Aiming for realization of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, our Group is actively promoting initiatives to reduce burdens on the environment in our own business activities, including one aimed at reducing GHGs, through our proprietary environmental management system, MS&AD Green Earth Project, under the MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy on the Environment.

Environmental Management

We are actively promoting environmental initiatives through our proprietary environmental management system under the MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy on the Environment.

【MS&AD Green Earth Project】

“MS&AD Green Earth Project” is the collective, unifying name for our various Group-wide environment-related initiatives under the themes of conservation/restoration of natural environments, environmental burden reduction, disaster prevention and reduction, and regional revitalization.


All companies in the MS&AD Group

Promotion Structure and Roles

At the MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings is promoted by the Sustainability Department, including the executive in charge of the Sustainability Division, which has a promotion secretariat and a general secretary responsible for planning, setting annual targets for, and promoting environmental initiatives of the company and our entire Group, and for managing their progress. We report the setting of targets, progress, summaries, etc. to the director in charge as appropriate, and we use the reviews to improve our initiative.


The promotion secretariat holds quarterly meetings to check progress.


Environmental education is provided annually to all Group employees through e-learning. In addition, study sessions and training for directors and employees are held as appropriate to raise employee awareness.

Compliance with laws and regulations

In order to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations related to our business activities, we check the relevant environmental laws and regulations and inspect the status of compliance with environmental laws and regulations on an annual basis.

Reducing GHG Emissions

MS&AD has signed the Paris Pledge for Action to contribute to climate change mitigation. In May 2021, we revised our medium- to long-term targets for reducing GHG emissions to net zero by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement "Pursuing efforts to keep global temperature increases well below 2°C and aiming to keep it below 1.5°C from pre-industrial levels." We have also set new targets for our use of renewable energy. As a global insurance and financial organization, all companies in our Group are actively working to reduce GHG emissions, including through our supply chains.

Reducing Electricity, Gasoline and Paper Consumption, etc.

By reducing business-related commuting and office space requirements through operational reforms such as remote working, Web-conferencing, and telecommuting, we are lowering our organization’s consumption of electricity, gasoline and paper. We will make further reductions in these areas through measures such as introducing state-of-the-art energy-saving equipment in our own buildings, installing solar panels, replacing current company cars with more fuel-efficient vehicles, better managing expenses, and green purchasing. We are also working to reduce waste by promoting recycling and thorough separation of waste generated in buildings, which also contributes to reducing Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions.

Initiatives to Promote Circular Economy

The concept of a circular economy, which creates added value by treating what has previously been waste in economic activities as resources and effectively utilizing and recycling it, is becoming important.
In addition to the water cycle that filters and reuses rainwater, the entire Group is working to promote the circular economy, including efforts at the Surugadai Building of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance to contribute to urban flood mitigation, efforts at the Tokorozawa Building of Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance to introduce office chairs made from recycled ocean plastic waste (plastic resource recycling), and Group-wide efforts to reduce plastics use and raise awareness of ocean plastic issues.

Initiatives to be Promoted in Cooperation with Our Stakeholders

Our initiatives for reducing our impact on the environment are also promoted in conjunction with our customers and key business partners. We, together with our stakeholders, will aim at contributing to realization of a sustainable society.

Renewal of our dedicated Web page for policyholders

In October 2023, we renewed our dedicated Web page for policyholders; significantly reducing the effort required for customers to register for use, and we have also been digitizing, step-by-step, the process for notifications, which were previously sent out by postal mail. We are promoting paperless initiatives in collaboration with customers.


-Strengthening digital contact points and contributing to net-zero emissions through paperless processes- Substantial renewal of our dedicated website for policyholders (MSI, ADI) (in Japanese only)

Paperless initiatives for policies and clauses

We are encouraging use of paperless insurance policies and policy clauses. Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, and Mitsui Sumitomo Primary Life Insurance make donations to environmental conservation activities, etc. based on the progress of each initiative.


MS&AD Green Earth Project/ Eco-insurance policies and Web clauses (MSI) (in Japanese only)

Paperless insurance policies and Web clauses (ADI) (in Japanese only)

Web clauses (MSA) (in Japanese only)

Web clauses and notification regarding policy status (MSP) (in Japanese only)

e-Service (Non-issuance of Policies) Endorsement (MD) (in Japanese only)

Initiatives to promote EVs

With regard to environment-friendly Electric Vehicles (EVs), we are promoting expansion of the EV maintenance network through partnerships with relevant automotive manufacturers.

Support for Certification under EcoAction 21

We have provided a program to obtain certification under the EcoAction 21 environmental management system advocated by the Ministry of the Environment to our agents and small and medium-sized corporate clients.

Eco-maintenance and Eco-inspection

We are promoting the dissemination of eco-maintenance and eco-vehicle inspections through Advance Club, an agent organization centering on the automobile maintenance industry. Eco-friendly vehicle maintenance and inspection uses maintenance technologies primarily to clean the engine’s combustion chambers by special methods (engine cleaning) thereby reducing toxic gas emissions, improving fuel efficiency and helping to reduce GHG emissions by reducing fuel use.

Eco-Safety Driving

We prepare and propose support tools to promote Eco-Safety Driving, an eco-friendly approach designed to reduce fuel costs and vehicle accidents.

Recycled parts

We promote the use of recycled automobile parts to repair vehicles in the event of an accident.


We offer a special endorsement that gives customers a 5% discount on vehicle insurance premiums when they opt at the time of contract to repair their vehicle in the event of an accident using recycled parts. (ADI)

Environmental Conservation Initiatives within Our Group

Each company in our Group is promoting initiatives for conservation of biodiversity. We are also actively engaged in environmental conservation activities within each company and in raising awareness among employees.