The MS&AD Insurance Group is actively conducting appropriate information disclosure to earn the trust from a wide variety of stakeholders, which includes our customers, shareholders, investors, and business partners, so that our corporate value is assessed fairly and properly.

Basic Policy and the Structure of Our Approach

The MS&AD Insurance Group compiled its stance relating to information disclosure in basic policies. Based on these basic policies, the Group implemented accurate, timely, and fair information disclosure.

Basic Policies

MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy for Information Disclosure

The "MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy for Information Disclosure" is an external information disclosure policy established for domestic Group insurance companies. In accordance with this policy, all domestic Group insurance companies strive to thoroughly comply with the disclosure rules stipulated by laws and regulations and the disclosure rules of financial instruments exchange. At the same time, the domestic Group insurance companies disclose information to ensure that their respective stakeholders can be made aware of important information in an accurate, timely, and fair manner.

Policy for Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders

Towards sustainable growth and improvement of the medium and long term corporate value, the MS&AD Insurance Group works to "constructive dialogue" with shareholders and we are working to further value creation by taking advantage of it to management.

IR Policy

The "IR Policy" is the basic policy for IR activities established by MS&AD Holdings. Not only disclosing corporate information required under statutes or regulations of financial instruments exchanges, the MS&AD Insurance Group proactively releases information for investment decisions, ranging from basic policies and management plans to business strategies of the Group, thereby improving its quality of disclosure. In addition, by disclosing such information, we strive to put out information that is timely, fair and easy-to-understand.

Information Disclosure Framework

To ensure timely and adequate information disclosure and evaluate the effectiveness of information disclosure controls, the MS&AD Insurance Group established the "Disclosure Committee" and built a timely disclosure system.

Disclosure Committee

The "Disclosure Committee" has established by a resolution of the Board of Directors, and is the institution at the core of the information disclosure system. The committee is composed of outside directors and officers/directors in charge of the planning, the accounting, and other departments related to information disclosure. The MS&AD Insurance Group regularly holds this committee and verifies the appropriateness of procedures and evaluations, and the effectiveness of the information disclosure controls of the entire Group.


The overview of the structure of timely disclosure is provided in the Corporate Governance Report.

Communication with Shareholders and Investors

The MS&AD Insurance Group is actively implementing dialogue with shareholders, investors, and analysts with management at the core. In addition to holding the various information meetings for institutional investors and analysts, we provide highly convenient and clear information transmission to shareholders and investors on the MS&AD Holdings website. The MS&AD Insurance Group responds in good faith to enquiries from investors/shareholders and securities analysts. We will share within the company such requests and opinions that we received during the course of our IR activities, and will use them to enhance our corporate value.