To become a “corporate group supporting a resilient and sustainable society,” the Medium-Term Management Plan (2022–25) sets the following basic strategies: “Value (Value Creation),” “Transformation (Business Reforms),” and “Synergy (Demonstration of Group Synergy).” Every employee of the Group will help realize these strategies. In conjunction with the basic strategies, we will close the gaps necessary to execute them and increase employee engagement, thereby achieving sustainable improvement in corporate value.

Quantitative understanding of the “As is–To be” gap

Digital human resources Actions such as CSV × DX and “pursue optimal solutions using digital technologies” require many employees to acquire the ability to connect both business and digital skills to products and services. We also need experts who possess and demonstrate a high level of expertise in the digital domain. Regarding the “digital human resources” necessary to execute our basic strategies, we set 7,000 persons as the KPI (in FY2025). We are accelerating the securing and development of such personnel, including the recruitment of external human resources.
Human resources for
the international business
In “rolling out CSV × DX globally” and “expanding the international business portfolios,” to ensure sufficient human resources in terms of both quality and quantity for the positions required for conducting business, we set 1,200 persons as the KPI for human resources for the international business (in FY2025.) At present, the number of such persons is sufficient to fill the necessary positions, so the increase is not large. We are developing human resources who will play a role in areas of expertise and continuously securing human resources while promoting generational change.
Diversity, Equity and inclusion (DE&I) By setting KPIs for factors such as the ratio of mid-career employees in managerial positions in addition to the ratio of female managers and female line managers, we are working to diversify human resources.

Human resource strategy linked to basic strategies

“Building an optimum human resource portfolio” that can respond swiftly and flexibly to changes in the business environment in conjunction with the basic strategies
We will take actions such as clarifying the skills required to execute the basic strategies, expanding human resource investments such as reskilling and recurrent training, and securing professional human resources and promoting their active roles including the recruitment of external human resources, thereby building an optimum human resource portfolio. Regarding digital human resources and human resources for the international business who are responsible for strategies such as the rollout of CSV × DX × GLOBAL and “business and risk portfolio reforms,” we set KPIs to nurture and enhance them. In addition, we will foster a sense of unity among the Group and demonstrate synergy by collaborating in human resource development and more active transfers among Group companies.

Full demonstration of employees’ abilities and skills and fulfillment of their ambitions
To execute the basic strategies, we will strive to create an attractive working environment where employees can show their abilities, skills, and motivation to the fullest. We support employees’ self-directed career development such as post-challenge programs and side and second jobs. We also strive for flexible and diverse work styles that enable employees to work anywhere. Moreover, we promote DE&I and practice management that draws out diverse opinions and ideas. We have set KPIs and will promote initiatives to achieve these goals.

Fostering and penetration of a corporate culture

We create an environment in which employees can feel motivated and work independently and ambitiously, and foster a culture where employees take on the challenge of creating new value. We promote the diversification of decision-making layers. At the same time, we strive for inclusive organizational management that brings out the knowledge, experience, and sense of values of diverse human resources and utilizes them in organizational decision-making. Furthermore, for the Group to achieve sustainable growth, the Company and its employees must bring vectors into alignment and move forward together. To this end, it is important to ensure our employees agree with the Company’s aspirations. Our Group conducts an employee awareness survey of all employees, and observes fixed points such as the penetration of the Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV) and the level of understanding of CSV every year. More than 90% of employees understand the MVV and experience CSV. Continuously having the top management communicate the aspirations will promote understanding of the MVV and CSV, and foster and penetrate a corporate culture that leads to improvements in employee engagement and productivity.

Development of an optimum human resource portfolio

Enrichment of a development menu for self-directed learning

Reskilling and recurrent training

INIAD: The campus of Toyo University Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design
INIAD: The campus of Toyo University Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design

Development of digital human resources
Aiming to develop human resources who will lead the CSV × DX strategy, we are implementing digital human resource development programs. For all employees, we are systematically improving skills in both “business” and “digital” aspects based on our in-house certification system and educational programs for digital human resources. For employees in high-level roles, we implement our Group’s unique digital human resource development programs through partnerships with universities and other institutions and work to improve their skills.
• MS&AD Digital Academy
  (INIAD: Toyo University Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design)
  623 persons (cumulative figure from FY2018 to FY2021)
• MS&AD Digital College from Kyoto
  (KUAS: Kyoto University of Advanced Science)
  292 persons (cumulative figure from FY2020 to FY2021)
• System × design cognitive training
  55 persons (cumulative figure from FY2020 to FY2021)

Trainee from Dubai
Trainee from Dubai

Development of global human resources
Aiming to develop human resources capable of managing overseas entities and suitable for one of the world’s leading insurance and financial groups, we are implementing global human resource development programs. To improve our international awareness and global business skills, we have established a system in which employees in Japan and other regions of the world interact with each other and work hard to improve their skills.

• Overseas training secondment system
  328 persons (cumulative figure for the 10 years to FY2021)
• Global trainee system
  385 domestic employees (cumulative figure for the 10 years to FY2021)
  559 overseas-based local employees (same as above)
• Global Management Program (started in FY2021)
  FY2021: 27 persons

Retention and active participation of specialized human resources

We are creating an environment that encourages professional human resources to play active roles. For example, we establish a job-type employment system for professional human resources and accept secondand side-jobbers from outside the Company. In securing professional human resources, in addition to strengthening the mid-career recruitment of external human resources, it is necessary to develop internal human resources with a full understanding of our Group’s business. We work on not only fostering human resources internally but also improving their skills through human resource exchanges across the Group.

Visualization of the human resource portfolio
As the basis for building an optimum human resource portfolio, we organize data on the skills, abilities, transfer history, training history, and other information of employees at each Group company to visualize the human resource portfolio.

Full demonstration of employees’ abilities and skills and fulfillment of their ambitions

Development of an attractive workplace environment

Provision of opportunities for self-directed career development
We will expand the use of our open recruitment system (post-challenge program), which allows employees to transfer to a position or department of their choice to develop their career. We are also providing more opportunities for self-directed career development. For example, we utilize a system (free agency) that enables employees to pitch their accumulated abilities and skills to departments for a possible transfer. We also have a scheme where employees participate in corporate initiatives voluntarily beyond the borders of existing organizations.

Management that encourages employees to take on new challenges
We conduct management that changes the mindset and fosters a culture, which in turn encourages people to tackle challenges and draws out and utilizes the motivation of employees. By providing training for management and operating meetings with supervisors and subordinates, we will ensure that a culture of taking on challenges without fear of failure takes root and engage in challenging tasks.

Promotion of diverse and flexible working styles
We use working from home as a routine form of work. We are conducting business operations that efficiently combine working from home with working at offices and business operations such as working remotely that enable employees to work anywhere. We will also expand opportunities to improve and utilize skills by relaxing restrictions on side and second jobs. Regarding paternity childcare leave, we are working to raise the percentage of people taking leave to 100% and increase the duration of leave to four weeks.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

To face various risks in times of unpredictability and uncertainty and to create shared value with society through issue-solving, we will practice and strive for inclusion that actively draws out various opinions and ideas from diverse human resources and utilizes those opinions and ideas in decision-making.

Appointment of female and young employees to decision-making layers
Regarding the career development of women, toward achieving the Group’s targets by the end of FY2030, we will expand opportunities for people to play active roles while developing pipelines. We will also select young employees based on their capabilities and promote their earlier appointment to the posts of sectional and divisional managers and line managers.

“e-Business Seminar”conducted by Executive Officers
“e-Business Seminar”conducted by Executive Officers

Development of management know-how that actively draws out opinions and ideas
In FY2021, we held the “e-Business Seminar,” a small-group online seminar conducted by officers of the holding company. The purpose of this seminar was to draw out opinions and ideas based on the knowledge, experience, and sense of values of diverse human resources, and systematize the processes and methods to reach them. In FY2022, we will apply this know-how as “inclusive leadership” in training for managers at each Group company and implement it in the workplace.

Health and productivity management

For employees to continue working while feeling motivated and rewarded, we are working to create a health- and safety-conscious workplace where employees can maintain and improve their physical and mental health.
For example, we thoroughly manage time such as working hours and leave,
are strengthening measures against mental disorders, and support the return to work.

Employee Awareness Survey
We observe fixed points via a Group employee awareness survey every year and use the results to consider corporate systems, measures, and environmental improvement. Since FY2019, we have conducted similar actions for employees of overseas entities.

Introduction of a stock incentive system for employees
From May 2022, we are issuing predetermined company shares to all employees of five Group companies* for four years from 2022 to 2025 during the period of the Medium-Term Management Plan. We will make additional issuances according to the attainment level of the Medium-Term Managemen Plan. We will strengthen our awareness of the need to boost corporate performance and increase stock prices to improve employee engagement and enhance the corporate value of the Group.
* Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, Mitsui Direct General Insurance, Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life Insurance, Mitsui Sumitomo Primary Life Insurance

For more detailed information regarding D&I, please see the Company’s “D&I Promotion Report”.