It is said that the automobile industry enters a period of major change once every 100 years. While progress is being made in autonomous driving technology and in the development and demonstration of new transportation infrastructure such as MaaS, MS&AD Holdings is participating in research and collaborative initiatives with other industries and government organizations to develop new insurance products and services that respond to this new technology, providing knowledge accumulated as an insurance company. We are also working to reduce traffic accidents and ensure that all people have access to comfortable mobility by providing insurance products and services that support safe driving using telematics technology and smartphones.

Providing Services to Prevent Accidents and Initiatives to Support New Mobility Services

Identifying and then avoiding the risks that lead to accidents is vital for preventing traffic accidents. We are working to visualize the factors that help prevent traffic accidents and provide services that support safe driving, thus seeking to prevent accidents before they occur. In addition, in order to disseminate and promote new mobility services such as MaaS, we are conducting research and demonstration experiments for implementation in cooperation with various organizations.

<Principal approaches>

Joint development of social infrastructure maintenance support service utilizing AI image analysis technology

In partnership with UrbanX Technologies and their AI image analysis technology, we have jointly developed a maintenance support service for social infrastructure using the Group's dash cameras. To improve the sophistication and efficiency of local government maintenance work, we started demonstration tests with 12 municipalities, including Aizu-Wakamatsu City, with plans to rollout more tests nationwide in the future.


Launched demonstration tests for social infrastructure maintenance support using dash cameras (in Japanese only)

Collaboration and provision of products and services to support R&D for next-generation mobility services

A number of local governments and companies are considering new mobility services such as MaaS* to provide more flexible and convenient travel experiences and to address local transportation issues. In order to support the spread and promotion of new mobility services, we are working to provide products and services in cooperation with local governments and the businesses that operate these services.
(*) MaaS... an abbreviation for “Mobility as a Service.” Providing “mobility” as a service in transportation infrastructure


Example initiatives:

Autonomous driving × regional revitalization - a Japan first! Supporting safe autonomous driving mobility services (AD) (InterRisk) (in Japanese only)

Setouchi-cho, Japan Air Commuter, JAL, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, and MS&AD InterRisk conclude partnership agreement to solve regional issues using drones (MS) (InterRisk) (in Japanese only)

Autonomous driving demonstration tests on fixed-route buses (AD) (InterRisk) (in Japanese only)

Business alliance with Carro in automobile-related business (MS) (in Japanese only)

Established MOTER Technologies insurance software development company in the U.S. (AD) (in Japanese only)

Survey on social acceptability of flying cars (InterRisk) (in Japanese only)

Industry first - Launched exclusive MaaS insurance (AD) (in Japanese only)

Providing Insurance Products and Related Services to Realize a Comfortable Mobility Society

More and more cars are employing autonomous driving technologies causing changes to our mobility society. Amid these changes, we are utilizing telematics technology to gather and analyze customers’ driving practices, providing insurance products that lead to safer driving and fewer accidents, as well as providing insurance products both in Japan and overseas that address a variety of needs, such as making them more affordable for customers.

<Main Products and Services>

Telematics-based automobile insurance

・In January 2019, we launched the “Mimamoru” dashcam-based automobile insurance which encourages customers to drive more safely by utilizing the latest telematics technology with out original communicable dash cameras. In addition to the video recording function that comes with the dash cams, we provide safe driving assistance warnings that alert drivers to driving conditions, as well as a “guardian service” that shares information, such as driving habits, with family members and others living apart from the driver. Furthermore, when the dash cam detects a large impact in the unlikely event of an accident, the location of the vehicle is relayed to a dedicated call center. The operator can then make contact with the driver to offer assistance such as initial accident response and dispatching a recovery vehicle to the scene. (MS) (AD) 


Launched the “Mimamoru” premium dashcam-based automobile insurance (MS) (in Japanese only)

GK Mimamoru (MS) (in Japanese only)

TOUGH Mimamoru (AD) (in Japanese only)


・Automobile insurance that provides safe driving incentives (discounts) and services that lead to safety and security based on driving data acquired through telematics technology.
・In the event of an accident, we support customers with the Telematics Damage Service and the "I'm ZIDAN" accident response service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
・Started sales overseas in Europe, the U.S., and Thailand, of telematics insurance that reflects driving habits (Thailand has the country’s first full-scale driving habit telematics insurance), promoting the provision of insurance products worldwide using telematics. (AD)


Up to 8% premium discount at 100 yen per month! - Launched telematics automobile insurance, Tough Mimamoru Car Insurance Plus S (AD) (in Japanese only)

Japan first ― Developed telematics automobile insurance that reflects the safety of autonomous vehicles in insurance premiums (AD) (in Japanese only)

Automobile insurance for businesses

We have developed and provide a support service to reduce the number of accidents by utilizing telematics technology to provide safety and security to businesses


Introduced F-Dora and FOUR SAFETY for 7-Eleven's company cars (MS) (in Japanese only)

Save up to 10% on car insurance (fleet contracts) with safe driving initiatives (AD) (in Japanese only)

[External Evaluation]

Toyota Insurance, which is managed by European subsidiary Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe and the German branch of Toyota Insurance Management, ranked 1st for the 8th consecutive year and tenth time in total in the annual dealer satisfaction survey of automobile brand insurance conducted by Germany’s largest automobile and sales dealer magazine, Autohaus.