Basic Concept and Policy

In the MS&AD Insurance Group Compliance Basic Policy, the MS&AD Insurance Group stipulates that all of our officers and employees should take sincere, fair, and proper actions to respond to the expectations and requests of society by complying with all laws and regulations related to our corporate activities with a constant awareness of our corporate social responsibility.

Furthermore, we established the MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy on Human Rights in February 2017, in which we recognize our responsibility for the actual and potential adverse impact that our business activities have on human rights, including in the value chain. We have begun efforts to implement activities and dialog that respect human rights.

Based on the fact that there are situations in business activities where various activities are entrusted to outside vendors, we have formulated the MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy for Management of Outside Vendors as our basic policy regarding outsourcing. Based on the above, the Group companies maintain and properly control the management of outside vendors.

Under the “MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy on the Environment,” the Group has established the following Key Issues and is advancing efforts in these areas, together with its stakeholders, making environmental issues part of its corporate strategy:
1. Mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, 2. Sustainable use of resources, 3. Reduction of environmental burden, and 4. Preservation of biodiversity

Specific Initiatives

Initiatives for Human Rights

Through its human rights due diligence, the MS&AD Insurance Group is taking measures to reduce risks through making realization of 1. Fair and impartial customer services, 2. Initiatives that take into consideration human rights measures to be implemented by business partners/agencies, and 3. consideration for employee health and a workplace environment free of discrimination priority Issues and carrying out monitoring on a regular basis.

Confirming the Appropriateness of Outside Vendors

The Group’s domestic insurance companies have established standards for selecting new outside vendors and conduct regular inspections of vendors, in principle annually, to check the vendors’ customer personal information management system, the soundness of business management, and the appropriateness of business execution.

Initiatives for the Environment

The MS&AD Insurance Group has set “Symbiosis with the Global Environment ―Planetary Health” as one of its key sustainability issues and is undertaking various initiatives to address climate change and natural capital

Initiatives in the Value Chain

Consideration for Human Rights

The MS&AD Insurance Group urges related parties such as business partners, including suppliers, who are involved in the procurement of services, and agencies, to prevent and/or reduce the risk of adverse impacts on human rights through their business activities.

Environmental Consideration

We have signed the Paris Pledge of Action. To achieve net zero in 2050, we have established a policy that consideration for sustainability in all business activities.

In order to achieve net zero emissions in 2050, it is important to reduce emissions not only in our company but also throughout the supply chain. We will therefore work with our customers, agents, and other stakeholders to promote initiatives that contribute to the transition to a net-zero society and the reduction of CO2 emissions in society.

As the chairman of the Japan Biodiversity Initiative (JBIB), we are demonstrating leadership in improving the sustainability of natural capital.

MSI and ADI annually explain the MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy on the Environment to clients and ask for their cooperation in environmental consideration.

We are encouraging agencies and clients to obtain Eco Action 21 certification(MSI only), a simplified environmental ISO certification, as well as spreading Eco-maintenance* and promoting the use of recycled automobile parts.

Each Group company is promoting paperless in-house processes such as use of paperless insurance policies and policy clauses, expansion of Web pages exclusively for policyholders, and digitalization of notices that formerly were sent by postal mail, in cooperation with customers. We are also actively engaged in green procurement of stationery and other items used in our business.

* Encouraging the spread of Eco-maintenance (engine cleansing)
“Engine cleansing” has been stipulated by the government as one of the designated items of Green Purchase Method in April 2008. Support for obtaining Eco Action 21 certification has directly lead to the spread of engine cleansing.