The risks facing society are becoming more diverse and more complex with every passing day. The World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report 2019 showed that, in line with last year’s results, environmental risks are included in the top five risks in terms of both likelihood and impact. Concerns about data fraud and cyber-attacks ranked higher for the third year in a row, with many other technical vulnerabilities also being regarded as significant risks. Also in the survey results in relation to technology were concerns about the rising risks associated with fake news and identity theft as well as privacy infringements by corporations and governments.
Changes in lifestyles may have heighted the risk of outbreaks of infectious diseases. There are also potential risks arising from accidents that occur while using new technologies and from biological threats due to artificial factors. Revolutionary technologies do lead to dramatic progress, but at the same time they require careful management and precaution.
The MS&AD Insurance Group believes that forecasting, preventing, and suitably managing new risks is essential for stable livelihoods and dynamic business activities, and we will provide products/services that address these concerns as well as products/services that satisfy diversifying customer needs. Through examination and research in support of innovation, we will do our part in realizing a sustainable society and economic development.

Providing Information and Conducting Research and Studies on Diverse Risks

We offer information, research, and studies that are effective for identifying and assessing risks, including surveys on continuously evolving technologies and environment as well as research on the utilization of Big Data.

<Principal Approaches>

Provision of risk information/reports

The magazine provides practical up-to-date reports and information on the risk management efforts of various companies and organizations, and offers preparation support for a variety of risks

Joint research with universities

Implementing efforts and support for the development and commercialization of advanced technologies through industrial-academic partnership agreements with universities engaged in cutting-edge surveys and research useful to the next generation

Providing solutions to risks

With the progress of technological development, the impacts of climate change, aging population, and changes in the environment have diversified the risks we face. To prepare for new risks, risk assessment through reliable risk models and risk control based on the results is critical. Through consulting done by MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting, which is capable of advanced investigation and research functions as well as practical consulting, our Group provides risk preparation solutions.

List of consulting services offered by MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting

Compliance, internal control Risk management D&O risks, legal risks, CS, and complaints
Product safety, food safety Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Data security, data privacy
BCP, BCM (Business Continuity Management) Risks in welfare and medicine Measures against new strains of influenza
Sustainability Natural Disaster Due diligence for real estate
Fires, explosions Risk of theft Personnel and organizational risks
Occupational health and safety Transportation risks

Provision of Goods/Services that Meet Risks

We offer products/services to cope with the changing customer needs due to diversifying risks and changes in the social environments.

<Principal Products/Services>

Responses to cyber risks

・Group companies unfalteringly collaborate in the area of cyber risks to offer comprehensive services
・In collaboration with Verizon Japan (hereinafter, “Verizon”) and BitSight Technologies (hereinafter, “BitSight”), we launched a new service in February 2018 to provide companies with comprehensive assessments of their cyber-risks. Consulting services are also provided by MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting, Inc., which offers companies with one-stop support for building systems to defend against multi-tier risks.
・We have launched a service to provide intelligence information in collaboration with IntSights Cyber Intelligence, Inc.
・We supply products that are also compliant with the new personal information protection rules (“GDPR”) enacted by the European Union (EU) in May 2018.


Business partnership with an innovation organization in Israel (Japanese only)

Cyber-intelligence information service begun in collaboration with IntSights Cyber Intelligence (Japanese only)

On-demand “1-day Leisure Insurance”

In April 2018 we began offering the 1-Day Leisure Insurance, a policy that cover 24-hour periods, targeted for customer who want coverage in daily units and for obtaining coverage for leisure activities.

Coverage on sharing businesses

To help sharing businesses steadily develop, we have been working with the Sharing Economy Association, Japan to offer services to certified companies, products to vacation rental companies, and products/services to individual members who work in the sharing economy.

Derivative products to cope with new strains of influenza

In August 2018, we became the first insurance company in Japan to begin offering solutions to joint-stock companies capitalized at one billion yen or more to reduce their risks during major outbreaks of new types of influenza.

Global Digital Hubs Opened

Our Group opened global digital hubs in Tokyo and Singapore to promote digitalization globally. The Tokyo hub was opened in April 2019 to encourage employees and agents to make greater use of digital technologies, while the Singapore hub was opened in February 2019 to support digital business approaches in various ASEAN countries.


MS Digital Academy Established

In July 2018, our Group joined with Toyo University’s Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design (INIAD) to open the MS Digital Academy, a specialized training program, in order to foster industry-ready digital business creators and data scientists. Utilizing both the hardware and software resources of INIAD, we are looking to create opportunities that enable employees to acquire proficient skills in specialized knowledge and technologies.