MS&AD Insurance Group Medium-Term Management Plan (2018~2021)
Vision 2021
Towards a resilient and sustainable society

Our Aspirations: (1) Qualitative Targets



Our Aspirations: (2) Quantitative Targets

  • Net income of JPY 470-500 billion on an IFRS basis and stable realization of adjusted ROE of 10% or higher by FY2025

*1.Net profit on IFRS basis ÷ (Net assets on IFRS basis - Unrealized gain/loss from strategic equity holdings)
(Since, under IFRS, gain/loss on sale of strategic equity holdings is no longer included in net profit, unrealized gain/loss from strategic equity holdings is excluded from net assets to align the denominator (net assets) and numerator (net profit) used to calculate ROE.)


*2.Group Adjusted Profit ÷ average of beginning and end amounts on BS of adjusted net assets (consolidated net assets + balance of catastrophe reserves etc. -  balance of goodwill and other intangible fixed assets)


Basic Strategies and Foundations Supporting Basic Strategies

  • Our basic strategies for realizing our aspiration of becoming a "corporate group that supports a resilient and sustainable society" are "Value (value creation)," "Transformation (business reforms)" and "Synergy (demonstration of group synergy)."
  • "Sustainability," "Quality," "Human Resources" and "ERM" are the foundations supporting the basic strategies.

Basic Strategy: Value (Value Creation)

Basic Strategy: Transformation (Business Reforms)



Basic Strategy: Synergy (Demonstration of Group Synergy)



Foundation Initiatives: Sustainability

  • Aim to solve social issues that are important both for stakeholders and for the Company, and focus on the three priority issues
  • Implement initiatives with stakeholders to achieve net zero by 2050

Foundation Initiatives: Quality

  • Earn trust from society and customer satisfaction, to support the execution of strategies

Foundation Initiatives: Human Resources

  • Secure human resources to support the execution of strategies and also develop an environment for their active participation and career advancement


Foundation Initiatives: ERM

  • Allocate management resources in such a way that strikes the right balance between risk, returns and capital by using the ERM cycle

Capital Strategy

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