The Group’s greatest asset is its human resources, and every employee of the Group is the driving force behind the improvement of corporate value. We will expand opportunities for employees to grow in a self-directed manner by clarifying the skills needed to achieve the basic strategies of the Medium-Term Management Plan. We will also improve engagement and productivity by creating an environment that maximizes the abilities, skills, and ambitions of our diverse human assets, thereby realizing a corporate group supporting a resilient and sustainable society.

Creation of innovation

By implementing our human assets strategy, we will continuously seek talent that acts autonomously, takes on the challenges of change, and creates new value and innovation by instilling an open and flat organization where diverse human assets can maximize their strengths and individualities.

Fostering and penetration of a corporate culture

To increase corporate value through the implementation of a human asset strategy, we must foster and establish a corporate culture that leads to higher employee engagement and productivity. We will develop a fairness of opportunity to take on challenges and an environment in which employees feel motivated and can work independently and enthusiastically.

Human resource strategy linked to the basic strategies

Quantitative understanding of
the “As is–To be” gap
We quantitatively identify the gap between the “As is” and the “To be” of human assets and the organization necessary to implement the basic strategies and human asset strategy to serve as a road map for eliminating the gap.
Building an optimal human assets portfolio that can respond quickly and flexibly to changes in the business environment We will build an optimal human assets portfolio through human asset development by expanding investment in self-directed learning menus such as reskilling and recurrent learning, as well as by securing and promoting the activities of specialized human assets, including recruiting external talent.
Full demonstration of employees’ abilities and skills and fulfillment of their ambitions In addition to expanding opportunities for employees to develop their careers autonomously, such as the post-challenge and free agent programs, we are
promoting the introduction of job-type employment and the expansion of opportunities to improve and utilize skills through side or dual employment, etc.
We are also promoting the use of flexible work styles and DE&I to create an environment that maximizes the strengths and individualities of our diverse

Setting KPIs

KPIs are set for particularly important elements of the human assets strategy to reinforce efforts and confirm progress.

Development of an optimum human resource portfolio

Reskilling and recurrent training

Development of digital human resources
In addition to ensuring that all employees acquire basic digital skills, we are promoting the development of digital human assets from both the business and data analysis sides by utilizing training programs in collaboration with universities and other institutions.

  • Business-side initiatives : We are working to ensure that as many employees as possible acquire and improve their skills by systematically promoting the expansion of online educational tools related to digital skills, the digital human assets certification system at each Group company, and lectures offered in collaboration with universities*1 and other institutions.
  • Initiatives on the data analysis side:We are working on training through collaborative courses with universities*2 and a certification system for advanced skills in data science.

*1 MS&AD Digital Academy (INIAD: Toyo University Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design) Cumulative number of participants: 788 (FY2018–FY2022)
*2 MS&AD Digital College from Kyoto (KUAS: Kyoto University of Advanced Sciences) Cumulative number of participants: 431 (FY2020–FY2022)

Development of overseas human assets
We must secure sufficient human assets, both in terms of quality and number, for our posts who will be responsible for international business.
Currently, we have the necessary number of employees and are working on a program to sustainably develop and secure human assets while promoting generational change. Specifically, we are implementing the following initiatives to ensure the managerial human assets and specialist human assets (e.g., accounting and finance, IT, risk management) necessary for our international business and are developing human assets in a multifaceted and systematic manner.

  • Implementation of by-nomination training programs
  • Overseas Dispatch Training System : 337 cumulative participants (FY2013–FY2022)
    A training program for overseas dispatch through open recruitment. In principle, the dispatch period is one year or longer, and the program is designed to develop human assets who can support international business development from a medium- to long-term perspective.
  • Global Trainee Program : 1,085 participants (FY2013–FY2022)
    This initiative aims to acquire the skills and elements required of overseas human assets through a simulated experience of global business through a one-week program of collaboration with overseas staff.

    In addition, we will promote human asset development through the global mutual exchange of human assets, such as giving headquarters departments and management experience to those who have been stationed overseas, assigning younger employees to overseas posts, and having employees hired overseas to work in Japan.

Retention and active participation of specialized human resources

We have established a job-type employment system for specialized human assets and are promoting an environment that encourages their active participation. To secure specialized human assets, in addition to strengthening mid-career recruitment of external talent, it is necessary to develop internal human assets who fully understand the Group’s business. We are working to hone their skills not only through in-house training but also through personnel changes among Group companies.

Group-wide commonization of recruitment, assignment, and education related to specialized human assets
Given intensifying competition for hiring digital human resources and other specialized human assets, we will introduce a job-type system suitable for specialized personnel at each Group company. At the same time, we aim to raise the level of hiring competitiveness and invest human resources in growth areas by hiring, allocating, and reskilling training related to specialized personnel.

Human asset development linked to personnel transfers
We will conduct human asset development in coordination with personnel transfers considering the systematic development of human assets who will be responsible for the management of overseas entities, as well as the development and expansion of digital human assets.

Frameworks to encourage specialized development and new skill development
We will develop and expand human asset systems and operations that encourage employees’ self-development and reskilling, such as compensation incentives, encouragement to acquire qualifications, and leave programs for self-development, to improve their expertise and acquire new skills.

Group-wide initiatives to standardize human assets

Common system infrastructure
By standardizing the infrastructure of the human asset system across the Group and building a Group-based human capital database, we will introduce a system that can be used to visualize employee abilities and skills and dynamically assign human capital. This will be used to standardize system operations, exchange human capital across the Group, and enhance disclosure of human capital.

Group-wide commonization and sharing of human asset development
The human asset development operations of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance and Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance have been consolidated into the holding company. With this, advances have been made in the integrated operations of training programs and commonization of learning menus to enhance the sophistication and efficiency of human asset development. In addition, joint training for managerial human asset candidates is conducted as a Group-wide initiative.

Examples of digital human asset development
MS&AD Digital College from Kyoto (KUAS: Kyoto University of Advanced Science)

This is an original online training program of the MS&AD Group developed by the Faculty of Engineering at Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS), which was established in April 2020. In this program, lecturers specializing in such areas as IoT and data science will provide practical training that will help them become immediately competitive. Trainees will experience technologies such as drones and IoT sensors through online training, and acquire knowledge from data acquisition to data utilization, which will lead to the creation of business models suited to the times and the development of innovative products and services.

Full demonstration of employees’ abilities and skills and fulfillment of their ambitions

Development of an attractive workplace environment

To improve employee engagement, it is important to create a working environment that provides opportunities for autonomous career development; flexible, efficient, and effective work styles; and a corporate culture that encourages taking challenges. Each of the following initiatives is under way.

Development of an attractive workplace environment
We will expand the use of the post-challenge system, which allows employees to transfer to a post or a department of their choice and expand the scope of their activities. We will also stimulate personnel transfers, human asset development, and career development initiatives among Group companies. We are expanding opportunities for self-directed career development, such as the use of a framework (free agent) that allows employees to promote the abilities and skills they have developed so far to a department of their choice as an immediate asset. We also provide a framework that allows employees to participate in Company programs beyond the boundaries of existing organizations.

  • Post-challenge applications : 376 persons in FY2022

Promoting diverse and flexible work styles
We are promoting business operations that utilize work from home by effectively combining working remotely and coming to work. In addition, opportunities to improve and utilize skills will be expanded through the introduction of job-type employment and the relaxation of side and dual employment. We will flexibly allow employees to choose whether to relocate in accordance with their career vision and life events.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversification of decision-making layers

Regarding the promotion of women, we are strengthening efforts to develop a pipeline for the promotion of women to executive and managerial positions. In addition, as a KPI by the end of FY2030, we have set the ratio of female managers at 30% and the ratio of female line managers, who are the heads of the organization, at half of that number to promote diversity among decision-makers. The following are examples of pipeline development efforts at each Group company.

Furthermore, we are promoting the use of diverse experience in decision-making by, for example, increasing the ratio of external hires in managerial positions and of those with experience in the culture of other companies.

Male childcare leave
Promoting the use of male parental leave is not only a corporate social responsibility and contribution to society but also an opportunity for men to deepen their understanding of childcare and parental leave. The Company is promoting initiatives to create a working environment that embraces a sense of values. The latest acquisition rate is close to 100%. The number of days taken off was 8.1 days compared to the target of 4 weeks (20 business days), so we will continue to promote the expansion of the number of days taken off.

Development of management know-how that actively draws out opinions and ideas
To take advantage of the diversity that is the hallmark of the Group, it is essential to operate an inclusive organization that draws on the knowledge, experience, and values of various human assets and brings them into organizational decision-making. We are working to practice and spread inclusive leadership, a form of management know-how for this purpose.

Providing opportunities for Group employees to interact and exchange opinions
We offer opportunities for diversity and inclusive experiences by holding exchanges and opinion sharing meetings in which Group-wide employees participate to provide opportunities for diverse human assets to gather, share knowledge and experience, and create new insights and values.

  •  Workplace management that draws out and utilizes diverse opinions and ideas

The “e-Business Seminar,” a forum for practicing inclusive leadership and for diverse employees of the Group to exchange opinions with executives, was launched in FY2021 with five officers and 31 participating employees of the Company. This expanded to 13 officers and 108 participating employees of the Group’s five domestic insurance companies in FY2022. In addition, we are rolling out inclusive leadership training to all Group companies.

Health and productivity management

Maintaining and improving the health of employees is essential for them to work energetically and maximize their abilities. We will promote well-being by creating healthy and safe workplaces where employees can maintain and improve their physical and mental health through thorough management of working hours, taking leave, and other time management. We are also strengthening measures against mental illness and supporting employees’ return to work after leaves of absence.

  •  Certified as “White 500” companies under the 2023 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization Recognition Program, administered by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.

White 500:MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life Insurance
Corporations with outstanding health and productivity management : Mitsui Direct General Insurance, Mitsui Sumitomo Primary Life Insurance

Fostering a sense of Group unity
With the sharing of the Group’s Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV) at the core, we are working to foster a sense of Group unity by commonizing human asset development and expanding opportunities for Group employees to interact with each other. Furthermore, we will accelerate our initiatives across the Group by utilizing concurrent positions within the Group and side jobs. In addition, to ensure that our MVV permeates and resonates with employees, we will strengthen our communications and improve the communication skills of managerial staff.

MS&AD Group Sustainability Contest held to promote CSV across the Group
Since 2018, we have held a Sustainability Contest for all Group employees in Japan and overseas to foster a sense of Group unity and to recognize outstanding CSV initiatives, such as proposals that lead to solutions to social issues.
In FY2022, we received 276 applications, including from abroad. The four criteria (value creation, communication, commitment, and development potential) were used as the basis for selection. After online screening and voting by the top management of each Group company, one Grand Prize winner, three thematic winners, two Excellence Award winners, and 10 prize winners were selected.

For more detailed information regarding DE&I, please see the Company’s “DE&I Report”.