We will earn trust of stakeholders by constantly enhancing the quality of products and services as well as improving operations.

Leveraging Stakeholders’ Voices to Improve Quality

We will develop various systems to ascertain the expectations and needs of stakeholders and utilize them to improve the quality of products and services. Leveraging Stakeholders’ Voices to Improve Quality 

Development and Improvement of Products and Services from Stakeholders’ Perspective

We will understand various issues and risks of stakeholders to develop and improve products and services. 

Upgrading Customers’ Ease of Understanding and Convenience

In order to deliver information on insurance and services to various customers, we are trying to improve convenience for the elderly and persons with disabilities, while offering procedures using PCs and smartphones. 

Payment of Insurance Claim Service Preferable to Customers

We provide reliable claim services to customers by responding with high levels of accuracy, speed, and integrity. 

Growth with Our Agents

Communicating with agents, we will continue delivering high-quality products and services to customers in order to achieve growth together.