New Delhi, India


Cyber Security


  • Saket Modi(Co-founder&CEO)
  • Vidit Baxi(Co-founder, CISO & Partner)
  • Rahul Tyagi(Co-founder & Vice President)


  • JC2 Ventures
  • Rajan Anandan
  • Salil Donde
  • Vellayan Subbiah
  • Govind Rajan
  • Victor Menezes
  • Anurag Goel
  • Rahul Chawla
  • Kulmeet Bawa
  • Amit Ranjan
  • Jonathan Boutelle
  • Amit Choudhary
  • Anand Chandrasekaran
  • Sanjay Baweja

Comprehensive enterprise-wide cyber risk measurement and mitigation platform.

SAFE and SAFE Assure platforms that provide cybersecurity and compliance assessment, monitoring and management platforms for enterprises and SMEs. Saket Modi, CEO of Lucideus, was chosen as “Entrepreneur of the Year” by E&Y.