Japan’s birthrate is declining, its society is aging, and its total population is declining. It has been forecasted that the country’s population will drop below 90 million by 2060, with the elderly population rate – the percentage of the population aged 65 and older – reaching nearly 40%. The rising elderly population necessitates an environment in which the elderly can live with a peace of mind. This living environment must give consideration to an urban structure that makes it easy to get about, supports access to information on health and preventive medical care, and is adapted to the decline of bodily functions that comes with age and nursing care. At the same time, the urban structures needs to facilitate the slowing of population decline by creating an environment in which pregnant women, children, and people with children can live safely and with peace of mind. The MS&AD Insurance Group will promote good health so that people can remain active throughout their entire lives, provide asset-building means to support a fulfilling “second life,” and help develop business activities that lay the foundation for a super-aging society and thereby support “good health and longevity.”

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Promoting Good Health and Preventing Illness

We provide services that promote fitness so that people can enjoy long and active lives, and we collaborate with universities to carry out studies/research on promoting good health.

<Principal approaches>

Assisting in maintaining physical and mental fitness

We have created the Kokokara Diary, a smartphone app that supports physical and mental fitness.  The app can measure stress level, automatically calculate and display calories burned by measuring steps, record meals, weight, sleep time, check medical information, and more.  It can also be used to check medical care information.
In June 2020, we renovated the functionality and design to improve convenience of users. For corporations, we support corporate health management with a dedicated “administrator-only website” that provides access to employees’ life log data, a “corporate step count ranking function,” and a “health point management function”

Promoting good health in collaboration with the University of Tokyo’s Center Of Innovation

In fiscal 2018, our Group have commenced efforts in collaboration with the University of Tokyo Center of Innovation (COI), a hub for self-managing healthy society, to realize a “sustainable, healthy and longevity society.” MSI and ADI are currently developing insurance products to support health and productivity management that combine consulting services with a health management app based on an AI-driven health risk forecasting model.
 In September 2019, we initiated joint research on developing services that provide dementia prevention measures and have already begun to detect signs of MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment, a precursor to dementia) by voice.

Establishment of “health and productivity management insurance premium rate”

Supporting corporate health and productivity management by introducing the “health and productivity management insurance premium rate,” an inexpensive rate linked to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s certification system for corporations practicing outstanding health and productivity management, into the non- dividend general welfare group term life insurance

Seminars to provide information on human life and medical care

To give customers a better understanding of the importance of health, medical care, and precautions, we have been holding variety of open seminars on health and medical care topics in addition to seminars as part of our joint project Cerebral Stroke Project with the Japan Stroke Association in locations nationwide.

Promoting health and productivity management and offering consulting services

We are partnering with local governments, chambers of commerce and industry nationwide, and the Japan Health Insurance Association to popularize and promote health and productivity management by holding seminars presented by instructors from MS&AD InterRisk and by offering consulting services that support corporate health and productivity management.

Expanding business to support a super-aging society

We are contributing to the development of businesses that support super-aging societies by making available a variety of solutions and support relating to nursing and medical care.

<Principal Approaches>

Products for welfare/nursing care providers

We provide a comprehensive compensation plan for various risks related to welfare/nursing care providers (risk of compensation liability, information leakage risk, property damage risk, etc.), which also covers consulting costs for the prevention of accident reoccurrence. Furthermore, we provide another comprehensive insurance package that includes risk consulting options so that policyholders can receive the compensation that suits their needs.

Capital and business tie-ups with CareTech companies

We have formed capital and business tie-ups with startup companies that develop CareTech (coined from Care (nursing care and welfare services) and Technology), aiming to innovate and solve issues in the nursing care field.

Work and Nursing Care Dual Support Service for companies

We provide Work and Nursing Care Dual Support Service to human resources departments.

Provision of “medical receivable compensation insurance” for members of the Japan Hospital Association

Development and provision of medical receivable compensation insurance (plan for foreign patients only) for members of the Japan Hospital Association in preparation for the risk of unexpected large receivable arising from the recent increase in the number of foreign visitors to Japan. This not only stabilizes hospital management but also reduces the burden of collecting receivable insurance payments.

“My 100-Year Life Training” for financial institutions

We have developed and are providing My 100-Year Life Training which is designed to enhance the consulting skills of insurance agents in an age of super-longevity. The training curriculum helps insurance agents improve their ability to put forth proposals that meet a variety of insurance needs by using original business games (card games) designed to give the agents a realistic sense of what might be required for an unexperienced 100-year life.

Easy-to-understand explanation training to prevent complaints regarding foreign currency insurance sales

Provision of “easy-to-understand explanation training to prevent complaints regarding foreign currency insurance sales” to financial institution agents for reducing the numbers of complaints related to foreign currency-denominated insurance products. We improve the training programs with audio and video to introduce specific examples and ways of communicating in an easy-to-understand manner so that sales representatives can gain experience and learn how to prevent complaints

Providing Products and Services to Support “Good Health and Longevity”

We provide means for asset-building and products/services tailored to customers’ needs designed to help people live fulfilling second lives in safe societies with peace of mind.

<Principal Products/Services>

Self-help-style asset building

  • We provide individual defined contribution (iDeCo) pension plans through financial institutions and agents as one part of forming assets for retirement. (MSI, ADI)
  • We provide products that support customers’ self-help efforts to build the assets needed for 100-year lifespans, including tontine-like* pension insurance capable of satisfying the need for long-term living benefits.
    (*) A type of insurance in which the indemnities paid for by deceased policyholders are reduced and the reductions are allocated to the pensions of still-living policyholders who receive more pension money the longer they live

Coverage for nursing care and dementia

We provide a Whole-life Nursing Care/Dementia Plan, a product that addresses nursing care risk for the treatment of dementia (official name: Lifelong Insurance (Reduced Cancellation Refund) with Non-Dividend/Lifelong Nursing Care Coverage Special Rider (No Cancellation Refund) (18) and Special Provisions on Lump-Sum Payments for Dementia). This plan offers coverage for persons requiring nursing care for dementia, a particularly expensive type of nursing care, and enables them to prepare more robustly and alleviate anxieties about nursing care.

Provision of coverage tailored to an aging society

  • We offer special landlord expense riders to fire insurance policies to cover expenses incurred from dealing with the losses arising from solitary deaths of elderly residents in rental housing. We also provide incidental services (furniture moving, light-bulb replacement services) through fire insurance to support the elderly in their day-to-day lives.
  • We are providing special riders that cover the liability for train delays not involving property damage to deal with the increasing risks arising from a growing number of dementia sufferers.

Customer consultation service

We provide a “nursing care health desk” where counselors qualified in nursing, etc., answer questions and concerns regarding long-term care and dementia by telephone (dedicated toll-free number)

“Pension calculation with just a picture” service

A service that allows users to easily estimate the amount of public pension benefits they will receive by simply taking a picture of their “Nenkin Teiki Bin (Pension Coverage Regular Notice) ” with a smartphone camera