MS&AD Unison Smile Club

MS&AD Unison Smile Club was established in 1993 as a social contribution activity group by employees of the MS & AD Insurance Group.Employees who support the activities donate "100 yen x any number" from the monthly salary, and the donations are used for subsidizing NPOs, financial support for social contribution activities by departments and branches, holding charity events, etc.

Participating in the Campaign to Deliver Picture Books

Accumulated total of picture books

(fiscal 2000-2022) : 11,395

Volunteers in the company participate in the Campaign to Deliver Picture Books to Children in Cambodia and Laos, supported by of the Shanti Volunteer Association and put the translation in the picture books.

Valentine Charity Concert

Total of stipendiary student

(fiscal 1996-2022) : 634

The MS & AD Light Music Club holds a concert and donates the proceeds to the "Education for Development Foundation" as a scholarship for children living in rural areas of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia to attend junior high school.

Activities to send hand-knitted sweaters to world's children

From 1992 to 2021, with the cooperation of many NPOs and companies, including Japan Handicraft Instructors’ Association and World Vision Japan, as well as many knitting volunteers including employees, 77,285 hand-knitted items were presented to children in various countries in need.

Number of works sent (fiscal 1992-2021) : 77,285

Supported areas
Chernobyl 1992-1994, Sakhalin earthquake affected areas 1994, former Yugoslavia areas 1995-2005, Mongolia 2002-2008, Pakistan earthquake affected areas 2006-2007, Vietnam 2009-2015, Great East Japan earthquake affected areas 2011, Afghanistan 2016-2019, and Syria 2021

Support program of children through charity Christmas cards 1992-2017

From 1992 to 2017, In cooperation with KIDS EARTH FUND, we made and sold Charity Christmas cards and supported world's children in troubled area / suffered area of the disasters through the proceeds.

Accumulated total of proceeds 1992-2017 : 51,585,666 yen (140 types, 402,365 pieces)

Supported areas
Chernobyl 1992-1994, Sakhalin earthquake affected areas 1994 1994, Yugoslavia districts (Croatia and Serbia) 1995-2017, Sumatra 2005, Pakistan 2006-2007, Viet Nam, and Cambodia 2009-2017, and Great East Japan earthquake affected areas 2011-2017

Buta-Neko Charity Concert

Accumulated total of proceeds

(fiscal 2000-2019) : 1,503,714 yen

From 2000 to 2019, classical concerts were held several times a year in the lobby of the headquarters building by students and graduates of Tokyo University of the Arts, and employee participation fees were donated to Family House, a certified non-profit organization that supports children and families battling intractable diseases such as childhood cancer.