For achieving “Vision 2021,” our Medium-term Management Plan, since 2018 we have held the “Sustainability Contest” which all group companies, both inside and outside of Japan, participate in, with the aim of deepening understanding of SDGs and creating shared value with society (CSV) and incorporating these approcaches into daily operations.

In fiscal 2019, the second year of the contest, there were more than 300 applications related to sustainability and CSV for society and the MS&AD Group from Japan and overseas Group companies. The selection of award was based on the criteria of “social impact,” “communication,” “group synergy,” “approach,” and “developability.” At the contest, nine winner were announced and the grand prize were bestowed on two teams among them.

[Grand Prize (1)]
MSIG Malaysia “Fire Insurance for Social Enterprise who Build for the Underserved”
This is an initiative linked with a support scheme for improving the living conditions of the Underserved conducted by EPIC Homes, a social enterprise in Malaysia. MSIG Malaysia developed fire insurance specialized for housing and packaged compensation related to the support scheme. By providing house with fire insurance to the Underserved, this initiative will lead to a concept of “no one is left behind,” allowing the Underserved to live in peace and encourages the sponsors to participate in the support scheme.


Malaysia: Providing Fire Insurance for Special Housing for Indigenous Peoples

[Grand Prize (2)]
“Launching, the world’s first real-time loss prediction website” by Claims Administration Department at Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., LTD.
”” is a website jointly developed with Aon Group Japan and Yokohama National University which forecasts the number of damaged buildings in real time in the event of a typhoon, heavy rain, or earthquake and provides the forecasted results free of charge. The service will lead to a “resilient and sustainable society” and enabling prompt rescue by identifying the scale of a disaster at early stage and contributing to the appropriate support activities for disaster victims and the reconstruction of local communities.

Real-time damage prediction website

The Sustainability Contest helps employees developing a sustainability mindset and stimulating their awareness of linking their daily work with CSV. We will continue to tackle social issues by creating new business models and sharing success cases with the entire Group through the Sustainability Contest, for creating a virtuous cycle of commonly practiced sustainable initiatives within the Group.


Grand Prize winners: MSIG Malaysia (left) and AD Claims Administration Department (right)
Grand Prize winners: MSIG Malaysia (left) and AD Claims Administration Department (right)