driving vehicles utilizing electromagnetic induction lanes (ADI) (in Japanese only)

Development of an accident relief system linked to dementia ordinances (dementia "Kobe Model")

We are entrusted with the administration of the accident relief system linked to Kobeʼs dementia ordinance. We have developed Japanʼs first comprehensive coverage scheme for dementia based on a trinity of: (1) Accident relief (insurance), (2) System expansion (promotion of early dementia testing), and (3) Prevention of accidents (GPS tracking services operated by security companies)

Provision of easy-to-understand information

In addition to utilization of personal computers and smartphones, we are instituting procedures that give due consideration to the needs of the elderly and people with disabilities by adopting eye-friendly, easily readable fonts (Universal Design Font, etc.) for use in brochures for our primary products, together with easy-to-understand language, figures, and illustrations to convey information. We also provide sign language, interpretation services in 17 languages, and translation services in 12 languages.

Introduction of Heartful Line Service

We introduced the Heartful Line Service for customers aged 80 years and older, which, when they phone the call center, connects directly to the operator without going through the voice guidance.

Handling of endorsement for social contribution

In response to customersʼ wide variety of values in relation to asset inheritance, such as goodwill through contributing to society by donating their assets, in a joint effort with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, we developed the industryʼs first Endorsement for Social Contribution, which enables designated public interest groups* to be appointed as beneficiaries of insurance claims (September 2019).
In July 2023, we made the first donation to Kyoto Universityʼs CiRA Foundation in the form of coverage by an insurance contract.
*The current designated public interest organizations:
・Japanese Red Cross Society
・Japan Committee for UNICEF
・Kyoto Universityʼs CiRA Foundation

Mitsui Direct General Insurance Tsuyoyasa (Strong and Kind)Fund, which donates to organizations according to the number of votes cast by policyholders

The Mitsui Direct General Insurance Tsuyoyasa Fund was launched in 2014, allowing policyholders to easily make social contributions with a single click.


Mitsui Direct General Insurance Tsuyoyasa Fund (MD) (in Japanese only)

Affixing of Bell Marks to insurance products

As the only co-sponsor from the non-life insurance sector (as of July 2023), we are participating in the Bell Marks campaign which is designed to ensure that all children equitably receive education in productive environments. We have affixed Bell Marks to all Tough-series products.


Information on insurance products with bell mark (ADI) (in Japanese only)

Contribution to realization of an inclusive society

We are developing initiatives that contribute to realization of a sustainable society wherein all people, including the elderly and those with disabilities, can live comfortable lives.


Started joint initiatives with WheeLog to promote universal urban design (ADI) (in Japanese only)

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance and Sophia University jointly established Institute of Inclusive Community (ADI) (in Japanese only)

Provided support for verification of autonomous driving and MaaS (InterRisk) (in Japanese only)

Social contribution activities carried out nationwide

The group companies are actively carrying out global environmental conservation/social contribution activities tailored to the needs of individual communities.

MS&AD Unison Smile Club

A social contribution activity organization operated by MS&AD Group employees who support the organization by undertaking volunteer activities and making donations in 100-yen units out of their monthly salaries. The club is developing donations to NPOs and other organizations, together with employee volunteer activities.


MS&AD Unison Smile Club

MS&AD Unison Smile Club activities (MSI) (in Japanese only)

Fundraising activities by executives and employees (ADI) (in Japanese only)