The MS&AD Insurance Group pledges in its Corporate Philosophy (Mission) “to contribute to the development of a vibrant society and help secure a sound future for the planet, by enabling safety and peace of mind through the global insurance and financial services business.” “Group that supports resilient and sustainable society” has been set as our vision 2030 in light of future changes.

In order to achieve this vision, we are developing business activities that take into account the environment, society, and corporate governance. “Climate change mitigation and adaptation”, “Improving the sustainability of natural capital”, and “Respect for human rights” are especially focused as the top-priority issues.


Climate change has already brought all sorts of impacts on a global scale. The more frequent nature and size of natural catastrophe in particular is one of the more pressing issues that could shake the foundations of the global insurance system due to rising insurance payouts. In May 2021, the Group reviewed its medium- to long-term goals for reducing its CO2 emissions and decided to aim for net zero by 2050. Then, in June, we released our policy of not underwriting or investing in any coal-fired power plants planned for the future. Furthermore, in August, we released our TCFD Report, which summarizes the details of the Group's latest activities on climate change, in line with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). We will continue to reduce emissions from the Group, and help to achieve a decarbonized society together with stakeholders by providing insurance products that push for emission reductions and support the use of more renewable energy, and by providing consulting services on climate change.

Natural capital is the world's stock of natural resources, including forests, soils, water, air, and all living organisms. It is one of the most important capitals supporting our lives and corporate activities. We will contribute by promoting risk assessment services that predict and analyze the effects of natural capital depletion and deterioration, as well as regional revitalization (green resilience) initiatives, and disaster prevention and mitigation initiatives that utilize natural capital.

Respect for human rights is an important issue particularly emphasized in the Sustainable Development Goals. The Group has established a Basic Human Rights Policy in which we are working to understand and address human rights risks throughout the value chain in light of the current social situation, carrying out business activities that respect basic human rights.


In addition, we are promoting on diversity and inclusion, and on developing human assets, as key fundamentals that support our CSV initiatives, Creating Share Value. In promoting the active participation of women, we achieved our goal set in 2018 of having at least a 15% ratio of females in managerial positions by 2020 (16.1% in 2020). Taking this to the next stage, we have raised the target to 30% by 2030. We are working to create a work environment in which diverse human resources can play an active role regardless of gender, nationality, race, or disability. Regarding our development of human assets, we are working to develop professional talent capable of solving problems with new ideas and creativity to promote digital transformation and create innovations to solve social issues.


Amid the huge changes in social issues and society that come with more large-scale natural disasters and outbreaks of infectious diseases, the whole Group will continue to work together with our stakeholders to solve social issues and provide better value to society with the aim of realizing a resilient and sustainable society.

September 2021



President & CEO

Noriyuki Hara