Increasingly diverse and complex social issues


In recent years, various risks have clearly emerged to disrupt society’s safety and security, such as the spread of infectious diseases, geopolitical risks, intensifying natural disasters, and advances in digital technology. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic triggered changes in people’s sense of values and lifestyles, and the expectations and needs of customers and other stakeholders have become more diverse. Furthermore, global issues such as climate change and political and geopolitical factors are involved, whereas social issues are becoming increasingly complex.


MS&AD provides products and services to solve social issues through three approaches, starting with identifying such risks before anyone else and informing customers and society and adding functions to prevent risks and to reduce the impact of risks.

MS&AD’s important social issues and partnerships


MS&AD has identified three social issues that are important to both our stakeholders and the Company: symbiosis with the global environment (Planetary Health), a safe and secure society (Resilience), and happiness of diverse people (Well-being).


Although the three might appear to be separate issues, they are deeply interconnected and need to be approached holistically.

The SDGs Wedding Cake Model proposed by the Stockholm Resilience Center is a model that illustrates how the 17 SDGs are made up of three layers, which are closely related to each other. At the top of cake sits “Let’s achieve our goals through partnerships,” which indicates that partnerships are essential to solving increasingly complex social issues.


Translated into key social issues for MS&AD, the happiness of diverse people is made possible by a safe and secure society, which in turn has as its base symbiosis with the global environment, or the natural environment necessary for people to live in.


For example, MS&AD is working with local governments, researchers, and local NPOs on the MS&AD Green Earth Project to restore and preserve the natural environment, in which employees and their families participate. By restoring natural capital and increasing biodiversity, the project aims to reduce damage from floods, which are becoming more frequent and severe, and to contribute to regional development by creating a safe and secure society. It is a nature-based solution put into practice, which solves problems by utilizing the blessings of nature.

Achieving CSV in employees’ daily work


MS&AD has continually made sustainability and CSV (Creating Shared Value with society) the pillars of its strategy since fiscal 2018, incorporating CSV into the organization’s annual plans, promoting initiatives, and reviewing the results. The cycle has been shared throughout the Group and is now deeply woven into the sense of values of all Group employees. In the annual Sustainability Contest held as a part of the review process, approximately 2,000 initiatives have been reported to date, making tangible contributions to solving social issues.


We believe steadily running this cycle and advancing it through partnerships with stakeholders is the only path to the resilient and sustainable society that the Group aims for and will bring about the well-being of every employee.


October 2023

Naomi Motojima
Managing Executive Officer
Group Chief Sustainability Officer (CSuO)

Activities in the Kuma River basin, Kumamoto Prefecture. Learning from the damage caused by the torrential rains in 2020, this project will work to reduce flood damage by conserving wetlands upstream to improve biodiversity while enhancing rainwater storage