If you have moved, wish to transfer your stock record to another securities account, etc.

Please contact your securities company.

If you own shares that do not constitute a full unit(s)

You may submit an appropriate request and settle your odd-lot (less than 100) shares by either of the following methods. Please contact your securities company if you use the securities depositary system.

• To have the Company purchase your odd-lot shares (e.g.)The Company will purchase 50 out of your 150 shares. (You will then be a holder of a unit of 100 shares.)
• To purchase from the Company an appropriate number of shares (e.g.)You may purchase 50 shares where you already own 150 shares. (You will then be a holder of two units of 100 shares.)

If you have not yet received dividend already declared

Please contact Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited for payment. Please do so promptly since, pursuant to our Articles of Incorporation, cash dividends 3 years old or more will no longer be paid out.