The MS & AD Insurance Group's business model, "The Story of Value Creation," is centered on the insurance business, a highly public business that solves social issues and provides value to society. At the same time, we ourselves pursue the value of sales and profits.
As an insurance and financial service provider, our Group anticipate a wide range of risks, including accidents and disasters, and provides coverage in the event of an emergency based on our concept of sustainability. In addition, in order to lessen the occurrence of risks, we commit to solving social issues that cause risks. We will realize the creation of common value with society through our activities by identifying and communicating risks, preventing the emergence of risks and reducing their impact, and reducing economic burdens. This is our Group's business model.



Our Aim: The Group which Supports a Resilient and Sustainable Society

In its medium-term management plan (2022 – 2025), the Group aims to be a "Group which supports a resilient and sustainable society" that will grow together with society by contributing to the resolution of social issues as a platform for risk solutions based on our story of value creation.
To put our Group's management concept into practice, we will support the creation of a surroundings where customers can live and conduct business activities with peace of mind by addressing social issues and providing products and services based on our company's business model.


Identifying Materiality

Our group selects social issues that need to be resolved, taking into account common global goals and international guidelines and frameworks. It then evaluates the impact on stakeholder's decision-making and the impact on our Group's business, and identifies those that are of greater importance to both parties as our materialities.

[STEP 1] Analysis of social issues

In order to accurately grasp the issues that society needs to solve, we have identified social issues based on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Plans), ISO 26000, international guidelines, frameworks, reports, etc., which are common global goals.


Social issues are extracted from the following.

Issues that must be addressed internationally (Global Risk Report, SDGs, etc.)

Issues specified by international guidelines requiring companies to respond to and disclose information (ISO 26000, GRI Standard, SASB, DJSI, CDP, etc.) *

Issues identified in reports published by domestic government agencies and national and international organizations (Relevant Ministries, Non-Life Insurance Associations, Swiss Re Sigma Report, etc.)


[STEP 2] Identification of priority issues

With regard to our group's business activities aimed at resolving social issues, we analyzed items that have a significant impact on stakeholder evaluations and decision-making, and items that have a significant impact on our group's long-term risks and opportunities. We identified three priority issues that are of high importance to both stakeholders and our company *.


*In evaluating our stakeholders, we use surveys of customers and agents, dialogues with shareholders, dialogues with investors and lenders, and employee engagement to investigate and analyze social issues that need to be resolved and expectations for our company.

[STEP 3] Main Initiatives for the Priority Issues

These three priority issues are recognized as our challenges for CSV (Creating Shared Value) in order to clarify our intention to address them as initiatives that create value for both society and the Group. Main initiatives are as follows. Furthermore, the goals that we aim to achieve through solving these issues are aligned with SDGs.

Priority Issues

[STEP 4] Board approval

Materiality assessment results and the Priority Sustainability Issues of the Medium-term Management Plan are signed off by Board of Directors, and are disclosed to stakeholders through information sharing meetings and to employees through briefing sessions.

Targets and Results

We have set Key Performance Indicators (KPI) targets to promote Sustainability initiatives.

Impacts of CSV Initiatives

We estimate both the “impact on society” and the “economic impact on our Group” from CSV initiatives.

ESG Integration

The MS&AD Insurance Group has established its sustainability approach, which it upholds as a collection of strategies for ESG issues. In all of its corporate activities, including the development and provision of products and services and investments and loans, the Group takes sustainability into account, including factors such as environment, society, and corporate governance (ESG).

Management Structure

Strategies and plans for sustainability-related initiatives are discussed at the Board of Directors meetings and quarterly Committee Meetings. The Sustainability Committee comprises of members that include presidents, officers in charge of planning and risk management, outside directors of the Company and the Group's domestic insurance companies, and discusses considerations for sustainability issue in all business activities. The details of the Sustainability Committee’s discussions are reported to the Board of Directors and the Management Committee.