Adaptation to technological innovation and changes in lifestyles and business styles is essential to realizing a resilient and sustainable society. Construction of sustainable energy systems through efficient and smart use of distributed energy resources such as renewable energy, storage batteries, electric vehicles, and heat pumps, development of technologies for energy conservation, decarbonization, resource circulation, and biotechnology, etc., and research and development, etc. related to AI to support widespread deployment of such technologies are progressing, and risks are diversifying in response to environmental changes and social conditions.
The rapid changes in social conditions in recent years are having a major impact on our lifestyles and on the way we do business. Digitalization of industry and society is accelerating, and the number of platforms that facilitate people's online interactions, e-commerce, online education, remote work, etc. is rapidly increasing. Improving digital safety and preparing for the “new normal” is becoming increasingly important. To prepare for new risks, it is important to assess risks using reliable models and to control them based on such assessments. The MS&AD Insurance Group has been supporting transformation of society by providing new risk preparedness through activities such as collaboration with other industries, while making maximum use of the Group’s knowledge and accumulated information.

We also believe that it is important for people's lifestyle stability and for efficient business activities to predict, prevent, and appropriately manage new risks associated with progress in innovation and changes in industrial structure. We will contribute to realization of a resilient and sustainable society through providing products/services that respond to new risks.

Providing Research, Studies, Development and Information on New Risks

We offer effective information and implementation of research and investigation, such as surveys on evolving technologies and the environment, research on utilization of big data and assessment and identification of risks.

<Representative Initiatives>

Collaborations with overseas startups

We aim to provide innovative insurance products, services and know-how through research and demonstration experiments on advanced technologies and services in collaboration with world-leading startups in the fields of cybersecurity, etc.


Launched a demonstration experiment for advanced automotive cybersecurity countermeasures (MSI) (in Japanese only)

Jointly developed cybersecurity solutions for SMEs (MSI. ADI, InterRisk)(in Japanese only)

Research through participation in community

Through community participation, we securely utilize the data, services, and solutions held by each company, and consider development of new products and services that lead to improvements in women's QOL (quality of life).


Participated in the “Value Add Femtech™ Community”, a community for business co-creation and data utilization in the femtech area (MSI) (in Japanese only)

Cross-organizational project (within and outside of the company)

In respect of one of the remaining frontiers, the ocean seabed, we analyze new risks arising out of economic activities, decarbonization, and marine ecosystem conservation efforts, and promote development of insurance products and services that support development of the blue economy through a cross-organizational framework that includes both internal and external organizations.


Launched “Blue Economy Project” (MSI) (in Japanese only)

Joint research with universities

We are implementing initiatives and support for the development and practical application of advanced technologies through industrial-academic partnership agreements with universities engaged in cutting-edge surveys and research that will be useful to the next generation in relation to evolving technologies and ever-changing lifestyles.

Example initiative:

Concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement between Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance (ADI) (in Japanese only)

Offering of risk information/reports

We support companies to be well equipped for various risks by providing the latest practical reports and information related to corporate and organizational risk management initiatives.


InterRisk – Risk information/reports (in Japanese only)

Providing Solutions to Risks

To prepare for new risks, it is imperative to assess risks through reliable models and to control them based on the results of such assessments, as well as understanding the social situation and having advanced expertise in the target area. The Group provides solutions to prepare for risks through consulting done by MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting, which is capable of advanced investigation and research as well as practical consulting.

Consulting menu offered by MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting

A list of online and remote risk management services is also available.

Support for Research and Development of Next-generation Mobility Services

“Next-generation mobility” refers to different forms of transportation that utilize cutting-edge technologies, and research and development thereof has been active in recent years.
Next-generation mobility is not only changing the conventional means of transportation but is also attracting attention as a means of addressing energy issues such as utilization of renewable energy, including solar power generation. The Group is participating in research and collaboration initiatives in cooperation with other industries, local government bodies, etc. with the aim of implementing next-generation mobility services and developing new insurance products and services that match those mobility services.

<Principal Approaches>

Flying cars

Flying cars are attracting attention as the next generation of air mobility, and development and efforts to make them a reality are underway in several countries.

Example initiatives:

Business partnership to develop takeoff and landing sites for flying cars (ADI) (in Japanese only)

Participation in the Public-Private Conference for future Air Mobility (MSI)(in Japanese only)


Use of automated driving and autonomous delivery robots is attracting attention as a means of resolving regional issues including population decline, aging, and logistics and disaster prevention due to an increase in natural disasters as well as improving efficiency and labor-saving in transportation. Accordingly, various local governments and companies are accelerating efforts to commercialize autonomous drones.

Example initiatives:

Promotion of new logistics services in remote island areas using drones (MSI) (in Japanese only)

Support for verification of drones and autonomous delivery robots (InterRisk) (in Japanese only)

Providing Products and Services that Address New Risks

Use of automated driving and automatic delivery robots is attracting attention as a means of resolving regional issues including population decline, aging, and logistics and disaster prevention due to an increase in natural disasters as well as improving efficiency and labor-saving in of transportation. Accordingly, various local governments and companies are accelerating efforts to commercialize autonomous drones

Responses to new risks related to actions on climate change and nature capital are posted in the content below:

<Main Products and Services>

Addressing cyber risk

・Group companies cooperate closely in the area of cyber risk to develop a comprehensive service.
・Consulting service by MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting to offer one-stop support for companies to build a multi-layered system to protect against risks.
・Provision of a menu of services to offer, through both insurance products and services, comprehensive support for countermeasures against cyberattacks perpetrated on not only individual companies but also entire supply chains.


Launched targeted e-mail training service that applies behavioral economics (MSI, ADI, InterRisk) (in Japanese only)

Launched “Bouken Cyber”, the next-generation endpoint detection and response (EDR) + management security service (InterRisk) (in Japanese only)

Launched a comprehensive support menu for supply chain countermeasures against cyberattacks (MSI, ADI, INterRisk) (in Japanese only)

Set up cybersecurity call center (MSI, ADI) (in Japanese only)

Preparing for a new way of life

・Coverages for various kinds of risks such as information leakage due to cyberattacks, property damages or theft of business computer and labor management for companies promoting telecommuting.
・Coverages for the risk of companies selling laptops and tablets to local governments to realize the GIGA School Concept (covers expenses incurred with a warranty system for the repair or replacement of damaged or broken laptops and tablets being sold)


Launched Comprehensive Telecommuting Compensation Plan (MSI, ADI) (in Japanese only)

Launched GIGA school concept compensation plan for sales operators (MSI, ADI) (in Japanese only)

Preparing for new business activities

・Coverage for risks from launch to landing on the Moon in lunar-related business activity, which is expected to expand in the future
・Coverage targeting providers of streaming delivery services for risks such as refunding of fees due to delivery failure caused by equipment defects in the streaming of online concerts, online sporting events, online tours, etc.
・Coverage targeting exhibitors of digital artworks for damage sustained when their owner information is falsified through unauthorized access by a third party.


Developed the world's first "Lunar Insurance" to cover risks arising out of navigation to/from and landing on the Moon in collaboration with ispace, inc.(MSI) (in Japanese only)

Launch of Streaming Event Cancellation Insurance (MSI, ADI) (in Japanese only)

[Japan first] Launch of Dedicated Insurance Coverage for NFT Art (MSI) (in Japanese only)

Preparing for next-generation mobility society

Provision of insurance products and services aimed at implementation of next generation mobility services.


<Regional Revitalization x Automated Driving >Japan first! Support for safety in operation of the Level 3 remote unmanned automated mobility service (ADI, InterRisk) (in Japanese only)

Initiatives to Prepare for Widespread Societal Adoption of the Metaverse (Virtual Space)

Actively utilizing external knowledge, we are working on initiatives aimed at development of new insurance products and services which will support economic activities in the virtual space of the “metaverse” based on intensive consideration of a future society in which realistic virtual realities created by advancing technologies will become widespread.

Provision of services utilizing metaverse

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance has developed “Future Design Metaverse," whereby Tsukuba City’s underground space and heat supply facilities were reproduced and are providing content to enable cooperative consideration of a potential future energy system through Avatar, which is the alter ego of the participant.


Launched “Future Design Metaverse" service - Thinking about the future of the heat supply business around Tsukuba Station, together with members of the local community (MSI)(in Japanese only) 

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance has started development of the metaverse in the “Fortnite,” a popular online game with over 400 million registered users worldwide, together with support activities for creators aimed at establishment of insurance products/services/customer contact points, prior to the creation of a new economic zone.


[Industry “first”] Launched initiatives in “Fortnite” toward creation of a new economic zone (ADI)(in Japanese only)

Preparing for risks related to the Metaverse

While the metaverse offers business opportunities in all industries, such as unprecedented communication experiences and creation of new economic zones, and with expectations for the future growing, there are concerns about a new series of risks, such as privacy, security, legal systems, business practices, and culture. We will contribute to development of the metaverse through researching currently unknown risks that may occur in the metaverse, where remarkable technological innovation is taking place, to develop and provide insurance products and services that respond to market evolution and change.


[Japan “first”] Launched exclusive package insurance for metaverse (ADI)(in Japanese only)

Communicating within and outside of the company, utilizing avatars

As the first action in commencing business activities in the metaverse, we created an avatar of the president of Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, which has been providing digital points of contact between our Group and its customers at every opportunity for communication.


Development of data sharing platform across the Group

In order to prepare for and cope with a wide range of risks, it is essential to maximize use of the Group's knowledge and accumulated information. We convert the various data held by each group company into "pseudonymized information" so that it cannot be associated with a specific individual, and share such information using cutting-edge data virtualization technology. Virtualizing data makes it possible to share updated data in a timely manner with no need to copy data from the data storage location of each Group company to the sharing platform, and it is possible to always link the latest data quickly, enabling safe and timely sharing of data held by each company.


Developed “Group Data Sharing Platform,” to share data across the Group (Group-wide)(in Japanese only)