MS&AD Ventures Inc.

MS&AD Ventures Inc. is MS&AD’s corporate venture capital (CVC) based in Silicon Valley (California, USA).
Established in 2018, MS&AD Ventures invests in startups that could impact the insurance industry in three to five years. Areas include RiskTech, InsurTech, FinTech, IOT, Climate, Cyber Security, Mobility, Health, AI, and Analytics.

Investment Team

Jon Soberg<br/>Managing Partner
Jon Soberg
Managing Partner
Tak Sato<br/>Managing Partner
Tak Sato
Managing Partner
Tiffine Wang<br/>Partner
Tiffine Wang

In 2020 and 2021, Managing Partners Jon Soberg and Takashi Sato were named to the “Top 100 Powerlist” of investors at the Global Corporate Venturing Powerlist Awards, an internationally recognized award related to CVC.  
In 2021, Partner Tiffine Wang was selected in top 10 at the Global Corporate Venturing Emerging Leaders Awards that honor emerging leaders in the CVC industry.

Our Portfolio