Born of diversity, a Group characteristic, is the power of our ideas and creativity. We use these to generate new solutions that are a step ahead of a society in transition.

CDO Message

With MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting at the core, the Group will work as one to develop new businesses that leverage digital data and grow together with society as a platform provider of risk solutions.
Under “Vision 2021,” we have been working on a CSV × DX strategy to solve social issues through digital transformation (DX). The high awareness of each employee has led to the development of various initiatives utilizing digital technology, which has decidedly driven the Group’s business performance. One of the three basic strategies of the Medium-Term Management Plan (2022–25) launched in FY2022 is Transformation (Business reforms). To respond to the rapidly changing business environment, we will further strengthen the DX foundation we have built and promote business reforms. Specifically, we will strengthen digital human resources development, which is the cornerstone of our foundation, systems that realize business efficiency, and data management that is the source of new business creation. Through initiatives centered on this DX foundation, MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting, the Group as a whole will develop various businesses that provide services and solutions that contribute to solving social issues, aiming to grow together with society as a platform provider of risk solutions.

CSV × DX Initiatives Centered on MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting

Pursuit of optimal risk solutions utilizing digital technologies
In our CSV × DX strategy, we are developing services before and after insurance coverage, in addition to compensating financial losses, as a new business area. Specifically, the Company has developed and marketed “Mimamoru” dashcam-based automobile insurance and “TOUGH-Tsunagaru” auto insurance with functions to prevent accidents and losses. Other innovations include “Health management support insurance,” which is linked to a smartphone health management app to support the promotion of employee health. All of these are new product lineups created by digital technology to solve social issues such as traffic accidents and health maintenance.
In the Medium-Term Management Plan (2022–25), we will strive to reform our business model by globally developing products and services that combine CSV and digital technologies and promote initiatives that contribute to the growth of our international business. Global expansion is already steadily under way, including the marketing of automobile insurance for drivers with dashcams in Taiwan and the horizontal rollout of the “MS1 Brain” AI-powered agent system in the Philippines. We are also marketing automobile insurance and driving-related databases in cooperation with MOTER Technologies, Inc., in the United States and developing a “smart medical insurance” product in Vietnam.
Based on a solid foundation, all the MS&AD Group’s global employees will contribute to the creation of value for stakeholders by providing optimal risk solutions to various social issues through the use of digital technology.

Strengthening our DX foundation
We are actively promoting business development through DX by utilizing advanced digital technologies in collaboration with start-up companies and other means. We are also working to build a digital infrastructure for the entire Group by strengthening our digital human resources development and fostering a digital culture through internal contests and other measures. These are mainly the Group’s own programs, which have been introduced continuously since FY2018, in collaboration with universities and other educational institutions.

Example of Strengthening the DX Foundation