Natural-related Financial Disclosure

Damage to natural capital due to economic activities has increased and, if biodiversity continues to be damaged, this may become an obstacle to realization of a sustainable society. While working to improve the sustainability of natural capital, the Group is promoting nature-related disclosure as set forth in the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (“TNFD”) Disclosure Recommendations Version 1 (TNFD v.1.0) published in September 2023.

Initiatives Related to TNFD

Our Company has made efforts to promote understanding of TNFD (Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures) and to develop frameworks, etc., subscribing to the purpose of TNFD.

Promotion of Understanding and Development of Frameworks

TNFD selects members from among financial institutions, corporates, etc. in 14 countries for development of disclosure frameworks. One of our employees was selected as a taskforce member and contributed to framework development.
Having released a prototype disclosure framework (beta version), TNFD proceeded with a development based on inputs and feedback from stakeholders such as financial institutions and corporates. Our company participated in the TNFD Forum and supported this initiative.
In Japan, the TNFD Consultation Group of Japan (commonly known as TNFD Japan Council) was formed in June 2022 in order to promote understanding about TNFD by companies, etc. participating in the TNFD Forum and it endeavored to increase understanding of the beta version of TNFD, inviting expression of opinions through creating opportunities for explanations on the beta version and discussions by various participants.

Participation in Pilot Programs

We participated in a pilot program which TNFD carried out in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Programʼs Finance Initiative. In this program, we select one topic from among many which are based on establishment of region/industry combinations, and carry out pilot operation of risk evaluation using a method proposed by TNFD in its prototype framework. We then feed the results back to TNFD to help it further develop the framework.
Our company participated in the project in order to acquire know-how in risk assessment and disclosure, and to apply the knowledge gained through conducting pilots to framework development and TNFD Consultation Group of Japan.

Providing Natural Capital Products and Solutions

Our Group has been offering various services for quantitative evaluation of impacts on natural capital in developing business units and projects within and outside of Japan for our customers’ business expansion, and products to cover economic loss caused by damage to nature.

Identify and inform on risks

Prevent risks from occurring/minimize the impact

Reduce the economic burden

Assessment of risks caused by damage to or degradation of natural capital
(Analysis examples)
・Future risk of water depletion at business facilities that use large volumes of water
・Assessment of the sustainability of supply chains which primarily depends on natural resources

Provision of proposals on risk management measures based on assessment and analysis results, and services for preventing accidents
(Proposal example)
・Consultation on land use that considers local ecosystems
・Provision of alert function for smartphones to prevent roadkill incidents

Provision of risk coverage
(Coverage example)
・Expenses incurred for activities to remediate damage to the natural environment
・Expenses incurred during recall when a sustainability certification of the used materials is revoked and expenses needed for apology


Provision of Nature-related Risk Analysis Support in Line with TNFD

In line with the guidance of the Taskforce on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures (TNFD), we provide support for scoping of analysis targets, analysis of priority regions and dependencies/impacts, including value chains, and consideration of business risks/opportunities, and we disclose information based on such results.
Further progress in developing analytical techniques is underway, including a partnership with Think Nature Inc., a natural capital big data company, since November 2022.


Entered into a co-creation agreement between Think Nature Inc. and MS&AD (InterRisk) (in Japanese only)

Provision of Basic Evaluations of Water-related Risks

An increasing number of areas worldwide have been experiencing depletion of their water resources due to climate change, population increases in developing countries, economic development and other factors. As, in some cases, this depletion is serious enough to threaten companies’ operations, companies now need to identify and disclose their own water-related risks. We offer services for assessing the water risks (depletion, contamination, flooding/droughts, etc.) for their business units inside and outside of Japan.


Basic Evaluation service for water-related risks (InterRisk) (in Japanese only)

Biodiversity-conscious Land-use Consulting

A growing number of companies which regard initiatives to conserve biodiversity as both risks and opportunities for their businesses have been taking biodiversity into account in determining their businesses’ land use. We offer comprehensive support ranging from surveys and analysis through formulation of development/action plans based on these surveys, and analyses, for the use of offices, apartment buildings, and other land with green spaces.


Biodiversity- conscious land-use consulting (InterRisk) (in Japanese only)

Provision of a discount on premiums to businesses working on recycling of plastic resources

With the aim of supporting promotion of plastic resources recycling, we provide companies working on such recycling with discounts on premiums for certain types of liability insurance products.


Introduction of a premium discount system for businesses working on recycling of plastic resources (MSI, ADI) (in Japanese only)

Supporting reduction of roadkill incidents

Automobile accidents rank high as a cause of death for rare species of animals such as Iriomote cats (roadkill). In order to prevent the occurrence of such accidents, an alert function has been installed in dedicated dashcams for automobile insurance.
From FY2022, we have been making donations based on sales of such dashcams to organizations, including those working on protection of rare animals and reduction of roadkill incidents.


Rolling-out of products and services which contribute to conservation and restoration of natural capital and biodiversity. (MSI) (in Japanese only)

Expansion of our products and services which contribute to conservation and restoration of natural capital and biodiversity. (ADI) (in Japanese only)

Providing coverage of additional expenses for dealing with marine contamination

In cases where the natural environment suffers damage due to a marine vessel accident, we will cover expenses of conservation/restoration actions taken voluntarily by the vessel’s operator to address such damage. This type of risk has been outside the coverage of conventional insurance policies.


Launched Endorsement for Additional Expenses for Dealing with Marine Contamination under hull insurance (MSI) (in Japanese only)

Providing extensive coverage of expenses associated with contamination damage

We will provide coverage on a wide range of risks, including liabilities for damages and expenses of contamination clean-up arising out of accidents such as an unexpected and sudden outflow of contaminants into public waters from a factory, etc.


Launched Endorsement for Extended Coverage of Contamination Damage under facility owner’s (manager’s) liability insurance (MSI) (in Japanese only)

Launched Endorsement for Extended Coverage of Contamination Damage, which contributes to conservation and restoration of natural capital and biodiversity. (ADI) (in Japanese only)

Providing coverage of reforestation expenses, etc.

We cover expenses necessary for reforestation of forests damaged by fire, etc., which have been outside the coverage of conventional forest fire insurance.


Launched Forest Keeper, an insurance product for those engaged in forestry (MSI) (in Japanese only)

Launched Endorsement for Coverage of Reforestation Expenses etc., which contributes to conservation and restoration of natural capital and biodiversity (ADI) (in Japanese only)

Package for Supporting Corporate Green Space Initiatives

Recent trends such as Nature Positive and TNFD and other factors have increased the importance of corporate green space that reflect consideration for biodiversity as a concrete approach to corporate land use.
Utilizing the know-how and experience of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, which has been engaged in the development of Surugadai Green Spaces at its head office site over many years, and MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting, which has been carrying out research and consulting services related to natural capital and biodiversity, we offer insurance products/related services packaged with “Surugadai Green Space Inspection Guide,'' “Corporate Green Space Consulting Service,'' and "Corporate Green Space Insurance" to support corporate green space initiatives that take into consideration natural capital and biodiversity


Corporate Green Space Insurance/related services to support corporate green space initiatives (MSI, InterRisk) (in Japanese only)

Provision of Liability Insurance for “Noyaki (Open Burning)”

In February 2023, we launched Japan’s first liability insurance for accidents related to “Noyaki,” an early spring tradition in Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture.
In Aso, open burning has long been carried out for the purposes of maintaining and restoring grasslands, conserving biodiversity, storing carbon, and recharging downstream water sources, but ensuring safety and security is an issue as fire accidents occur. We maintain functions of the open burning through providing coverage for damage related to the spread of fire to other properties during the open burning period, thereby contributing to conservation of the natural environment.

Product Recall Expenses Insurance for Food Service Businesses - Shoku-eco

We are partnering with Kuradashi Co., Ltd., which operates a social contribution food sharing platform, to provide recall expenses insurance for food service businesses. When a food company recalls foodstuffs without any quality issues but with mislabeled expiry dates, etc., Kuradashi reduces food wastage by purchasing such foodstuffs. This also helps to minimize disposal costs, enabling insurance premiums to be offered at a 10% discount. The food loss/waste is one of the social issues attracting global attention. This insurance contributes to reduction of foodl loss/waste through more effective use of foodstuffs that would otherwise be disposed of.

Preserving Conserving Biodiversity through Partnerships and Industry-Academia Collaboration

Our Group has made biodiversity conservation one of key issues in the MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy on the Environment and is promoting measures such as participation in various initiatives.

Natural Capital Finance Alliance (Former Natural Capital Declaration)

In July 2016, our Group signed the Natural Capital Declaration, which calls on financial institutions to incorporate the concept of Natural Capital into their financial products and services, thereby subscribing to the purpose of the Declaration. The Natural Capital Declaration has been expanded and reorganized as the Natural Capital Finance Alliance.

Call to Action of Business for Nature

We subscribe to the purpose of Call to Action of Business for Nature, a global coalition which calls on governments to adopt ambitious nature and environmental policies.

30by30 Alliance

In order to contribute to realization of 30by30, a global target of designating at least 30% of the world’s land and oceans as protected/conserved areas by 2030, the MS&AD Insurance Group has been taking part in the 30by30 Alliance for Biodiversity headed by the Ministry of the Environment. The Company aims to contribute to realization of the target by promoting conservation of its own green zones.

Participation in Association for Business Innovation in harmony with Nature and Community (ABINC)

The association was established with the purpose of encouraging businesses to work toward development of a symbiotic society in harmony with communities’ local flora and fauna, such as certification of corporate green space in consideration of biodiversity (ABINC certification). MS&AD InterRisk serves as the association’s secretariat.
Number of ABINC-certified green spaces: 139 (as of June 2023)

Japan Business Initiative for Biodiversity (JBIB)

Japan Business Initiative for Biodiversity (JBIB) is a gathering of companies which carry out joint research projects on conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of biological resources. It made a start mainly with companies which had participated in a symposium, “The Story of Biodiversity Told by Companies” held in 2007 as major members, aiming to study and take actions together for promoting initiatives for conservation of biodiversity. MS&AD Holdings has been serving as the chair company since JBIB’s founding in April 2008.
Total number of official members and network members: 59 (as of June 30, 2023)

Regional Revitalization and Disaster Prevention

We have been working on regional revitalization and disaster prevention projects by utilizing the region's nature,


Creation of a resilient and inclusive society (regional revitalization)

“The Story of Biodiversity Told by Companies”

Each year, the Company holds a “The Story of Biology Told by Companies” symposium.
The symposium program was launched in 2007 as an opportunity to provide information on corporate initiatives for biodiversity and, in February 2023, we hosted the 16th symposium This program has been highly rated with the symposiums featuring in the Guidelines for Private Sector Engagement in Biodiversity.

Biodiversity Conservation Initiatives in Asia and Japan

Activities in Collaboration with Conservation International (Asia-Pacific)

MS&AD is promoting biodiversity conservation activities in Southeast Asia in collaboration with the global non-governmental organization, Conservation International (Asia-Pacific). Our Group is working with local partners in six key Asian markets (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) and two Pacific countries (Fiji and New Caledonia), to assist with activities such as reforestation, mangrove planting, conservation of rare wildlife, and monitoring of protected areas.

Support for Reforestation and Establishment of Sustainable Local Communities (Indonesia)

Soil preparation training
Soil preparation training

Over the past 18 years, starting in FY2005, we have been working with the Indonesian government to restore wildlife reserve forests and to recover tropical forests in the Special Region of Yogyakarta on Java Island. We have also been endeavoring to stimulate the local economy by, for instance, planting trees to revive degraded forests, and to form sustainable local communities, maintaining/managing protected forests and pursuing cooperative forestation initiatives with local residents by offering them technical guidance on planting and cultivating trees.

Afforestation activities at the Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Forest

In FY 2019, we launched a tree-planting activity called the Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Forest in Bihoro Town, Hokkaido, as an activity for Connecting a Healthy Global Environment to the Future. Our environmental donation initiatives through customers’ selection of paperless insurance/Web policies, etc. are being utilized for tree-planting activities. We planted three types of moisture-resistant, broad-leaved trees (Mizunara: Quercus cuspidate, Japanese white birch: Betula platyphylla Sukaczev, and Manchurian Ash) on 15.5 hectares of land in accordance with the soil characteristics of the plantation area.

Environmental Conservation Initiatives within our Group

We are actively engaged in environmental conservation activities and raising awareness among employees within our Group.

MS&AD Green Earth Project

MS&AD Green Earth Project is a project through which our Group has been addressing conservation/restoration of natural environments, environmental burden reduction, disaster prevention and mitigation, and regional revitalization in a unified manner. We are working to address climate change and improve the sustainability of natural capital in an integrated manner through these initiatives, including reduction of resource utilization through paperless business processes, etc. and resource circulation through recycling, and drawing out the functions of nature, such as disaster prevention/mitigation and decarbonization, by preserving the natural environment toward resolving social issues (Nature based Solutions) utilizing the power of nature.

Blue Economy Project

With a view to medium- to long-term social transformation associated with the conservation of natural capital/biodiversity and decarbonization, we will analyze new risks arising out of initiatives for "responses to climate change and decarbonization" such as renewable energy from the oceans/seabed and negative emissions technologies, and “responses to digital transformation of offshore/submarine business" utilizing oceanographic data and AI, etc., and will promote development of insurance products/services that support realization of the “blue economy” through a system deployed across internal and external organizations.

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Surugadai Green Spaces as OECMs / Corporate Green Space Support Package

The green zones surrounding Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance’s Surugadai Building and the Surugadai New Annex (Surugadai Green Spaces) are highly regarded as corporate green spaces that reflect consideration for biodiversity. Aiming to contribute to realization of "30 by 30," the Group participated in a demonstration project initiated by the Ministry of the Environment in relation to the Certification as “Other Effective area-based Conservation Measures” (OECMs), and Surugadai green spaces were certified as OECMs in October 2023. Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance and MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting provide a "Corporate Green Space Support Package", utilizing the know-how and experience of both companies, to support corporate green space initiatives through corporate green space insurance and related services.

Reducing the Use of Plastics

As marine pollution becomes an ever-increasing concern, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance has stopped using plastic cups and straws in its employee cafeterias since August 2018 in order to reduce the use of plastic and educate employees regarding the problem of plastic waste in our oceans. In July 2019, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance installed water stands with direct faucets to promote the use of personal water bottles. Furthermore, in, during work hours, we are focusing on group-wide initiatives to reduce the use of plastic. In July 2020, for example, we provided employees with original eco-bags as an alternative to plastic shopping bags and special stickers to put on bottles to encourage employees to bring in their own water bottles, focusing on group-wide initiatives to reduce the use of plastic during work hours.

Promoting the Use of FSC-Certified Paper*

Our Group has been making a switchover to FSC-Certified* paper for pamphlets and other printed material since fiscal 2010. Using paper made with lumber sourced from properly managed forests enables us to contribute to preserve biodiversity through forest protection.
*Paper manufactured from lumber sourced from properly managed forests in the interest of sustainable forest use and environmental conservation.

Sustainable Seafood

We offer sustainable seafood* in the cafeterias of our buildings, the Surugadai Building from October 2019 and Chiba New Town Center from August 2020. Every month, a Sustainable Seafood Day is scheduled to provide menus using sustainably sourced seafood. Simply by allowing employees to eat sustainable seafood and transforming their own eating habits through such initiatives, we are contributing to the realization of a sustainable society. *Sustainable seafood refers to seafood that has been certified for sustainable production (fishing and aquaculture), as well as management and traceability in the processing, distribution, and sales processes.