Achieving the SDGs

In order to realize a resilient and sustainable society, we need to recognize and take the initiative in solving the social issues that hinder it. Social issues include various risks in the global environment, such as climate change and natural capital issues; the emergence of new risks due to the rapid digitalization of industry and society triggered by the pandemic; the increasing severity of natural disasters due to the effects of climate change; the decline in community vitality due to the declining birthrate and aging population; and the increasing burden of care and medical care due to the aging population. 
 Resolving such social issues is also in keeping with the direction set out by the UN in 2015 in its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The MS&AD Insurance Group will create shared value with society, and work to build a resilient and sustainable society.

Priority Issues

Symbiosis with global environment (Planetary Health)

Safe and secure society (Resilience)

Happiness of diverse people (Well-being)

Quality・Human resources・ERM