Past experience and lessons are the seeds of the future

Expertise and trustworthiness supported by 125 long years of history and experience

  • Greatest accumulation of risk related data in Japan and the ASEAN region
  • Expertise and data acquired through experience with the large natural disasters to date

Robust customer and marketing base founded on long-term relationship building

  • Partnerships with leading companies in other sectors, including the Toyota Group, the Nippon Life Group, the Mitsui Group and the Sumitomo Group
  • Partnerships with insurance agents and insurance brokers supported by long-standing relationships of trust

Network of trust built over a long history in the Asian region

  • First Japanese non-life insurance company to start direct underwriting in Thailand, in 1934
  • Operations have expanded along with growth in the ASEAN region, ultimately achieving the No. 1 position in the region in terms of scale

110 years of experience and results in the Lloyd's insurance market

  • First Japanese non-life insurance company to enter Lloyd's insurance market in 2000
  • Acquisition of Amlin, founded in 1903 at the Lloyd's insurance market in 2016