Contribute to the Development of a Vibrant Society and
Help Secure a Sound Future for the Planet


The MS&AD Insurance Group was formed with three groups of insurance companies being integrated with the mission “to contribute to the development of a vibrant society and help secure a sound future for the planet, by enabling safety and peace of mind through the global insurance and financial services businesses.”
To realize our vision of society, we need to face those social issues that impede this vision and promptly identify various risks stemming from the issues. Then, through a variety of products and services, we need to prevent risks from occurring or minimize the impact of those risks and to reduce the economic burden when those risks materialize. By doing so, we help create an environment where customers can live and conduct business in a secure manner. That is our story of value creation.

Resources supporting MS&AD



Financial Capital

Sufficient and sound financial base enabling the underwriting of customers’ risks
Consolidated net assets   ¥3,302.7 billion
Net income                        ¥ 262.7 billion

Human and Intellectual Capital

Global and diverse human assets
48 countries worldwide 39,962
● Most abundant risk data in Japan and
the ASEAN region
Number of risk surveys conducted 1,000
● Building a digital platform
Participants in programs to develop digirally minded human assets  970

Social and Relationship Capital

● No. 1 customer base and sales network in Japan

Number of customers in Japan
Corporate: Approx. 2.6 million
Individual: Approx. 44.65 million

Number of domestic non-life insurance agents 80,754

Domestic claims handling service centers 381

● Partnerships with top companies in other industries

Natural Capital

● Resources necessary for business activities

Paper  9,090 t

Total energy consumption 821,784 GJ

Water usage 707,000 m3

Greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 + 2)
71,491 t

Corporate value enhancement through Creating Shared Value (CSV)


Sustainable growth foundation (Financial Capital)

● Pursuit of capital efficiency

Group Adjusted Profit ¥347.1 billion

Group Adjusted ROE 9.5%

TSR of past 5 years 33.7%

●Continuous and stable shareholder returns

Shareholder yield 7.9%

Dividend yield 4.5%

Innovation by diverse human assets (Human and Intellectual Capital)

●Providing work environments that offer a sense of satisfaction

Employee satisfaction (pride /job satisfaction) 4.4pt (maximum score: 6pt)

Turnover rate 4.7%

●Ideas born from diversity

Number of applicants for the Sustainability Contest 385

Number of applicants for the Digital Innovation Challenge Program

Approx. 1,452
Projects taken on: 12

Establishment of strong partnerships(Social and Relationship Capital)

● Disbursing insurance payment of claims and benefits appropriately and speedily

Insurance claims paid ¥2,418.3 billion

● Customer-focused business operations

Customer satisfaction 96.8%

● Expanded problem-solving through regional cooperation with local governments across Japan

Number of regional comprehensive cooperation agreements 619

Our planet's sustainability (Natural Capital)

● Helping to create a zero-carbon society

Greenhouse gas reduction 24,969 t

Renewable energy implementation rate 13.8%

● Contributing to the conservation of biodiversity

Number of employees participating in social contribution activities 23,024

Impact on Stakeholders