The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have economic and social impacts globally.
Industries and societies are being rapidly digitized, giving rise to a surge in online exchanges, electronic commerce transactions, online education, a shift to remote working, and in the number of platforms which accelerate these trends. This has driven significant change in our society. Improvement of digital safety and preparation for a new way of life are becoming increasingly important. In the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report released in January 2022, expansion of infection and failures of cybersecurity measures are ranked higher among the short-term risks, as are the harmful effects of technological advancement among the long-term risks.
The MS&AD Insurance Group believes that forecasting, preventing, and suitably managing new risks accompanying advances in innovation and in changes in industrial structure, etc. are essential to ensure stable livelihoods and dynamic business activities. We intend to carry out research regarding new risks, and to provide products and services that address these risks, thereby contributing to realization of a safe and secure society (Resilience).

Providing Research and Information on New Risks

We offer information and carry out, research that are effective for identifying and assessing risks, including surveys on evolving technologies and environment, and research on the utilization of big data.

<Representative Initiatives>

Collaborations with overseas startups

We aim to provide innovative insurance products, services and know-how through research and demonstration experiments on advanced technologies and services in collaboration with world-leading startups in the fields of cybersecurity, etc.


Investment in Israeli automotive cybersecurity business, Upstream Security Ltd. (MSI) (in Japanese only)

Joint research with universities

We are implementing initiatives and support for the development and practical application of advanced technologies through industrial-academic partnership agreements with universities engaged in cutting-edge surveys and research useful to the next generation.

Offering of risk information/reports

We support companies to be well equipped for various risks by providing the latest practical reports and information related to corporate and organizational risk management initiatives.


InterRisk – Risk information/reports (in Japanese only)

Providing Solutions to Risks

Advances in technology and environmental change, such as the impacts of climate change and the aging population, have diversified the risks we face. To prepare for new risks, it is imperative to assess risks through reliable risk models and control the risks based on the results of the assessments. Our Group provides solutions to prepare for risks through consulting done by MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting, which is capable of advanced investigation and research as well as practical consulting.

Consulting offered by MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting

A list of online and remote risk management services is also available.

BCP, Business Continuity Planning and BCM, Business Contiuity Management Transportation risks Sustainability
Natural catastrophe Fires, explosions Theft risk
Compliance, internal control Product safety, food safety Risk management and crisis management public relations
ERM, Enterprise Risk Management D&O risks, legal risks, customer satisfaction and complaints Cyber risks and information security
Safety culture and occupational health and safety Personnel and organizational risks Medical and welfare risks
Measures against new strains of influenza and COVID-19 Due diligence for real estate Health management and support for work/life balance
Mental health Next-generation mobility verification (autonomous driving and MaaS / drones and autonomous delivery robots) Cargo accident consulting on cargo handling sites

Support for Research and Development of Next-generation Mobility Services

The MS&AD Group is participating in research and collaboration initiatives in cooperation with other industries, local government bodies, etc. with the aim of implementing new mobility services and developing new insurance products and services that match those mobility services.

<Principal Approaches>

Providing Products and Services that Address New Risks

To meet the needs of our customers, we offer products and services that address the risks occurring in line with social changes.

<Main Products and Services>

Addressing cyber risk

・Group companies cooperate closely in the area of cyber risk to develop a comprehensive service.
・Consulting service by MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting to offer one-stop support for companies to build a multi-layered system to protect against risks.
・Provision of a menu of services to offer, through both insurance products and services, comprehensive support for countermeasures against cyberattacks perpetrated on not only individual companies but also entire supply chains.


Launched a comprehensive support menu for supply chain countermeasures against cyberattacks. (in Japanese only)

Launched “Bouken Cyber”, the next-generation endpoint detection and response (EDR) + management security service (in Japanese only)

Launched targeted e-mail training service that applies behavioral economics (in Japanese only)

Set up cybersecurity call center (MSI, ADI) (in Japanese only)

Preparing for a new way of life

・Coverages for various kinds of risks such as information leakage due to cyberattacks, property damages or theft of business computer and labor management for companies promoting telecommuting.
・Coverages for the risk of companies selling laptops and tablets to local governments to realize the GIGA School Concept (covers expenses incurred with a warranty system for the repair or replacement of damaged or broken laptops and tablets being sold)
・Coverage targeting providers of streaming delivery services for risks such as refunding of fees due to delivery failure caused by equipment defects in the streaming of online concerts, online sporting events, online tours, etc.
・Coverage targeting exhibitors of digital artworks for damage sustained when their owner information is falsified through unauthorized access by a third party.


Launch of the Comprehensive Telecommuting Compensation Plan (in Japanese only)

Launch of the GIGA school concept compensation plan for sales operators (in Japanese only)

Launch of Streaming Event Cancellation Insurance [Japan “first”] Launch of Dedicated Insurance Coverage for NFT Art (MSI) (in Japanese only)

Initiatives to Prepare for Widespread Societal Adoption of the Metaverse (Virtual Space)

Actively utilizing external knowledge, we are working on initiatives aimed at development of new insurance products and services which will support economic activities in the virtual space of the “metaverse” based on intensive consideration of a future society in which realistic virtual realities created by advancing technologies will become widespread.

1. Opening “GDH Meta,” an industry-first base in the metaverse
In May 2022, we launched a project to open “GDH Meta,”an industry-first base in the metaverse. A GDH (global digital hub), is a base for global promotion of digitalization. Since starting in the U.S. in FY2018, we have so far opened six GDHs and the GDH Meta will be the seventh of its kind.
We will endeavor to create businesses in not only insurance but also in new areas, utilizing the metaverse through establishing structures such as virtual spaces and through interacting with various players both within and outside of our Group.

2. Exhibiting in the metaverse events
Our Group will promote insurance products and services for our customers who have a new sense of values through exhibiting in various events held in the metaverse.
In August 2022, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance exhibited in Virtual Market 2022 Summer, the world’s largest virtual reality event, which attracts more than a million visitors from within Japan and from overseas. For that event, we organized a booth to illustrate the revamped image of insurance for the advent of a new era.
Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance plans to exhibit in a metaverse event to be held in November 2022, where it intends to arrange events to roll out content that will communicate, based on the company’s experience, the importance of taking measures against accidents and disasters.

3. Communicating within and outside of the company, utilizing avatars
An avatar of the president of Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance was created as the first action in commencing business activities in the metaverse. That avatar now appears at every opportunity for communication within and outside of the company, enabling digital points of contact between our Group and its customers.


Launched “Metaverse Project” (MSI) (in Japanese only)

[Insustry “first”] Preparation of avatars and development of virtual spaces (metaverse) (ADI) (in Japanese only)



VR event, Avatar
VR event, Avatar