The MS&AD Insurance Group (hereinafter “Group”) pledges in its Corporate Philosophy (Mission) “to contribute to the development of a vibrant society and help secure a sound future for the planet by enabling safety and peace of mind through the global insurance and financial services business.” The Group, in collaboration with its stakeholders, has been making steady progress toward realization of a “resilient and sustainable society” through its contributions to resolution of social issues and the Creating Shared Value (CSV) initiative.

In the Medium-term Management Plan, (FY2022-2025), we state our aim to be a corporate group that will grow together with society as a Platform Provider of Risk Solutions and will support the achievement of a resilient and sustainable society. To realize the Group’s vision, we have established three basics: “Value (Creation of value),” “Transformation (Business reforms)” and “Synergy (Demonstration of Group synergy).”


With regard to “Sustainability,” we have positioned this as the fundamentals that support basic strategies. The Group has been promoting initiatives, focusing on realization of three materialities “Planetary Health (Symbiosis with global environment),” “Resilience (Safe and secure society),” and “Well-being (Happiness of diverse people),” which are highly important for both the Group and our stakeholders.

In relation to “Planetary Health (Symbiosis with global environment),” we have been carrying out initiatives centering on “Net-zero Carbon Emissions (Decarbonization/action on climate change)” and “Nature Positive (Enhancement of sustainability of natural capital),” which are closely interrelated. Our Group has set a goal of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by FY2050 and implementing initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. As a specific initiative, through the MS&AD Green Earth Project, the Group’s unique environmental management system, we are actively promoting initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, including efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, through insurance and consulting services, we will continue to support the development of a sustainable society by providing countermeasures against the impact of extreme weather events caused by climate change on business activities and developing products and services that contribute to the transition to a net-zero society. The Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) was established in June 2021 to create an information disclosure framework and guide global financial flows toward positive outcomes for nature. We also lead as the convener of the TNFD Japan Council. By providing solutions and products that help improve the sustainability of natural capital, the Group will build a sustainable relationship between natural capital and business activities and contribute to living in a global environment.

For “Safe and secure society (Resilience),” in addition to accident prevention and mitigation, we are promoting initiatives to address new risks with the aim that our activities will lead to regional revitalization (building resilient and inclusive local communities). We are also seeking to contribute to the stable development of society through providing products/services that respond to new risks associated with progress in innovation and changes in industrial structure. For example, the Group provides solutions to prepare for risks through consulting by MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting, which has advanced research and study functions and practical consulting capabilities. In addition, to support preparing for automobile accidents, natural catastrophes, large-scale earthquakes, and infectious diseases, such as the novel coronavirus, we will visualize risks through data analysis and AI and provide problem-solving tools, thereby contributing to realizing a safe and secure society. Furthermore, to build such a society, we will conduct joint research with government agencies and universities on accident prevention and mitigation, and provide new services as a result of our research.


In order to address the issue “Happiness of diverse people (Well-being),” we have been promoting initiatives, centering on “Adaptation to a society of healthy longevity,” “Respect for human rights” and “Improvement of employee engagement.” For “Society of healthy longevity,” we are committed to promoting good health so that people can remain active throughout their entire lives, providing the means to build assets that support a fulfilling “second life,” and helping to develop business activities that lay the foundations for a super-aging society.


Regarding “Promotion of respect for human rights,” we will promote initiatives by introducing human rights due diligence, covering the Group and its business partners. For “Improvement of employee engagement,” we are focusing on re-skilling, recurrent training, securing professional human resources, and promoting their active engagement. We are also implementing digital human resource development programs. In addition, we are implementing global human resources development programs to create a system for improving our international awareness and global business skills. We are also providing more opportunities for self-directed career development through expanded use of the open recruitment system (post-challenge program) and utilization of free agent programs whereby employees can promote themselves to departments of their choice.


In addition to these initiatives, to create an environment in which diverse employees can genuinely demonstrate their abilities and to create innovations and enhance corporate value, we have incorporated the perspective of “equity” into “Diversity & Inclusion (D&I),” and we are promoting it as “DE&I.” For the career development of women, we will expand opportunities for women to play an active role and develop the pipeline to achieve the Group’s target by the end of FY2030.


Recently, in addition to the increasing severity of natural disasters due to expansion of the pandemic and to global warming, several risks such as those of a geopolitical nature have emerged. In these uncertain times, we are committed to demonstrating our true potential as a "risk solutions platform provider" and fulfill our mission as an insurance and financial group that supports society.

October 2023



President & CEO

Noriyuki Hara