We will conduct investor relations (IR) activities under the following core principles to win trust from shareholders and other investors, as well as to have our corporate value assessed fairly and properly.

Basic Policy on Disclosure of IR Information

Besides disclosing such corporate information as we are required to under statutes or regulations of stock exchanges, we will proactively release information that we consider helps investors/shareholders make reasoned investment decisions, ranging from basic policies and management plans to business strategies of the Group, thereby improving the disclosure variation. In disclosing such information, we strive to put out timely, fair and easy-to-understand statements.

Improvement of Communications

While providing information through our website and presentation meetings on a broadly disseminated basis, we will respond in good faith to enquiries from investors/shareholders and securities analysts. We will share within the company such requests and opinions as we have received in the course of IR activities, with a view to making use of them to enhance our corporate value.

Quiet Period

In order to ensure fairness in disclosing important information such as financial results, we observe a quiet period with respect to IR activities commencing on the date three weeks prior to the announcement of financial results for each quarter (the “Quiet Period”). During the Quiet Period, we refrain from making comments or responding to enquiries on financial results, and will not in principle hold one-on-one meetings or presentation meetings.