We believe it is important to understand what is expected and wanted by our stakeholders and utilize this information to improve the quality of products and services in order to always be an enterprise group that is needed by society. The MS&AD Insurance Group builds various systems to facilitate communication with our stakeholders and works on incorporating voices of the stakeholders into the Group’s management strategies.

Communication with Our Stakeholders

The MS&AD Insurance Group believes that the public nature of the insurance and financial services is fundamental, and it is our role to provide the best solutions to uncertainties and risks in society. In order to provide safety and security to people and support active business activities and a healthy and productive life, we listen to voices of our stakeholders, face various inquiries, requests, complaints and opinions and utilize them for quality improvement. In addition, we disclose on our website our processes of understanding issues and the contents and results of improvement efforts toward resolving the issues by the aforementioned manner and make them available for public inspection.


Agents Employees Local Communities and International Society Environment Shareholders Customers

Responsibility for Customers

We will work on the improvement of business operations and quality utilizing feedback from customers and provide products and services that win customers' trust and meet their expectations. The “Group Basic Policy for Responding to Customer Communications” was formulated to receive a wide range of feedback from customers and to utilize them for quality improvements. In line with the policy, domestic Group insurance companies formulate “customer-first policy in the operation of their businesses” to provide products and services that satisfy customers. We listen to the opinions of customers, and improve the quality of our products and services, as well as our operations. To remain a corporate group that is truly needed by society, we consider it important to know what our stakeholder voices are to improve the quality of products and services. The MS&AD Insurance Group has constructed various schemes to absorb stakeholder opinions, and are reflecting them in efforts to improve our products and services. In addition, stakeholder views are being reflected not only in business processes, but also in discussions at the management level.
We disclose the substance and results of these activities for improvement on our website so that the customers can see the actual improvement.

Responsibility for Shareholders

We are conducting IR activities in accordance with the basic policy in order to win the trust of shareholders and investors and for our Group's corporate value to be fairly evaluated.
The MS&AD Insurance Group proactively engages in highly transparent information disclosure and constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors in an effort to achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value.
Specifically, by providing highly transparent information disclosure, the MS&AD Insurance Group seeks to reduce information asymmetries with shareholders and investors. Also, by obtaining feedback from constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors, the MS&AD Insurance Group is able to share this feedback with its management and the relevant departments and utilize it in formulating its management strategies.

Responsibility for Agents

We aim to grow together with our agencies through continuous dialog with them and by maintaining and improving the quality of our products and services.
MSI and ADI, both part of the MS&AD Insurance Group, are supporting mutually provoked information exchange between the company and its agents through the agent organization, so that communication is activated and services of higher quality are offered to customers. Each agent organization works on the development of a system and the enhancement of growth potential of member agents. They do this in various agent activities and local and social contribution activities aiming to deliver high-quality services and the best insurance products to customers.
The number of agents has been increasing in size, creating the need for a higher level of managerial skills. To this end, MSI and ADI deployed dedicated staff members who have expertise in management support for agents, covering areas from management and systems to individual issues to practice management support for professional agents. The companies, which play a central role in the MS&AD Insurance Group value chain, make efforts to improve and expand the management foundation and quality of agents through support and training provided by staff dedicated to management support for agents and individual meetings.

Responsibility for Business Partners

We will conduct fair and equitable trade to meet social expectations and requests and also endeavor to make permanent development as well as fulfill corporate social responsibility. MSI and ADI, as a consistent step toward dealing with ISO14001, explain Group Environmental Basic Policy once a year to business partners and ask them to cooperate in their considerations regarding the environment. The MS&AD Insurance Group supports their business partners’ initiatives towards the environment, including "Eco Action 21" certification securing, a simplified type of environmental ISO certification.

Responsibility for Employees

Listening to voices of the stakeholders and constantly reviewing our action work (innovation) is stipulated in our behavioral guidelines (values). Our employees put the behavioral guidelines into practice and work on the improvement of products and services. Listening to voices of the stakeholders and constantly reviewing our action work (innovation) is stipulated in our behavioral guidelines (values). Our employees put the behavioral guidelines into practice and work on the improvement of products and services. To promote the Group management in order to cope with changes in the global environment, it is important to promote teamwork among individual employees with diverse skills and values. The Group believes that giving all ambitious employees the opportunity to grow and demonstrate their talents through their work will lead to the augmentation of its competitive strength. Therefore, we value communication with our employees and promote various initiatives.
Each year, the MS&AD Insurance Group implements an opinion poll asking all Group employees such questions as those about the degree of diffusion of the Group Mission, Vision, and Values; about whether the Group has a sense of unity; and about whether they feel strong senses of motivation and personal growth. Questions are prepared from the stationary standpoint of "approaches to practicing the Group Mission, Vision, and Values," "a sense of unity as a Group," and "a lively working environment." In addition, a “speak up” system encouraging internal reporting has been put in place, creating an environment in which employees can frankly and proactively share their views on the problems they perceive and their worries.
Each company in the Group has implemented the message board in intra system to collect the views of employees to utilize employees’ voice for business improvement. Their voices are considered at each division at the headquarters and the results are fed back. The management-level executives of MSI, ADI, Mitsui Direct General, MSI Aioi Life Insurance and MSI Primary Life regularly have an opportunity to exchange opinions with employees, among other continued efforts to draw on employee feedback for running operations.

Responsibility for Local Communities and International Society

As a member of local communities and the international community, we conduct social contribution activities through our main businesses including our insurance business, and our employees proactively engage in contribution activities for environmental conservation and the local communities to contribute to the sustainable development of local communities and the international community. For instance, we promote initiatives in public-private collaborations including the promotion of disaster prevention and mitigation in local communities, such as hosting an exhibit at the National Disaster Prevention Promotion Convention by the Cabinet Office. In addition, we also promote activities related to biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of biological resources with the Japan Business Initiative for Biodiversity (JBIB), which MSI supports as the chair company.
Through social contribution group "MS&AD Unison Smile Club" consisted of employees of the MS & AD Insurance Group, we conduct various social contribution activities in collaboration with non-profit organizations.

Responsibility for the Environment

We have developed our behavioral guidelines based on our mission, "through global insurance and financial services businesses, we will provide safety and security and support development of vibrant society and sound future of the earth" to implement initiatives.
The MS&AD Insurance Group will continue to contribute to the solution for social issues through a wide range of initiatives, such as participation in the UN Global Compact, in line activities with the commitment that the Group has made by signing the Principles of Sustainable Insurance and Natural Capital Declaration.
In addition, we sort out roles required for corporates in SDGs, which is the 2016-2030 international development goals set by The 2030 Agenda for SDGs (The Sustainable Development Goals), and reflect them in identifying priority issues in fiscal 2016. As a global insurance and financial services provider, we will continue to work on responding to changes in the global environment and listening to the opinions of the international community.