MS&AD Holdings, Inc. website distributes its latest updates in RSS format.
Simply add the following URL in the RSS reader and the latest updates will be available without accessing the website.

Information Provided by RSS

Revisions to RSS Feed


The following revisions to our RSS feed have taken effect from April 1, 2013.


Revision 1:
“News Releases” and “Topics” have been consolidated under “News & Topics.”
The URL is being moved to the existing “News Releases” URL. Those who have registered only for “ Topics,” please register the above News & Topics URL.

Revision 2:
We have discontinued updates to the “Latest IR Information” RSS feed. Please use “IR News” for updated IR information.

What is RSS?

RSS is a format which outlines the title, URL, headlines, summary, updated time, etc, of a website, and is widely used to distribute the latest news to its readers.
To subscribe to RSS, you need a software corresponding to RSS (RSS reader), or equivalent service.


· We do not respond to inquiries or questions regarding RSS usage, or functions of a software such as RSS reader provided by a third party.
· We may temporarily stop the distribution of RSS based on our discretion.