Risks in modern society, such as with COVID-19 pandemic, are becoming more diversified and more complex.
In the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report released in January 2021, the high impact risks of the next decade include infectious diseases, climate action failure and other environmental risks, as well as IT infrastructure breakdown.
COVID-19 in particular has kick started a rise in digitalization in people’s lives, e-commerce, online education, and remote work. This trend is expected to continue after the pandemic making preparations for a new way of life ever more important.
The MS&AD Insurance Group believes that forecasting, preventing, and suitably managing new risks is essential for stable livelihoods and dynamic business activities, and we will provide products and services that address these concerns as well as products and services that address diversifying customer needs. Through examination and research in support of innovation, we will do our part in realizing a sustainable society and economic development.

Providing Information and Conducting Research and Studies on Diverse Risks

We offer information, research, and studies that are effective for identifying and assessing risks, including surveys on continuously evolving technologies and environment as well as research on the utilization of big data.

<Representative Initiatives>

Joint research and development of cybersecurity diagnostic services

In collaboration with Vdoo, we have started providing cybersecurity diagnostic services for IoT devices with the knowledge that such devices will become indispensable in daily lives and business activities.


Joint research and development of cybersecurity diagnostic services in collaboration with Vdoo (in Japanese only)

Collaborations with overseas startups

We aim to provide innovative insurance products, services and know-how through research and demonstration experiments on advanced technologies and services by collaborating with world-leading startups in the fields of Insurtech, AI, and cybersecurity.


Investment in Israeli automotive cybersecurity business, Upstream Security Ltd. (in Japanese only)

Strategic partnership with Hippo Enterprises, a U.S. InsurTech company (in Japanese only)

Increased total corporate venture capital investment limit to US$200 million ( in Japanese only)

Investment in U.S. Insurtech Company NEXTInsurance

Introduction of a building damage calculation system using AI ( in Japanese only)

Joint research with universities

We are implementing initiatives and support for the development and practical application of advanced technologies through industrial-academic partnership agreements with universities engaged in cutting-edge surveys and research useful to the next generation.

Offering of risk information/reports

We support companies to be well equipped for various risks by providing the latest practical reports and information related to corporate and organizational risk management initiatives.


InterRisk – Risk information/reports (in Japanese only)

Providing Solutions to Risks

Advances in technology and environmental change, such as the impacts of climate change and the aging population, have diversified the risks we face. To prepare for new risks, it is imperative to assess risks through reliable risk models and control the risks based on the results of the assessments. The Group provides solutions to prepare for risks through consulting done by MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting, which is capable of advanced investigation and research as well as practical consulting.

Consulting offered by MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting

A list of online and remote risk management services is also available.

BCP, Business Continuity Planning and BCM, Business Contiuity Management Transportation risks Sustainability
Natural catastrophe Fires, explosions Theft risk
Compliance, internal control Product safety, food safety Risk management and crisis management public relations
ERM, Enterprise Risk Management D&O risks, legal risks, customer satisfaction and complaints Cyber risks and information security
Safety culture and occupational health and safety Personnel and organizational risks Medical and welfare risks
Measures against new strains of influenza and COVID-19 Due diligence for real estate Health management and support for work/life balance
Mental health Next-generation mobility verification (autonomous driving and MaaS / drones and autonomous delivery robots) Cargo accident consulting on cargo handling sites

Providing Products and Services that Address Various Risks

We offer products and services that address the diversifying risks to meet the needs of our customers.

<Main Products and Services>

Addressing cyber risk

・Group companies cooperate closely in the area of cyber risk to develop a comprehensive service.
・Consulting service by MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting to offer one-stop support for companies to build a multi-layered system to protect against risks.
・Providing cyber insurance policy holders with a point of contact for inquiries regarding cybersecurity-related problems to help business’ safe and smooth operations.


Launched a cyber risk diagnostics service for new small or medium size businesses (in Japanese only)

Launched “Bouken Cyber” , the next-generation endpoint detection and response (EDR) + management security service (in Japanese only)

Set up cybersecurity call center (in Japanese only)

Launched targeted e-mail training service that applies behavioral economics (in Japanese only)

Preparing for a new way of life

・Coverages for various kinds of risks such as information leakage due to cyberattacks, property damages or theft of business computer and labor management for companies promoting telecommuting.
・Coverages for the risk of system breach from cyberattack or risk of information leakage with third-parties eavesdropping on meetings, threats which companies face when using web conferencing tools
・Coverages for the risk of companies selling laptops and tablets to local governments to realize the GIGA School Concept (covers expenses incurred with a warranty system for the repair or replacement of damaged or broken laptops and tablets being sold)


Launch of the Comprehensive Telecommuting Compensation Plan (in Japanese only)

Cyber insurance for using web conferencing tools (in Japanese only)

Launch of the GIGA school concept compensation plan for sales operators (in Japanese only)

RisTech based supplier data analysis service

In May 2019, we commenced a new service that visualizes and optimizes the risks faced by companies by using big data to help solve problems.


MSI and Accenture launch new RisTech (risk technology) service (in Japanese only)

Global digital hubs opened

The Group has opened global digital hubs in Tokyo, Singapore, London, Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley as centers for promoting digitalization around the world.
In Singapore we promote digitalization in the Asian retail market and hold partnership with banks and other such platforms. The London hub promotes digitalization in the corporate market and verify solutions to our business problems, mainly in data analysis. Tel Aviv has built up expertise in verification and collection of advanced technologies in Israel, which has its own ecosystem. Silicon Valley is discovering and investing in startups equipped with advanced technologies to explore new business models.
Opened in April 2019, the Tokyo hub was renewed in May 2021 as a center for promoting innovation based on a new way of life with and after COVID-19. As well as effectively encouraging employees to create and realize new ideas by providing opportunities to interact with innovative players and disseminating advanced information, the hub is working to develop employees who are independently making initiatives to promote digitalization and to spread measures for promoting digitalization.