The MS&AD Insurance Group pledges in its Corporate Philosophy (Mission) “to contribute to the development of a vibrant society and help secure a sound future for the planet, by enabling safety and peace of mind through the global insurance and financial services business.” We promptly various risks seeming from social issues and provide information on these risks. Then, we prevent risks from occurring or minimize the impact of those risks and to reduce the economic burden when those risks materialize through a variety of products and services.
That is our story of value creation.


In our Vision 2021, our Medium-term Management Plan started in FY2018, we defined our vision for 2030 as a “resilient and sustainable society,” and identified as some of the social issues the Group can help resolve to: diversified large-scale accidents and disasters, the global environment approaching its limits, mounting burden of nursing/medical care associated with an aging population, and declining in social vitality due to widening inequalities. By addressing these issues, we are using the SDGs as leading marks for adopting a broad range of approaches to creating shared value (CSV) with society and making our value creation story a reality. Among our endeavors are instituting measures to prepare against damage caused by typhoons, hurricanes, torrential rainfall and other natural disasters, supporting prompt restoration/recovery after such damage has occurred, providing countermeasures against cyber risks that have become more diversified as AI and IoT have developed, and collecting/disseminating information to build healthier lives in a super-aging society.


Vision 2021 outlines the Group’s vision to be achieved over the medium to long term: becoming a world-leading insurance/financial services group and supporting that status by being resilient enough to rapidly adapt to environmental changes. In FY2019, Vision’s second year, we will move further ahead in creating shared value with society in order to realize a resilient and sustainable society. In June 2019, we announced our “Perspective of Sustainability” as a manifestation of the Group’s ideals to be embedded into activities and the vision we were seeking to achieve. We have made it clear that we will give due consideration in all of the Group’s business activities to sustainability in terms that include environment, society, governance as we strive to bring about sustainable societies.


In recent years, there has been a notable increase in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters due to climate change, fueling a sense of crisis worldwide. Should CO2 emissions continue to rise at their current pace, forecasts indicate that temperature rise will accelerate, and both extensive once-a-century floods and large-scale typhoons will become more frequent. As an insurer who is profoundly concerned with disasters, our social mission is to uncover such risks and then to prevent or mitigate them to boost the resilience of society as a whole. To pass on a healthy global environment to the next generation, we are undertaking efforts to mitigate climate change as well as actively supporting efforts to adapt to climate change through activities such as working with universities, local governments, and numerous other partners to jointly develop new technologies to prepare for unprecedented disasters.


To ensure that we disclose information in line with the Final Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), we have been making it a point to disclose consistent, comparable, and reliable climate-related information, as evidenced by our participation in an insurance pilot project run by the United Nations Environment Programme – Financial Initiative (UNEP-FI).


Furthermore, we believe that fostering a corporate climate respectful of human rights is an essential foundation for our efforts. Since signing the UN Global Compact in June 2004 and indicating our support for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we have pursued activities and dialogues that respect human rights in accordance with the MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy on Human Rights and in recognition of our responsibility for the impact of our business activities, including in our value chains, on human rights.


Our Company’s efforts are underpinned by the capabilities of each and every employee, and we consider the development of human assets an important element in realizing a resilient and sustainable society. As a part of those efforts, we held our first Sustainability Contest in August 2018 for Group companies from both inside and outside of Japan. This contest has heightened our employees’ understanding and awareness of the need for sustainability and has set in motion a virtuous cycle of creating new business models and laterally extending our efforts.


By accelerating our value creation story through using the SDGs as leading marks, the MS&AD Insurance Group will continue its CSV efforts to create shared value with society and move steadily forward toward realizing a resilient and sustainable society by 2030.

September 2019



President & CEO

Yasuyoshi Karasawa