The 2018 figures for fatal traffic accidents in Japan showed more fatalities among people of 65 years of age or older than among people below 65 years, and that the elderly have accounted for an increasing number of traffic fatalities over the past 10 years. About half of the traffic fatalities are pedestrians or cyclists, a high percentage in comparison to major Western countries. There has also been an upward trend in recent years in traffic accidents attributable to the use of mobile phones or other devices while driving; 2,790 such accidents occurred in 2018, which is more than double the number ten years prior. The most common cause of these traffic accidents is human error. Mindless or inattentive driving, improper vehicle operation, and failure to confirm safe operating conditions can all be prevented by eliminating inattention and complacency. Advances in automated driving technology are also key to safer driving.
The MS&AD Insurance Group is working to reduce traffic accidents and to ensure that everyone has access to comfortable mobility by utilizing telematics technology, smartphones, and other devices, and by providing insurance products/services that support safe driving.

Services, Studies and Research to Prevent Traffic Accidents

Identifying and then avoiding the risks that lead to accidents is vital for preventing traffic accidents. We provide services that visualize elements connected to preventing traffic accidents and that support safe driving in an effort to prevent traffic accidents.
We are also engaged in joint research with a variety of institutions in anticipation of wider adaption of self-driving cars in future.

<Principal approaches>

Insurance for automobiles with onboard dashcams

We have launched “Observe and Protect Automobile Insurance (Dashcam Type)”, an insurance product that utilizes the latest in telematics technology in dedicated dashcams outfitted with proprietary communications functions to support safe driving by customers. These drive recorders offer video recording functions, and we provide safe driving assistance alerts that call drivers’ attention to driving conditions as well as a guardian service that share information including driving tendencies with family members and others living apart from the driver. If the drive recorder detects a major collision, information about the accident site and other relevant information will be relayed to a dedicated safety confirmation desk, and an operator will contact the customer to offer advice on initial responses to the accident.


Number of Observe and Protect Automobile Insurance (Dashcam Type) policies tops 100,000! (Japanese only)

GK Mimamoru (MSI) (Japanese only)

TOUGH (ADI) (Japanese only)

Providing applications that support safe driving

We provide a variety of services that utilize telematics technology, smartphone apps, and connected drive recorders for greater security and safety.
*Please see the official websites and news releases of the pertinent companies for further details.

・For corporate customers

We provide services that use telematics technology (functions to ascertain information about the vehicle’s location, functions to prevent distracted driving, safety driving consulting services, etc.) to help customers reduce accidents.


Number of smartphone applications for Suma Navi tops 10,000 (MSI) (Japanese only)

Developed a smartphone app to prevent distracted driving (MSI) (Japanese only)

Sales of Telematics Automobile Insurance strong (ADI) (Japanese only)

Created a new service for companies utilizing telematics technology – Biz Safety (ADI) (Japanese only)


・For individual customers
We analyze data related to the customers’ driving tendencies to assess their driving ability and competence, including functions capable of recording/checking videos of dangerous driving locations, and then provide information and functions useful for preventing accidents and encouraging safety driving .


Suma-Ho (MSI) (Japanese only)

Sapo NAVI (ADI) (Japanese only)

Mitsui Direct General App (Mitsui Direct General) (Japanese only)

R&D for next-generation automobile insurance

We have concluded an industrial-academic collaboration agreement with Gunma University for research aimed at helping to bring about the next-generation of mobility society. Through pursuing technological development and verification testing on self-driving cars, we are conducting joint research aimed at developing insurance products for self-driving cars and formulating clams handling methodologies pertinent to accidents involving self-driving cars.


Next-Generation Mobility Accident/Service Research Laboratory located on the Gunma University site (Japanese only)

Providing Insurance Products and related Services to Create a Comfortable Mobility Society without accidents

With the growing number of cars employing autonomous driving technologies that is causing changes to our mobility society, we are utilizing telematics technology to gather and analyze customers’ driving practices and then providing customers inside and outside Japan with insurance products that lead to safety driving and fewer accidents in addition to insurance products for reducing economic burden on customers, which meet a variety of other needs.

<Principal Products/Services>

Telematics-based Automobile Insurance

This is the first automobile insurance policy in Japan that reflects in its premiums the degree to which policyholders have engaged in safety driving each month as measured by driving data obtained through telematics technology. Holders of this policy have seen a lower accident frequency than customers using our Tough Automobile Insurance, highlighting the effect the new policy has had on preventing traffic accidents.


TOUGH Connected Automobile Insurance (Japanese only)

Began the sales of Thailand’s first automobile insurance linked to driving distance (TOYOTA Care PAYD) (Japanese only)

First telematics automobile insurance launched in Europe by a Japanese non-life insurer (ADI) (Japanese only)

One-day automobile insurance policies

We have begun offering automobile insurance allowing persons with no car of their own to obtain one-day policies when driving cars borrowed from acquaintances or others.


Number of 1-Day Insurance policies tops 5 million! (Japanese only)

1-Day Insurance (MSI) (Japanese only)

One-day Supporter (ADI) (Japanese only)

Automobile insurance for truck convoys operating with unmanned trailing vehicles

Verification testing of truck convoy operations on highways has been undertaken with the aim of making practical use of fully self-driving trucks in future. However, convoys operating with unmanned trailing vehicles pose certain unconventional risks for which we have developed a new automobile insurance.


Developed an automobile insurance for truck convoys operating with unmanned trailing vehicles (Japanese only)

Coverage for accidents while cycling

In light of the rising amounts of compensation being sought in the wake of accidents as well as due to other social circumstances, we provide insurance that covers cyclist’s liability for damages and injuries.


Net de Hoken@Cycle, bicycle insurance for traffic injuries (MSI) (Japanese only)

TOUGH Injury Insurance (ADI) (Japanese only)

[External Evaluation]

The concept of preventing traffic accidents by providing “safety driving incentives (discounts)” and “security and safety services” was well-received by the judges and as a result we were given the 2018 Good Design