In order to realize a resilient and sustainable society, it is necessary to identify social issues that prevent us from achieving our goal and deal with them. Social issues related to us as an insurance and financial services group include: various risks involving the global environment, including an increase in flooding and droughts due to climate change; a decline in social vitality due to worldwide widening inequalities; new risks including cyberattacks due to technological progress; and the increasing strain from nursing/medical care associated with the aging population. Undertaking efforts to resolve these social issues aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that the United Nations set in 2015.

To realize its management philosophy (mission), the MS&AD Insurance Group will continue to create shared value through its corporate activities that implement its “Story of Value Creation” in order to realize a resilient and sustainable society. The Group will strive to achieve the best outcomes so as to live up to the trust and expectations of society, and, together with stakeholders, it will contribute to building of a society where everybody can live a stable life and engage in dynamic business activities while preserving the natural environment of the earth and the sustainability of the society.

Products and Services that Contribute to SDGs

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are based on a recognition of the natural limits of the Earth. Social and economic issues are closely intertwined in the SDGs, and it is crucially important to work on these goals with an integrated approach. The MS&AD Insurance Group is contributing to the achievement of the SDGs by providing risk consulting services, insurance and other services for safety and security from a multifaceted perspective centered on sustainability.

Deal with New Risks

The risks facing society have become more diverse and complicated. For realizing stable lives and dynamic business activities, it is important to identify the risks beforehand in order to prevent them from occurring and be vigilant just in case. With this goal in mind, we provide products and services that meet the various needs of customers.

Create mobility society without accidents

For everyone to be able to enjoy mobility in a safe and secure way, security measures to prevent accidents are required. We are undertaking efforts to reduce traffic accidents through the use of telematics technology in smartphones, the conduct of traffic safety activities in coordination with local communities, and the provision of services to support safe driving initiatives by corporations.

Strive for Resilient Community Development

To support safety and security in people’s day-to-day lives, it is vital to predict the kinds of risks they will be exposed to in the event of natural disasters or other emergencies that might occur and to develop community preparedness in anticipation of such emergency situations. Regional revitalization that anticipates changes in society, including the aging population, is also an indispensable issue for regional resilience. Based on the know-how that we have cultivated thus far and the large amounts of data that we own, we will develop resilient communities through insurance and other future-focused services.

Support “Good Health and Longevity”

In our rapidly aging society, an increase in the cost of nursing care and other medical expenses has become a major issue, and measures to prevent diseases and promote health are required. Moreover, new opportunities are emerging thanks to the improvements in medicine and medical technology, and it is also our mission to deal with them.

Contribute to Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

The present status of global warming and biodiversity shows that global sustainability is threatened. As a business operator that provides risk solutions, we will deal with these issues together with stakeholders by providing products and services that can contribute to the creation of a society that can adapt to climate change.

Strive to Improve Sustainability of Natural Capital

Our lives and economic activities are built on the blessings of nature (ecosystem services) that are founded biodiversity. Business models, including in the private sector, that give consideration to biodiversity support the sustainability of the entire society. It can be said that the 17 Sustainable Development Goals will be achieved only after the four base goals related to natural capital and a stable climate system are achieved. The MS&AD Insurance Group will strive to build, maintain and utilize sustainable links between natural capital and business activities.

Work Toward the Realization of “Leaving No One Behind”

A decline in the vitality of local communities will not only result in depopulation and the diminishment of social services, but will also lead to other issues, such as overpopulation in urban areas. To revitalize local economies, we believe it is necessary to promote local industries and develop community-based small and medium-sized enterprises. We also pay attention to social issues in developing countries.