Due to the effects of climate change, natural disasters such as heavy rains, floods and cyclones have been increasing in severity and it is an urgent issue to mitigate damage due to natural disasters and financial loss.
MS&AD Insurance Group committed to supporting preparation against automobile accidents, natural disasters, major earthquakes, and infection outbreaks, including COVID-19, by such means as risk visualization and provision of solutions based on data analysis and AI in order to contribute to realization of a safe and secure society.

Research and Results through Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration in Relation to loss prevention and reduction

In order to build a safe and secure society, we are conducting joint research with government agencies and universities on loss prevention/mitigation, and providing new services as a result of this research.

Loss prevention and reduction system for local governments “Loss Prevention Dashboard”

Developed “Loss Prevention Dashboard” for local governments, which clearly and centrally visualizes real-time weather data in relation to disaster risks, flood prediction data at leastmore than 30 hours aheadin advance, and post-disaster damage estimation using AI, and supports regional loss prevention/mitigation.


Launched a new loss prevention/mitigation and reduction support system through “Weather/Disaster Data x AI” (in Japanese only)

Real-time loss prediction website, cmap.dev

Publicly available cmap.dev website, conceived from industry-academia joint research by Aon Group Japan and Yokohama National University, can predict the potential number of buildings damaged by typhoon, heavy rain, or earthquake. The website can be accessed from any device, computer or smartphone, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It provides forecasts for each municipality of the potential number of buildings damaged and the rate of damage caused prior to typhoon (up to 7 days before landfall), and immediately after heavy rain or earthquake strikes. The website can also display flood, landslide and tsunami hazard maps as well as information on warning levels (equivalent to 3, 4, 5), evacuation areas and shelters nationwide.
In August 2020, the cmap.dev website function which sends out emergency information in the event of a disaster was released as an app.
In June 2021, a function was added to display social media information relating to weather, disasters and lifelines, analyzed by AI, on the cmap.dev website.
In August 2021, evacuation information was expanded with a function for visualizing congestion information on evacuation shelters in some local governments.
And, in March 2022, barrier-free information which can be utilized for safe, secure and convenient evacuation in the event of a disaster was added to the app.


Real-time loss prediction website, cmap.dev(in Japanese only)

WheeLog barrier-free information added to loss prediction/mitigation platform, cmap.dev(in Japanese only)

Evacuation insurance plan

Through a joint research project with the Prefectural University of Hiroshima on an approach to evacuation in the event of a natural disaster, the “Evacuation Insurance Plan” was provided; this consists of summarized effective support measures for establishing a scheme, which enables rapid evacuation of persons requiring support* in the event of disasters.

*Elderly and disabled persons, etc. who have difficulty evacuating themselves or living in evacuation shelters.


Started providing “evacuation insurance plan” to support development of an evacuation scheme when disaster occurs. (in Japanese only)

Service Utilizing Data Analysis or AI for Risk Assessment/Analysis and Mitigation of Natural Disaster Risks

Services for Assessment and Analysis of Natural Disaster Risks

As natural disasters continue to increase in frequency, it has become an important management issue for companies to prepare for such emergencies. We support resilient business activities by providing services to assess and analyze the risks of various natural disasters.

<Principal Approaches>

Natural disaster hazard information survey

Identification of location risks for companies and other organizations through comprehensive collection and organization of hazard information on earthquakes, wind and water disasters, volcanic eruptions, lightning strikes, snow accumulation, and more.

Flood disaster countermeasure support service

(1) Assessing inundation risks by identifying locations with a high risk of inundation based on hazard maps
(2) Simulations to evaluate inundation conditions in the vicinity of target sites with a fine mesh
(3) Training simulated for before and past wind and water disasters hit.
(4) Comprehensive support menu consisting of advice and support for simulated training on identifying dangerous areas through on-site checks, implementation of countermeasures and other actions

Sediment-related disaster risk diagnosis

Simulations of slope failures at individual sites based on largest recorded and potential largest rainfall scenarios are used for risk assessments

Wind disaster risk diagnosis

A 3D model is prepared using 3D CAD based on drawings and exterior photographs and a report including visualized wind load on the building and wind flow during strong winds is submitted, with the surrounding terrain and buildings taken into consideration. In order to reduce the damage caused by strong winds, it can be used to examine measures for buildings and outdoor equipment that should be taken daily.

Collective confirmation system for flood disaster risk information

Providing a website that enables automatic judgments on the timing of various responses and decisions (warning stage judgments) by acquiring various types of information related to water disasters at multiple sites collectively and in real time.

Volcanic eruption measures service

In line with the 2021 revision of the Hazard Map of Mt. Fuji, which had not been revised for about seven years, a service was launched to comprehensively support identification of risks relating to volcanic eruption, emergency responses, business continuity measures, training in normal times, etc.


Launch of service relating to volcanic eruption measures

[Service for Mitigating Natural Disaster Risks]

We are providing a service to support preparation against natural disasters and implementation of safe and secure actions when they occur.

Weather information alert service

In collaboration with Weather News Co., Ltd., the largest weather information company in Japan, we provide policyholders of corporate fire insurance (Property Master, Business Keeper), construction insurance (Business Construction Guard), liability insurance (Business Protector), or transport insurance (Full Line, Support One) with the following services for free:
・Customers can use an exclusive website to access at any time weather information and forecasts for up to five preset locations
・Customers can select locations that are to be monitored and alert e-mail messages are sent out to customer-stipulated e-mail addresses when, for instance, rainfall, wind speed or snowfall forecasts exceed predetermined values or when lightning strikes have been observed within a predetermined distance from monitored locations.

Preparing against natural disasters

In response to growing customer interest in flood and earthquake compensation due to the more frequent occurrence of natural disasters in recent years, we are now proposing “preparing” against natural disasters. We are promoting initiatives to remind customers of the importance of “being prepared,” not only after but also before a disaster occurs.

Useful smartphone apps in times of disaster

We provide smartphone apps for use during disasters and are endeavoring to help our users ensure their safety and security when large-scale natural disasters strike.
Apps are provided for anyone to use free of charge, with real-time push notifications of disaster prevention information, such as weather information and evacuation instructions, and functions that support prompt information gathering.

*Apps can be used free of charge; provided, however, that the communication fee for using the apps shall be user-paid.


Smartphone Disaster Navigator (MS) (in Japanese only)

cmap app (AD) (in Japanese only)

[Products and Services for Safe Driving and Reduction of Automobile Accidents]

Identifying and then avoiding the risks that lead to accidents is vital for preventing traffic accidents. We are providing insurance products and services which lead to accident prevention, safe driving, and reduction of accidents frequency by identifying/analyzing our customers’ driving situations, etc. utilizing telematics.

Telematics- based automobile insurance

・In January 2019, we launched the “Mimamoru” dashcam-based automobile insurance which encourages customers to drive more safely by utilizing the latest telematics technology with out our original communicable dash cameras. In addition to the video recording function that comes with the dash cams, we provide safe driving assistance warnings that alert drivers to driving conditions, as well as a “guardian service” that shares information, such as driving habits, with family members and others living apart from the driver. Furthermore, when the dash cam detects a large impact in the unlikely event of an accident, the location of the vehicle is relayed to a dedicated call center. The operator can then make contact with the driver to offer assistance such as initial accident response and dispatching a recovery vehicle to the scene. (MS) (AD)
 ・In January 2022, we launched “Mimamoru” premium dashcam-based automobile insurance with the highest standards of functions/services in the industry. This added higher functionality such as 360 degree filming and parking monitoring to functions of dashcams provided by non-life insurance companies, in addition toincluding a constant reporting function and a portability function, to increase peace of mind and safety. (MS)
・Automobile insurance that provides “Safe Driving Incentive (discount)” based on driving data obtained using telematics technology and “Service leading to safety and peace of mind” (AD)


“Mimamoru” dashcam-based automobile insurance/“Mimamoru” premium dashcam-based automobile insurance (MS) (in Japanese only)

TOUGH “Mimamoru” (AD) (in Japanese only)

Launched “Mimamoru” premium dashcam-based automobile insurance (MS) (in Japanese only)

A Japan “first” - Developed telematics automobile insurance that reflects the safety of autonomous vehicles in insurance premiums (AD) (in Japanese only)

Launch of service “Traffic Safety EBPM Support” utilizing driving data (AD)

Automobile insurance for businesses

We have developed and provide a support service to reduce the number of accidents by utilizing telematics technology to provide safety and security to businesses.


Introduced F-Dora and FOUR SAFETY for 7-Eleven's company cars (MS) (in Japanese only)

Save up to 10% on car insurance (fleet contracts) with safe driving initiatives (AD) (in Japanese only)

Assisting in Swift Post-disaster Recovery

In light of a series of large-scale disasters, our Group is working to facilitate swift claims settlement. We are also accelerating digital transformation and endeavoring to pay insurance claims promptly.

<Principal Approaches>

Damage surveys utilizing drones (unmanned aerial vehicles)

In conducting damage surveys in areas inaccessible by road due to flooding or landslides or of solar panels spread out over an extensive area, we analyze aerial images taken by drones to quickly assess the degree of damage

Business partnership toward loss prevention/mitigation and reduction utilizing aerial photography and swift claims settlement

Business partnership regarding verification tests/joint research aimed at loss prevention/mitigationdisaster prevention and reduction solutions utilizing aerial photography and more timely claims settlement.
Through partnership with GIC (Geospatial Insurance Consortium), a provider of aerial photography and geospatial data, we are working to develop new solutions that will contribute to loss prevention/mitigationdisaster prevention and reduction utilizing aerial photographs and accelerate claims settlement.


Business partnership toward loss prevention/mitigationdisaster prevention and reduction utilizing aerial photography and swift claims settlement

Operational automation with software robots

Using robotic processing automation for operations such as registering accident claims received via a dedicated website and confirming contract information, and automating the simple administrative tasks, we have developed a system that allows us to assign more personnel to higher value-added work, such as customer service and damage surveys during large-scale disasters.

Off-site damage survey caused by natural disaster

We have started carrying out damage investigations remotely with appraisers, etc. working via video connection. With the pandemic, people are required more than ever to avoid situations such as closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings, and it is crucial to create the conditions whereby people are not gathered in areas with high rates of infection. This survey conducted remotely can minimize the risk of infection with customers and employees.


New natural disaster response system to prevent spread of COVID-19 (AD) (in Japanese only)

Support for early disaster certificate issuance in the event of a flood disaster

In light of increased severity and frequency of natural disasters, we have initiated a service to help local governments take actions in relation to the victims’ life reconstruction support system: in particular, prompt issuing of disaster certificates and working efficiently to deliver the certificates in order to support early resettlement for disaster victims.


Industry “first” - Start of a supporting service for victims’ life reconstruction support in the event of a flood disaster (MS)

Nationwide deployment of support in applying disaster certificates through fire insurance claims settlement (AD)

Response to COVID-19 Risks

In addition to reviewing the conventional scope of our insurance coverage, we are providing various products and services responding to the coronavirus in light of various social changes that are likely to arise with a new way of life during and after the pandemic.

<Major Products/Services and Principal Approaches>

Support to formulate a BCP in preparation for infectious disease risk

We have developed and started providing an Infectious Disease BCP (Business Continuity Plan) Creation Support Tool for small and medium-sized businesses. We also provide lecturers to do workshops on creating a BCP and individual consultations on infectious disease BCP.