We at MS&AD Insurance Group began in 2010 with a vision to “create a world-leading insurance and financial group”. One of our strengths is diversity. Mitsui Sumitomo insurance covers a wide range of insurance businesses around the globe with the strong customer base of the Mitsui group and the Sumitomo group while Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance that has Toyota Motor Corporation and Nippon Life Insurance Company Group’s network explores retail market with a close relationship with local community.


In addition to our core business in the domestic non-life insurance business, we have domestic life insurance business, international business, financial services business and risk-related services business. We were ranked 5th in the insurance property & casualty category of the 2019 fortune global 500.


This business’ environment is undergoing a major shift as risks are increasing in size and complexity, and new risks are emerging in society. In response to rapid environmental changes, we must improve our resilience and sustainability, which is why we have set 3 key strategies in the mid-term management plan of “Vision 2021” since 2018.


First is to pursue our group’s comprehensive strengths. We will pursue a business model that simultaneously achieves growth and efficiency by enhancing productivity within the group while at the same time utilizing the strengths of each operating company. Second is driving digitalization. In addition to being able to accurately grasp the changing risks our clients face in this digital society, we are committed to generate innovations in which can transform our business model. Third is reforming our portfolio. We have overseas bases in 48 countries and regions world-wide. By evolving our business according to the growth stage and changes in the social framework in each location, we aim to create a balanced business portfolio.


The future is uncertain. The world’s affairs change every day. The next wave of digital transformation is coming in all industries. And, the frequency of natural disasters is said to be increasing due to global climate change. In this era, the role our Group, which aims to realize a resilient and sustainable society, can play will be extremely meaningful. Our Group’s mission is contributing to the development of a vibrant society and helps secure a sound future for the planet. Looking ahead, we will always face society and make every effort to resolve customer issues.


Regardless of the generation, we will forge ahead together with our stakeholders, leveraging the inherent comprehensive strength of diversity to continue being a valued presence in society.


We look forward to your continued strong support and encouragement.


Yasuyoshi Karasawa
President & CEO