San Francisco


Climate Prediction


  • Rich Sorkin(Co-founder&CEO)
  • Eric Wun(Co-founder&COO)
  • Alan Blumberg(Co-founder&Earth and Ocean Systems)


  • Energize Ventures
  • QBE Ventures
  • Data Collective
  • Ignition Partners
  • Nephila Capital

Jupiter Intelligence is a team of world experts who have developed an advanced climate and weather risk prediction platform.

Jupiter Intelligence analyzes risk data from extreme weather, sea-level rise, storm intensification and rising temperatures caused by short, medium and long-term climate change. Jupiter’s ClimateScoreTM Intelligence Platform provides probabilistic risk analysis for weather in a changing climate from 1 hour to 50 years in the future and counts a Nobel-winning climate scientist and leading machine learning experts as part of the team. Its services are used by companies for capital planning, risk management, site selection, design requirements, supply chain management, investment valuations, and shareholder disclosures.