Under its medium-term management plan “Vision 2021,” the MS&AD Insurance Group is positioning initiatives for the creation of management platforms that enable employees to play active roles as the support for putting the story of Value Creation into practice. At the same time, the Group is working on development of human asset* and diversity and inclusion as sources of the Group’s comprehensive strength.

*With the idea that each and every member of the MS&AD Insurance Group is valued, we used the term “human assets” instead of “human resources.”

Diversity and Inclusion

To create an environment where all employees are able to maximize their abilities and work with vitality, given their various backgrounds, individuality and sense of values, we are making even greater efforts toward diversity and inclusion (D&I) based on a framework that unites the Company and the Groupʼs  domestic insurance companies.

Overcoming unconscious bias and ongoing cultivation of female director candidates

Naomi Motojima <br/>Executive Officer in charge of<br/>Diversity & Inclusion
Naomi Motojima
Executive Officer in charge of
Diversity & Inclusion

Last fiscal year, we put in place a framework to promote D&I within the Group and commenced organization-wide efforts to achieve this. To this end, we realized overcoming “unconscious bias” is one of critical issue for the Group.
In fact, the way of communication and behavior on a day-to-day basis of managers who assign a role and opportunities may give great impact on the level of fostering people who work with the managers eventually. The goal here is to recognize our respective biases and the preconceived notions that everyone has and to find a pattern of behavior with which we can control them.
In addition, how to reflect a diverse range of opinions and sense of values into decision making process at the management level is another important issue. This is the reason we formulated the goal of having the ratio of females on the Board of Directors, including auditors at the holding company be 30% or higher by fiscal 2025. We must develop the system to continuously cultivate female director candidates to achieve this goal. At female general managers meetings, newly formed from this fiscal year, we undertake such initiatives as offering seminars inviting guest speakers from within and outside the Group, as well as selecting Group-wide director mentors and appointing part-time directors to affiliated companies.  
In response to the comments of employees who are concerned with balancing work with caregiving, we have produced a balance support handbook and established an external help desk for consultations, starting to under-stand reality of the situation. We will actively engage with employees bringing honest feedback such those "D&I ambassadors"* who have been appointed by each company, and apply them to raise the bar of our initiatives.

*Employees from each Group company who offer their thoughts, opinions and comments on promoting D&I.

Promoting the career development of women

Women in management positions

We in the Group believe that having female employees undertake work in which they can play a greater part and tackle challenging roles, while leveraging their own strengths and character, is critical to “employee growth” and, furthermore, to “corporate growth.”
Having established the goal of 15% of management positions (at domestic Group companies) filled by women in fiscal 2020, we have been conducting ongoing training and other activities that foster enhanced skills and a consciousness of career advancement so that women will be able to perform in management positions. As a result, there were 782 women in management (manager position and above) as of April 1, 2019, with a women-in-management ratio of 12.4%. This is steadily increasing every year.
In addition, the Groupʼs CEO has stated his support for the
“Declaration on Action by a Group of Male Leaders Who Will Create a Society in which Women Shine,” made by a group of corporate male leaders who are striving to promote the active roles of women.

Female directors

In May 2019, the Groupʼs CEO joined “30% Club Japan,” the Japan chapter of the worldwide campaign to turn out female board members. In addition to the leadership development training programs and mentor system to promote women to management positions, we have newly created a Group-wide network of female general managers and are endeavoring to nurture and turn out female directors.

Outside Director Mariko Bando delivers a keynote speech at the Groupʼs seminar for women
Outside Director Mariko Bando delivers a keynote speech at the Groupʼs seminar for women

Changing mindset of directors and management

MS&AD has conducted D&I directorsʼ training for Group directors so that they could deepen their understanding of unconscious bias. Moreover, to raise the effectiveness of diversity at the management level, a D&I factors have been incorporated into the directors' evaluation processes.
As an initiative to change mindset of those in management-level positions, management training and e-learning are implemented to foster an understanding of unconscious bias and to learn methods to proactively recognize and control oneʼs own bias.
In addition, without regard to nationality, gender, age or handicap, we have adopted management that honors diversity as an evaluation category for those in management positions.

Employment of people with disabilities

In June 2018, we established a subsidiary, MS&AD ABILITYWORKS Co., Ltd., to promote the employment and active participation of people with disabilities. This company develops businesses that utilizes the many individual talents of employees who possess richly distinct characters and seeks to provide a workplace where employees will be satisfied.
Group companies are also promoting the hiring of para-athletes (sports athletes with disabilities) and providing support for their activities as athletes.

Total number and ratio of domestic employees with disabilities in fiscal 2018*

Ratio of domestic employees with disabilities

Number of employees with disabilities



* The five domestic Group insurance companies + the holding company used per employee/year* (as of June 1, 2019)
The ✓ symbol for fiscal 2018 figures indicates a third-party assurance from KPMG AZSA Sustainability Co., Ltd.


For more detailed information regarding D&I, please see the Company’s “D&I Promotion Report” on the official website.
(Japanese only)

Human Asset Development

Envisioning ideal employees as those “who learn and think by themselves, take up challenges and continue to grow,” the MS&AD Insurance Group educates and supports its staff through measures such as training, OJT and self-education programs.

Groupwide human asset development

While conducting Group-wide collective training sessions for new employees, human asset exchanges within the Group and an exchange training system (trainee system), we are working on improving the skills of our human assets throughout the Group. In addition, we are introducing a system for employees to set challenging goals and to receive career counseling as a scheme that works to spur them on to tackle the challenges of new business areas and to realize motivation and growth. Evaluations are not seniority-based. As employees conduct interviews with their supervisors several times a year, sharing goals, issues and results, this raises the level of acceptance and fairness of the performance review. Consequently, this leads to the nurturing of employees who share how they envision their careers.

Development of professional human assets

To nurture human assets and enhance the skills employees need to better utilize digital technology, we are developing an educational program, as a foundation to promote digitalization, in collaboration with the Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design, Toyo University (Ken Sakamura, Dean of the Faculty) and Shiga University. In tandem with this, we have established Global Digital Hubs (GDHs) in Tokyo and Singapore in our pursuit of promoting the use of digitalization and rolling it out globally. These GDHs will perform as sites that promote digitalization among employees and agents, and facilitate the development of digital businesses in the countries of ASEAN.
In addition, to respond to changes in the social structure, such as exposure to new risks, we are systematically cultivating human assets with specialized skills, such as data scientists and actuaries who are capable of excelling on the world stage.




Fiscal 2018

Number of actuaries*





*Number of professional actuaries employed by the MS&AD Group with specialized skills for making full use of probability, statistical and other mathematical techniques used in product development, risk management and other processes (as of April 1 of the subsequent fiscal year).

A meeting with the Global Digital Hub in Singapore
A meeting with the Global Digital Hub in Singapore
The Global Digital Hub in Tokyo
The Global Digital Hub in Tokyo

Development of global human assets

Overseas employees participating in a program in Japan.
Overseas employees participating in a program in Japan.

Possessing a network covering 49 countries and regions, the Group employees at its overseas bases number approximately 9,000 people. To train specialists equipped with an abundance of cosmopolitan sense and expertise, the Group has created systems to promote mutual exchanges between Japan and its various locations throughout the world.



System for training overseas Secondment system

  • Training system for studying international business skills, languages, etc., at overseas subsidiaries, local insurance companies and universities
  • Secondment system to obtain an MBA
    Number of employees who participated in the system in fiscal 2018: 52

Global trainee system

Headquarters employees are given work experience at overseas bases, and employees of overseas bases can gain work experience in Japan for short periods.
Number of employees who participated in the system in fiscal 2018: 51 headquarters employees and 61 overseas employees

Headquarters postings for overseas base local employees

A system for temporarily posting overseas local employees to the headquarters in Japan.
In fiscal 2018, there were 11 such employees who engaged in business in Japan.

Work-Style Reform and Health Management

Together with its efforts to promote work-style reform from fiscal 2016 and to cut working hours through initiatives such as “leaving work before 7 p.m. as a general rule,” “promoting the taking of vacation days” and “enhancing business efficiency,” the MS&AD Group endeavors to increase productivity by executing management functions that work to raise the expertise of each and every employee and that utilizes their diverse capabilities.
In addition, we are creating an environment where a diverse range of employees will stay with the Group and be able to play a role by making flexible working styles ubiquitous so that employees can utilize time and location effectively. This is demonstrated by our providing such options as working from home and satellite spaces, flex time that allows for changes in working hours in a day and a paid vacation system provided in half-day units, or even hourly units.
The Group is establishing various systems that enable employees to balance their work and life while having a sense of satisfaction and growth, and to work with vitality. For example, one system enables employees, who are to work in the same area without getting transferred, to work at another location, based on specific reasons, while another system allows former employees to return to the Group after their retirement due to the occurrence of a life event. We will continue to make efforts to offer abundant support measures, creating an environment in which employees can continue to work.
We will also encourage employees to take time off and fulfill their lifestyles during the created time.

Days of paid vacation used per employee/year*




Fiscal 2018

15.7 (Day)

15.7 (Day)

16.0 (Day)

15.6 (Day)

*Average number of vacation days acquired by all employees with respect to “regular/carryover vacation days” and “special vacation days”



Such initiatives received high praise

Health and Productivity Management 2019

  • 10th Work Life Balance Awards (First prize) (Organizer: Japan Productivity Center, Work-Life Balance Promotion Council) (Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance [ADI])

Certified as an Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management under the large enterprise category (White 500) (MS&AD Holdings, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life Insurance, Mitsui Sumitomo Primary Life Insurance, Mitsui Direct General Insurance, MS&AD Systems Company, MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting)


Employee Satisfaction
To connect the power of diverse employees to the Groupʼs comprehensive strength centered on the Groupʼs Mission, Vision and Values, we are conducting awareness surveys of all Group employees. (Number of responses: 35,110)