Adequate capacity derived from scale

Groupwide(No. 8 in the world)

Domestic Non-Life Insurance Business

The insurance group most chosen by customers in Japan

No. 1 Share

No. 1 share in all lines of business in Japan

Sources: Prepared by MS&AD based on publicly announced information from each insurance company and data from the General Insurance Association of Japan.

* MS&AD figures are simple sums of figures for MSI, ADI, Mitsui Direct General, and au Insurance Company
* Figures for other insurance groups are simple sums of non-consolidated figures for domestic companies in each group.
* Figures are presented exclusive of the Good Results Return premiums of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance’s proprietary “ModoRich” automobile insurance product, which contains a special clause for premium adjustment and refund at maturity (same hereinafter).

No. 1 Underwriting profit

*Figures for MS&AD are the simple sum of the non-consolidated figures for MSI and ADI; simple sum of non-consolidated group figures excluding direct insurance companies of each group
Source: Prepared by MS&AD based on the publicly announced information from each company

The largest sales / customer base in Japan

We are pursuing competitive advantages of scale based on our powerful non-life insurance sales channels covering multiple market segments and our nationwide sales/claims support (service) network. See P. 14 for details.

Domestic Life Insurance Business

No. 8 in premiums income among domestic life insurance companies/groups

No. 8 among 29 companies and groups

Source: Prepared by MS&AD based on the publicly announced information from each company
*Values for groups are calculated based on the non-consolidated sums of each group company

No. 1 Net income among life insurance companies under non-life insurance groups

International Business

No. 1 in gross written premiums in the ASEAN region

With global business expansion to 46 countries and regions*1, especially in Asia, and as the world’s only global non-life insurance group with a presence in all 10 ASEAN countries, the Group maintains the No. 1 presence for gross written premiums in the ASEAN region.

* 1 Excludes SLI Cayman Limited (financial services business) in the Cayman Islands

Source: Prepared by MS&AD based on the publicly announced corporate information from each country and region (reinsurance companies excluded)

*1 Simple sum ranking for FY2016 results with First Capital
*2 Ranking for foreign-based insurance companies
*3 Because data for FY2016 was not publicly available, the FY2015 ranking for Laos is shown

No. 2 in Lloyd's Insurance Market

As the Group's U.K.-based insurance holding company, MS Amlin is a principal player as a syndicate*2 with Lloyd's of London*3, the world's most-influential insurance market, where it is ranked second (among 95 syndicates) with respect to gross written premiums

*2 *3 See Terminology P. 94

Source: Lloyd’s Annual Report 2017 Based on gross written premiums for FY2017