We have established Our Mission, Our Vision and Our Values as aspirations that all Group officers and employees should prioritize in all aspects of their work, We are working to disseminate these aspirations among all the officers and employees of our company and Group companies. In addition we have established corporate governance, compliance, and risk management as priority issues within our Group Medium-Term Management Plan and we are activity promoting that plan.

Outline of the Group

Presents the outline and structure of the MS&AD Insurance Group, financial statement highlights, and the development of group business.

Corporate Governance

We have established a management framework equipped with transparency and internal checking functions, and are striving to heighten our corporate value for the purpose of long-term stability and advancement.


Each and every one of our officers and employees follows laws, regulations, and internal rules, and engages in business activities grounded in a keen sense of ethics.  

Risk Management

We have positioned risk management as a key task of the Group's management, and are taking approaches to ensure our ability to fulfill our responsibilities to all of our stakeholders.

Information Security

The Company has established the MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy on Information Security Management, appointed a Group Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and is building and strengthening its information security for the entire group.

Information Disclosure

We thoroughly put the disclosure rules in practice as set forth by the Financial Instruments Exchange and are disclosing information so that respective stakeholders can have a correct understanding of the true status without delay. 

The Medium-Term Management Plan “Vision 2021”

Our medium-term management plan, “Vision2021,” which commenced in fiscal 2018, aims for a “resilient, sustainable society” by 2030, and works toward realizing this by developing the MS&AD Insurance Group Value Creation Story with the entire group.