The MS&AD Insurance Group formulated the "MS&AD Insurance Group Compliance Basic Policy", with the aim of imbuing all officers and employees of MS&AD Holdings and the domestic Group insurance companies with a thorough awareness of compliance.

Information Management

In light of the importance of protection for personal information, and in the interest of compliance with related laws and regulations as well as proper handling of customer information, we have formulated "MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy for Management of Customer Information" and "MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy for Shared Use of Customer Information".

Responsibilities in Transactions

We endeavor to engage in fair and equitable transactions, and to achieve on-going advancement and fulfillment of social responsibilities together with our business partners in various business activities.

Prevention of Corruption and Bribery

The MS&AD Insurance Group has formulated a “Policy on Fair Operating Practices” and implements fair operating practices (“prevention of Corruption including bribery” and “compliance with laws and regulations regarding political activities and political funds”).