01 Contents and Editorial Policy
03 At a Glance

05 Our Mission
07 As a Platform of Risk Solutions

09 CEO Message

16 MS&AD’s Value Creation Story
19 Value Co-Creation with Stakeholders

25 Identifying Materiality

25 MS&AD’s Path to Realizing the Image of Society
27 the Medium-Term Management Plan (2022–25)
33 CDO Message
35 CFO Message
39 Foundations: ERM
41 CRO Message
43 Information Security Management
44 Promotion of Compliance
45 Enhancing Capital Efficiency and Achieving Sustainable Profit Growth
47 Financial and Nonfinancial Highlights

49 11-Year Performance
51 Special Feature: Platform Provider of Risk Solutions
55 Reports by Segment
65 Asset Management Strategy
69 Foundations:Sustainability, CSuO Message
71 Report on Coexistence with the Global Environment
77 World Map of Natural Catastrophes in 2022
78 Foundations: Quality
79 Foundations: Human Resource Strategy
85 Engagement with shareholders and Investors

87 Chairman’s Message
88 Corporate Governance System and Initiatives
97 Group Governance

98 Our Management Team
103 Message from an Outside Director

103 Appendix
115 Data Section
138 Performance Record

206 ESG Evaluation/Participation in Initiatives
207 Third-Party Assurance
208 On the Issuance of the Intergated Report

Solvency margin rate of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance stated in annual reports from FY2004 through FY2008 is adjusted in the FY2009 report.