To remain a corporate group that is truly needed by society, we consider it important to know what our stakeholder voices are to improve the quality of products and services. The MS&AD Insurance Group has constructed various schemes to absorb stakeholder opinions, and are reflecting them in efforts to improve our products and services. In addition, stakeholder views are being reflected not only in business processes, but also in discussions at the management level.

Schemes for Receiving Feedback from Customers

The MS&AD Insurance Group has formulated a "Basic Policy for Responding to Customer Communications" and receives a wide range of feedback from customers including through consultations, requests, and complaints. This feedback is used to make quality improvements. In line with the policy, Domestic Group insurance companies utilize customers’ views to improve their business processes so they can provide products and services that satisfy customers.

MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy for Responding to Customer Communications


The MS&AD Insurance Group shall respond to all customer communications quickly, appropriately and in good faith based on the Group's management ideology. The following principles for conduct are hereby promulgated to contribute toward greater customer satisfaction.

1. Definitions

(1) Definition of Customer 
As used herein, "customer" shall refer to "a customer having a relationship with the activities of the MS&AD Insurance Group" with respect to both individuals and companies.


(2) Definition of Customer Communication 
As used herein, "customer communication" shall refer to "any and all expressions from customers (inquiries, consultations, requests, complaints, disputes, praise, expressions of gratitude, etc.)." Here, "complaint" shall mean "an expression of dissatisfaction from a customer."

2. Principles for Conduct

(1) Basic Stance

(i) All officers and employees shall respond to all customer communications quickly, appropriately and in good faith.
(ii) All officers and employees shall be conscious of the fact that customer communications constitute "important information for assuring trust from customers, realizing corporate growth and further improving quality."
(iii) All officers and employees shall compile and analyze information relating to customer communications, and while making effort to reduce complaints, shall also use this information to create measures that improve quality and raise the level of customer satisfaction.


(2) Management of Responses to Customer Communications

(i) Domestic Group insurance companies shall prescribe policies for responding to customer communications that factor in the business conditions present at their respective companies consistent with the "MS&AD Insurance Group’s Mission Statement" and the "MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy for Responding to Customer Communications."
(ii) Domestic Group insurance companies shall prepare rules, manuals and the like regarding the procedures and specific individual actions for responding to customer communications.
(iii) When necessary, the other Group companies shall prepare measures for responding to customer communications and put these into practice as appropriate.

We disclose the substance and results of these activities for improvement on our website so that the customers can see the actual improvement.


Domestic Group insurance companies: Approaches related to customer views

Customer Questionnaires

MSI, ADI, Mitsui Direct General and MSI Aioi Life ask customers to fill out “a customer questionnaire” at contract closing and claim payment, and use their opinions for new product development and quality improvement including service improvement. The questionnaire asks about customers' "degree of satisfaction" with the services at the time of contract, as well as their "degree of satisfaction" with accident response provided by our company/agents and the "advisability" of the products and services to others.
MSI Primary Life also conducts a survey on customers who have signed new contracts with the company and customers who have made changes to their contracts, to find out their "degree of satisfaction" in areas such as how easy to understand the procedures were.


MSI, ADI and MSI Aioi Life set the main items on the questionnaire (level of satisfaction and advisability) as KPIs(*) to promote CSR initiatives.


(*) Indices to Quantitatively Evaluate Initiatives

Customer Feedback Structure

Conformance of the Complaint Response Management System with the International Standard ISO 10002

The Group companies operate a complaint response system in conformance with international standard “ISO10002” (Quality management - Customer satisfaction - Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations).
By thoroughly implementing the system, we will further make voluntary improvement activities (PDCA cycle) take root in response to customer opinions and promote initiatives to improve customer satisfaction.


Domestic Group insurance companies: Approaches related to ISO10002

Schemes to Absorb External Experts Opinions

In a bid to offer more satisfying products and services to customers, MSI and ADI periodically exchange ideas with outside experts to receive opinions on issues for quality improvement. Expert opinions are also reported to management and utilized to improve the quality of products and services.
In addition, external professionals in the consumer-related field are called in to gather opinions from consumers’ viewpoints on brochures and application forms used at insurance solicitation and various materials about policy service procedures. The aim is to make them easier to understand.

Examination of Insurance Payment

MSI, ADI, and Mitsui Direct General examine cases that are determined to be ineligible for insurance claims, payments and cases where a customer filed a complaint. For cases meeting certain conditions, the examinations are conducted by a board of review consisting of outside lawyers and experts.
At MSI and ADI, state of examination is disclosed at the company’s website.
Moreover, both companies put efforts into sharing information about the results of the examination through means such as internal news, contributing to further improving the quality of loss support work.

Schemes to Absorb Opinions of Agents

MSI and ADI have built their own agent networks as part of their measures to reinforce communication with agents. They receive opinions and proposals in a timely way on development of easy-to-understand products and revision from their member agents. They then proceed to develop better products and services using those opinions.
In addition, MSI, ADI, and MSI Aioi Life runs system which receives the request of improvement from our agents and canvassers(*) through our offices. Those requests to the system are being fully utilized for product development and revision, making forms simpler and improvement of agent system.


(*) Permanently-hired employees and trainees engaged in solicitation

Schemes to Absorb Employee Opinions

At the MS&AD Insurance Group, to reflect employees' ideas in improving quality, employee's voices are assembled for review by the headquarter departments and they build a system to feed back the review results.
There is a bulletin board on the in-house intranet which is a tool for posting proposals to the head office divisions and displaying the discussion results. Assigned corporate executives have periodic meetings to exchange opinions in sites across Japan. Employees’ opinions are utilized to improve management, products and services through the above efforts.