Contribute to the Development of a Vibrant Society and
Help Secure a Sound Future for the Planet


The MS&AD Insurance Group was formed with three groups of insurance companies being integrated with the mission “to contribute to the development of a vibrant society and help secure a sound future for the planet, by enabling safety and peace of mind through the global insurance and financial services businesses.”
To realize our vision of society, we need to face those social issues that impede this vision and promptly identify various risks stemming from the issues. Then, through a variety of products and services, we need to prevent risks from occurring or minimize the impact of those risks and to reduce the economic burden when those risks materialize. By doing so, we help create an environment where customers can live and conduct business in a secure manner. That is our story of value creation.

Resources Supporting MS&AD

We are utilizing the diverse resources of the Group’s business activities as the impetus to create new value.

(FY 2019)

Financial Capital

Sufficient and sound financial base enabling the underwriting of customers’ risks
Consolidated net assets   ¥2,494.0 billion

Human Capital

Global and diverse human assets
Professional human assets with sophisticated expertise related to insurance, risks, etc.

Consolidated number of employees  41,582

Intellectual Capital

Expertise and trustworthiness supported by a lengthy history and experience
Most abundant risk data in Japan and the ASEAN region

Number of risk surveys conducted  1,312

Social and Relationship Capital

No. 1 in the scale of its customer base in Japan
 Number of individual customers in Japan 
 Approx. 43 million

 Number of corporate customers in Japan
 Approx. 2.4 million

No. 1 in gross premiums written in the ASEAN region

No. 1 in the size of its agent network in Japan
 Number of domestic non-life insurance agents
Domestic marketing bases ※1
   258 branches/999 offices
   Domestic claims handling service centers ※2 

●Overseas bases ※3 50 countries/region

● Relationships with leading

Relationships with leading companies in other sectors including the Toyota Group, the Nippon Life Group, the Mitsui Group and the Sumitomo Group


※1. Simple sum of the number of bases at domestic insurance companies (as of April 1, 2020)
※2. Simple sum of the number of claims handling service centers at domestic non-life insurance companies (as of April 1, 2020)
※3. Includes SLI Cayman Limited (financial services business) in the Cayman Islands (as of April 1, 2020)

Natural Capital

Stable global climate system
● Conservation of biodiversity in nature
Sustainable natural resources
● Amount of paper used 11,080 tons

Creating Value in Partnership with Stakeholders

Our goals are to create social value together with our stakeholders through the output of our business activities.

(results for FY2019)

Financial Capital

● Increase capital efficiency
● Increase Group Adjusted Profit
● Returns to shareholders
Group Adjusted Profit  ¥233.1 billion
Group Adjusted ROE  8.0%
TSR* of past 5 years  8.5%

*Total Shareholder Return (TSR) is the ratio calculated by dividing the return (dividends and capital gains) on investments in stocks over a specified period by the share price (investment amount).

Human Capital

● Provide working environments that offer greater amenities and support personal growth
● Provide employment that is stable and gives due consideration to work-life balance

Employee satisfaction level ※1
4.4 points

Days of paid vacation used per employee/year ※2

※1. This measures the level of employees’ feeling pride or job satisfaction. (The figure is an average for all employees based on a survey of employees‒6 points represents perfect satisfaction.)
※2. Average number of vacation days acquired by all employees with respect to “regular/carryover vacation days” as well as “special vacation days”

Intellectual Capital

● Foster the development of employees with high levels of specialized expertise
● Provide products and services that respond to changing and diverse customer needs
● Provide society with risk-related surveys and research results

Research reports issued ※1 85
Number of actuaries ※2 111

※1. We issued reports on diverse subjects including CSR, corporate risks, BCM, workers’ compensation risks, transportation risks, overseas crisis management information and infectious disease information.
※2. Number of professional actuaries employed by MS&AD Group with specialized skills for making full use of probability, statistical and other mathematical techniques used in product development, risk management, financial soundness confirmation and other processes (as of April 1, 2020)

Social and Relationship Capital

● Disburse insurance payment of claims and benefits appropriately and speedily
● Provide services to prevent accidents and disasters from occurring
● Provide a high-quality and diverse agent network
● Fulfill corporate social responsibility through cooperative relationships with business partners
● Provide products and services that protect such social capital as social infrastructure, government services, etc.

Insurance claims paid ※1  ¥2,403.8 billion

Customer satisfaction ※2  96.5%

※1. This represents the sum of net claims paid and life insurance claims.
※2. Ratio of customers satisfied with accident response for automobile insurance (MSI and ADI)


Natural Capital

● Reduce CO2 emissions to slow the pace of climate change
● Contribute to the conservation of biodiversity
● Reduce the environmental burden to allow sustainable use of natural resources

Employees participating in social contribution activities*

* Number of employees who make donations or participate in volunteer  activities  as an individual or part of the company(excluding employees overseas).