Based on Our Mission that "we will contribute to the development a vibrant society and a sound future for the earth by bringing security and safety through the global insurance and financial services business", we will work to enhance corporate value and contribute the creation of a sustainable and resilient society.

Supporting Preparations for Handling Risks and Providing Safety and Security

Accident Prevention, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Risks to our society are diversifying and becoming more complex. Whether or not we can recognize risks ahead of time and guard against their occurrence, or prepare for the worst possible scenarios, is a major issue for us as in our attempts to lead stable lives and conduct active business activities. We offer products that meet the diverse needs of customers and services related to accident prevention, as well as disaster prevention and mitigation.     

Response to Climate Change

The situation of global warming and biodiversity indicate that the sustainability of the world is on the verge of a crisis. The MS&AD Insurance Group works on those issues by providing products and services to secure "a sound future for the earth" with our stakeholders.     

Response to Aging Society

The burden of nursing care and increases in medical fees are becoming large issues as our society continues to age. Measures are needed that can stave off disease and promote health. New risks are appearing alongside improvements to medicine and medical technology. It is our mission to respond to those risks.     

Development of Local Communities

Declining vibrancy of local communities not only causes depopulation and lack of social services but also leads to various other issues such as overpopulation in urban areas. We think that stimulation of local industries and development of community-based small- and medium-sized companies are necessary for the revitalization of local economies. We are also focusing on social issues of developing countries.     

Practicing Responsible Investment to Contribute to Resolving Social Issues

Practicing Responsible Investment to Contribute to Resolving Social Issues

The MS&AD Insurance Group supports and became a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) Initiative. The Group is working on implementing Japan’s Stewardship Code and investment activities with consideration given to ESG issues.