My name is Noriyuki Hara, President and CEO of MS&AD Insurance Group.
This year marks the 10th year anniversary of the Group, which was formed in 2010 through the business integration of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, Aioi Insurance and Nissay Dowa General Insurance. During this time we have focused on strengthening our financial soundness, improving the profitability of the domestic non-life insurance business and building the foundations for international business expansion. As a result, the Group's consolidated net premiums written have increased by around 1.4 times to approximately JPY 3.5 trillion, and we have grown to the point where we are now able to project the Group's adjusted profit at JPY 300 billion for fiscal 2021, up from the level of around JPY 50–60 billion before the Group's integration. We have faced a variety of challenges—the Great East Japan Earthquake, flooding in Thailand, heavy snowfall in the Kanto-Koshin'etsu region in February 2014, large-scale hurricanes in North America, massive typhoons in Japan, and now the COVID-19 pandemic—but each time we have strengthened our catastrophe-prevention proposals, developed new products and services, improved our risk-management techniques, and used the latest technology to develop fast and efficient claim payment methods, growing into an ever more resilient Group.
In the "Vision 2021" medium-term management plan we embarked on in fiscal 2018, we established the targets of becoming a world-leading insurance and financial services group and creating resilient systems that can respond swiftly to changes in the environment. To that end, we will continue to accelerate our growth and work on our three key strategies, "Pursue the Group's comprehensive strengths" "Promote digitization" and "Reform portfolio", and accelerate growth. Above all, the progress of digitization, will bring major social change. Seizing on this change as an opportunity, we will develop products and services enabled by this digital society in various countries and regions, and utilize the knowledge cultivated in these areas to create innovation that will lead to business-model reform.
In modern society, the business environment is constantly changing as risks grow larger and more complex and new risks emerge. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the global economy and financial markets and has had a huge impact on business activities as well as people's lives. The frequency of major catastrophes speaks to the seriousness of global environmental issues, and continues to have major implications for our business. It is in this age that the idea of creating shared value within society and the efforts to solve the issues addressed in our SDGs have great significance. In order to achieve the resilient and sustainable society our Group is aiming toward, each and every employee will use the SDGs as a guide, think from a perspective of creating shared value, engage with customers' issues and focus on solving them using our strengths in insurance. This will lead to both the sustainable development of society and the sustainable growth of the company.
We will forge ahead together with our stakeholders and with all generations, leveraging the Group's strengths of diversity and combined power to continue being a valued presence in society.
We would like to thank you for your continued support and encouragement.


June 2021

Noriyuki Hara
President & CEO