Born of diversity, a Group characteristic, is the power of our ideas and creativity. We use these to generate new solutions that are a step ahead of a society in transition.

CDO Message

The Medium-Term Management Plan (2022–25), launched in FY2022, sets forth “Value (valuecreation)” as one of the Group’s three basic strategies and promotes CSV × DX initiatives centered on MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting. To accelerate these efforts and demonstrate synergies across the Group, we have established the “Group data linkage infrastructure” for data sharing among Group companies. In addition, to provide optimal solutions to a wider range of customers, we have begun to provide solutions through our agents.
 Our Group’s human assets form the basis of these CSV × DX initiatives, and we continue to promote the development of digital human assets and digital culture, which we have been focusing on since FY2018. In November 2022, we established Aioi R&D Lab-Oxford, a joint research laboratory for research and development of cutting-edge technology and science, with Mind Foundry, an AI venture of the University of Oxford, to research cutting-edge technologies such as AI. These efforts were comprehensively evaluated, and the company was selected as a 2023 Digital Transformation Stock (DX Stock) via a program jointly implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry; the Tokyo Stock Exchange; and the Information-technology Promotion Agency. As digital innovation advances, the Group will continue to work together to promote DX and contribute to solving local and social issues.

Provision of CSV × DX initiatives and new solutions with MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting as the core

Since FY2022, MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting has been at the core of our efforts to transform our business model by promoting the development and sales of solutions before and after compensation and protection using digital data.
 Specifically, we began providing advanced solutions that help solve social issues, such as the “accident risk AI assessment,” which uses AI technology to assess and visualize potential traffic accident risks, and the “LaRC Flood Risk Analysis Service,” which uses highly accurate, reliable, and high-resolution hazard maps to identify future flood risks. These are examples of solutions created by making the most of the data skills and knowledge held by MS&AD Group companies and are truly the result of Group synergies.
 In April 2023, we began offering solutions through our agents, aiming to solve social issues by providing optimal solutions to more customers.

Development of the Group data linkage infrastructure

We have developed the Group data linkage infrastructure to share the non-life and life insurance data held by Group companies in a safe and speedy manner. We will use the data across groups to create new solutions and advance existing solutions.

Promotion of business development through DX and development of digital human resources

DX issue selection

Our Group has been selected as a 2023 Digital Transformation Stock (DX Stock) in recognition of its concerted efforts to provide new solutions utilizing data and digital technologies and to strengthen its DX infrastructure.
 This is the fifth time we have been selected; previous selections were for “DX Brand” and “Notable DX Company” and the DX predecessors, “Active IT Strategy Brand” and “Notable IT Strategy Company.”