To promote the Group management in order to cope with changes in the global environment, it is important to promote teamwork among individual employees with diverse skills and values. The Group believes that giving all ambitious employees the opportunity to grow and demonstrate their talents through their work will lead to the augmentation of its competitive strength.

For details of the MS & AD Insurance Group's diversity and inclusion efforts, please see "D & I Promotion Report(Japanese only)".

The Number of Employees

FY 2017: Number of employees (Unit: People, as of March 31, 2018)

Hiring of New Graduates

Under the concept of "Tough Spirits, Big Heart", MSI conducts people-centered hiring practices in accordance with the basic policy that stipulates open, equal, and fair recruitment. We aim to hire human assets(*) who have an international perspective and can create a new era with their own creativity and initiative.
To become a company staffed by cheerful and dynamic employees supporting customers with the utmost effort, ADI has been engaged in recruiting activities under the slogan of “What inspires you?” The company seeks to hire highly-enterprising persons of diverse and noteworthy individuality features regardless of their nationality and gender.


(*) Human assets: At the MS&AD Insurance Group, in the spirit of valuing the individual, we refer to our employees as "Human assets" rather than "Human resources."


Internship activities underway
Internship activities underway

MSI implements a MSI internship program, from the standpoint of development of human asset through industry-academia collaboration. By completing this program, participants can experience the social significance of non-life insurance, as well as the work of the sales department and the damage claim support department. In fiscal 2017, approximately 2,500 students participated in the program nationwide. MSI contributes to the growth of the students by providing the medium and long-term type internship of group work type, workplace acceptance type etc. (max 15 days). These top-quality programs have been highly appraised, and were commended with the Merit Award in the FY2017 “Internship Award Chosen by Students” administered by Mynavi Corporation.

ADI has been conducting two types of internship programs comprising: 1) Letter of Challenging Task by Boss, a planning-based internship under the theme of Telematics Insurance; and 2) Boss Bag Carrier, a practical work experience-based internship involving a full-day accompaniment service with a sales business unit manager or branch manager. The fiscal 2017 internship programs were participated in by a combined total of 855 students. These programs are aimed to allow the intern to gain an in-depth understanding of the significance and appeal of property and casualty insurance through group work and workplace experience.

Promoting the Career Development of Women

The MS&AD Insurance Group considers it important that female employees take on challenges and bigger roles in the workplace by utilizing their own advantages and characteristics. This leads to the growth of both the employees and the company. MSI, ADI, MSI Aioi Life established a professional team to assist career development and work-life balance for female employees, and strive to foster intra-workplace culture that supports them. In July 2011, the MS&AD Insurance Group established a joint declaration for promotion of female employees and has been conducting activities to support women in their career aspirations.

As a result, there are now 613 women in managerial roles across the five Group insurance companies, with women making up approximately 9.9% of all management positions (compared to 7.1% in the last fiscal year)


Furthermore, female executive officers play active and successful roles in MSI and ADI. The MS&AD Insurance Group will continue to promote the success of women toward the realization of its Medium-Term Management Plan “Vision 2021.”

Training for Female Leaders for the Next Generation

Since fiscal 2010, the "seminar for women" has been held, targeting about 100 female employees who have been candidates for female leaders for the next generation in domestic Group insurance companies. By providing opportunities to understand the expanding women's roles, we support the career development of our female staff who challenge themselves.

MSI is expanding the number of female employees who can aim for a management position, by administering the "MSI Female Leaders School" for management position candidates to master business knowledge and leadership skills, such as management skills, and administering the “MS Mind-up Female School” for young employees.

Starting October 2017, the MS Female Academy was newly established for women in managerial or higher positions, with the aim of developing human resources who can exert leadership at a higher level and take on the responsibilities of organizational management. Through this initiative, the company will further accelerate efforts to expand the human resource development system for female employees and promote the active participation of women.

At ADI, the Female Management Seminar has been implemented since FY2014 for potential managers, developing next-generation female leaders by helping them to acquire the necessary skills needed in the managerial positions and contributing to their future career advancement. Since FY2011, it has also introduced the Mentor System aimed at providing further opportunities for growth for female managers and potential managers, as well as enhancing their management attitude. The heads of departments and branch offices across Japan (about 170 people) have been appointed as mentors, taking on the role of guiding and consulting with female employees.

The number and the ratio of women in positions of manager or higher

Number and share of management positions(*) occupied by women (As of April 1 following the end of each fiscal year, figures in parentheses indicate number of positions)

(*) The number of women in positions of manager or higher

Support for Diverse Work Styles

Provisions for Change of Place of Employment

MSI and ADI have introduced provisions for a change of place of employment. The provisions enable area-specific employees(*) to move and continue working for the company instead of quitting when they are compelled to move for reasons such as the transfer of their spouse, the marriage or care of parent. This provision is helping to support employees’ work-life balance as well as to stem the efflux of first-rate personnel.


(*) Area-specific employees: employees who are not subject to transfer entailing a change of residence (ADI employees includes MI employees, contract employees, etc.)

Rehiring Program (Rehirement of Employees who Retired for Personal Reasons)

MSI and MSI Aioi Life have a rehiring program former area-specific employees who left the company on account of life event such as marriage, childbirth or care of parent, and make it easier for highly motivated previous female employees to reapply after finishing childcare. For female employees of the same industry, the same policy has been applied to make the best use of their experience by offering them better terms.
ADI has a "re-hiring system of retired former employees" which is provided to those former employees who retired/resigned due to certain life events during their working career (childbirth, child rearing, family care spouse's transfer, etc.(*) when they can return to work. This system can put the former employees' knowledge and skills to better use again.
Mitsui Direct General has introduced a “re-hiring system based on applications,” in which former employees can return to the position at the time of resignation by application within a certain period of time after resignation for employees who have to resign against their will due to childbirth, child rearing, family care, spouse’s transfer, etc.


(*) The target life events vary depending on employee category.

Diversity Management Selection 100

Diversity Management Selection 100
Diversity Management Selection 100

MSI and ADI were honored with the Diversity Management Selection 100 award by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry due to high recognition given to their efforts on diversity promotion and female empowerment.

Global Human Asset Utilization

The Group has a network covering 47 countries and regions throughout the world, employs more than 9,000 people at its overseas subsidiaries and affiliates, and has created systems to promote mutual exchanges between Japan and various locations in the world. Aiming to make the most of the abilities of employees with diverse backgrounds, personalities, and ideas so that it can augment its own capabilities for responding to dynamically changing markets and elevate its competitiveness, the Group is endeavoring to utilize human assets in a manner that surmounts national borders.

Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Group companies continue to engage in hiring activities to expand and anchor places of employment for persons with disabilities. They are also adapting workplaces into friendly environment and developing duties performed by persons with disabilities.
As of April 2018, the share of persons with disabilities among the workforces of domestic Group insurance companies exceeding the minimum employment rate (2.20%) required by law.

Support for Employees with Disabilities

In June 2018, MS&AD ABILITYWORKS Co., Ltd. was established as a special subsidiary company with the aim of promoting the employment and active participation of persons with disabilities.

MSI established a team called Team WITH(*) to promote assimilation of persons with disabilities into the workplace by giving educational support and creating support systems. "Team WITH" provides consultations and interviews employees with disabilities, implements questionnaire surveys for them and their bosses, and provides manuals to improve the working environment. An annual seminar is held for hearing-impaired employees in order to boost the level of skills necessary for business and promote exchange between employees with the same disability.




ADI has been striving to recruit persons with disabilities in earnest through efforts to: 1) hire them by using nationwide Hello Work placement offices as a key means; 2) pursue a local community-focused recruitment model; and 3) establish disabled worker-dedicated workplaces. Under the local community-focused recruitment model, a model that employs students from special education schools in the regions as administrative assistants through an internship program has been expanded to departments and branch offices across Japan. Three graduates from special education schools were employed through this model in FY2017, and nine in FY2018. Starting from FY2014, the company began to actively hire para-sports athletes, based on the basic principles of supporting their sports activities by partially subsidizing their competition and activity costs and giving them work exemption to a certain extent for game participation, etc., and of offering them continued employment even after they retire from sports.

Employment for the Elderly

MSI and ADI have a rehiring program for employees who have reached retirement age. The program allows employees to continue exercising their talents by applying their experience and skills. Employment contracts can be renewed in accordance with such factors as the company's operating needs and the nature of the job, enabling employees to work until a maximum age of 65. Under the program, several work options are offered by job types, number of working days, and work hours so that a variety of working patterns are available to choose from.

As of April 2018, the number of re-employed retirees (total of new hires and continued employees) was 580 at MSI and 519 at ADI, respectively.

Consideration for LGBT

Logo for LGBT-ALLY member of ADI
Logo for LGBT-ALLY member of ADI

To respect the human rights of LGBT employees, a gender minority group, and develop a friendly workplace environment for them, the company is widening the scope of leave granting and allowance payment, which was applicable to employees with spouses, to include employees with same-sex partners in its personnel affairs system and employee welfare scheme. Moreover, in the facility aspect, the company has also installed multi-purpose toilets mainly at large offices, running facilities that can be used easily by all employees regardless of gender and whether or not they have any disability. The company is also putting effort into initiatives to deepen understanding among employees and to foster a corporate culture that respects diverse values. In addition to group-wide training to raise awareness on human rights, MSI and ADI also disseminate various information through their internal portal sites, with the aim of deepening understanding of LGBT. Furthermore, ADI launched the LGBT-ALLY Community in December 2017, comprising employees who have expressed their agreement with the LGBT-ALLY Charter. Through communication via a members-only community site, members are cooperating on creating a work-friendly environment for LGBT employees.

Achievement of Work-Life Balance

Work Style Reforms

In October 2016, MSI have been committed to Work Style Reforms and is working on rectifying long working hours. In addition to efforts aimed at correcting long work hours, we are focused on creating an improved work environment as we remain conscious of the diversity of our employees and raise productivity.

Specifically, from the perspective of Improving Productivity, Reforming Awareness of Individuals and Managements, Reducing Waste and Inefficiency, and Support of a Variety of Work Styles, we are improving the working environment sequentially. We set up a Work Style Reform Promotion Team composed of members of each department of the headquarters within human resource department, and the team is responsible for supporting the various initiatives on the front line and invite the opinions of each workplace.


Also, MSI has been using thin-client PCs, which allows a variety of work styles, including work from home and work from remote locations. From April 2017, we have set 7 pm as the latest time to end the work day (except in cases where unavoidable reasons apply), working together as a company to reduce the total number of working hours. Furthermore, from December 2017, we have been putting effort into improving management skills and strengthening the development of human resources in order to achieve work style reform for each individual employee. At the same time, we are working to further improve productivity and enhance competitiveness by developing a working environment that underpins this work style reform. These initiatives have been highly rated, and the company was presented with the highest honor of the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award for Enterprises and Workplaces with Pleasant Working Environments and High Productivity in February 2018.We will continue to promote investment for self-growth and enhancement of lifestyles by proceeding with the change to time-efficient way of working through work style reforms and actively utilizing the time generated by this and vacation hours.

As a part of our initiatives to promote Work/Life Balance that enriches both work and private life, we have thoroughly enforced the rule of leaving the company at 7 pm (6 pm on the day for ending work early one day per week), introduced a systematic grant system for annual paid holidays, actively promoted vacation acquisition through the utilization of the “My Premium Friday” system, and promoted improvements in the workplace environment along with work efficiency improvement efforts. In addition, we are moving forward on developing systems toward further improving productivity, such as plans to introduce a new system to respond to the diversification of working locations, such as mobile working and telecommuting. We are working to firmly establish these initiatives as a culture through the dissemination of easy-to-understand materials (manga) to company employees. These initiatives have been highly rated. As a result, the company was the first in the insurance industry to receive the grand prize in the 10th Work-Life Balance Award for Working Individuals (April 2018), organized by the Japan Productivity Center’s Promotional Committee for Work-Life Balance.

We will continue to work on establishing the educational system to become a trusted and accepted employee, and invigorating events that enhance the unity of the workplace.

Support for Employees Raising Children

Building a Working Environment while Raising Children

MSI holds a seminar for employees scheduling to take a childcare leave to prepare them to be successful when they return to work and provides an environment which allows e-learning to be available at home during childcare leave, in an effort to support employees' performance after their leave. In addition, dedicated childcare operators partnering with the company call the employees six months and three months before the month that their childcare leave is due to end, providing support for employees by checking on the situation of their childcare activities(*), and providing information about nursery schools.

From April 2018, we have extended the childcare leave period for employees who are unable to enroll their children in nursery schools, from “children up to two years old” to “children up to three years old.” We have also institutionalized and fully launched the MS Crowdsourcing system to allow employees to make effective use of any free time during their childcare leave to take on temporary work at home. While developing an environment that allows employees to focus on looking for nursery schools for their children, we also provide support for their smooth return to the workplace by responding to the motivation of employees who wish to continue working during their childcare leave period. Since May 2018, we have introduced “Pediatrics Online,” a remote health and medical consultation service provided through a smartphone app, to give employees with children greater peace of mind while they work.


To further strengthen support for female employees who hope to work actively after childcare leave, ADI launched the Childcare Career Support Project, in which interviews between the employee and her supervisor before both taking childcare leave and after return to work are set as mandatory, as well as introduced the Working Mother Meeting, which offers a venue for communication among female employees who return to work from childcare leave, thus helping to ease various worries and encouraging them to think about their future work styles. Additionally, as a means of support for creating a friendly environment for employees raising children, corporate-led nursery facilities have become newly available for use at 70 locations across Japan.

On-site nursery facility (Narimasu, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo) set up by ADI can be used by employees of MSI, MSI Aioi Life, and Mitsui Direct General in addition to those of ADI. Furthermore, each of the MS&AD Group companies, in a tie-up with childcare-related business operators, provides a program under which discounts can be enjoyed for admission fees, annual membership fees, and usage charges when using day nurseries, babysitters, etc. to help employees raise their children, as a unified Group.


(*) Activities of guardians that enroll their children in the nursery schools

Posting of Substitutes for Employees on Childcare Leave and Provisions for Shorter Hours

To make it easier for female employees who are going to give birth to take childcare leave, MSI has their substitutes work with them starting three months before the maternity leave, to get fully accustomed to the duties. In the shorter working hour system, working hours can be selected from six types which include flextime and rotating shift systems.

ADI has in place a substitute employee scheme so that a female employee moving closer to giving birth can smoothly hand over duties when taking childcare leave. The company’s shortened time work system, which allows an employee to freely cut short his/her work hours in units of 30 minutes up to two hours a day, as well as the shift work system (offering four different options), covers a wider scope than required under laws, authorizing an employee with a child up to elementary school third grade to use the system. In addition, an employee is allowed to take annual paid leave and nursing care leave in units of hours.

MSI Aioi Life operates a system that posts substitutes from before an employee goes on childcare leave. Furthermore, it has also enabled a 30-minute unit setting under its shorter working hour system, and made it possible for employees to utilize this system in tandem with the flextime and rotating shift systems.

Mitsui Direct General, MSI Primary Life also operate the "Posting of substitutes for employees on childcare leave".

Leave for Daddy Activities/Leave for Daddy-to-be

MSI provides employees (male employees) who have not taken childbirth leave a paid leave of five days from the date the childcare leave starts. The company supports male employees to participate in childcare, by sending eligible employees and their bosses e-mails encouraging them to take this five-day “leave for daddy activities.”

ADI has introduced a spouse birth-giving preparation holiday scheme, in which an employee is allowed to take a one-day paid holiday within the week to the day before the scheduled date of birth-giving by the spouse. Moreover, the company sends e-mails calling for taking leave to the employee who has a new-born child and his superior, and thereby supporting involvement of male employees in childcare. Moreover, it is actively exchanging information with other companies by joining the Ikuboss Alliance hosted by Fathering Japan, a non-profit organization.

For an employee who has not taken his childbirth leave, Mitsui Direct General changes the first five days of childcare leave to paid one. The company sends e-mails calling for taking leave to the employee who is eligible for leave and his superior, and thereby supporting involvement of male employees in childcare. Moreover, it is also possible to take two-day paid leave at the time of childbirth by spouse.

MSI Aioi Life has introduced a leave system "Ikumen leave" for men to assist childcare in order to support male employees to proactively participate in childcare. It is possible to take the paid leave for three days in total before and after the expected delivery date, or within six months after their spouse gives birth.

Support for Family care

Care Leave, Temporary Resignation for Family Care

We have established a support system that enables employees to continue working while caring for a family member.
MSI, MSI Aioi Life and Mitsui Direct General have introduced temporary leave systems, and temporary resignation systems for employees who are giving care for relatives. Leave systems for family care allows employees to leave up to 5 days (in case one in the family requires family care) every fiscal year to take care of his or her family who are in need of attendant to go to hospital etc. Temporary resignation for family care allows employees to leave up to 365 days with tenure of office, encourage those motivated employees to work after released from family care.

MSI allows employees to work in shifts, flexi-hours, and/or shortened hours if they are providing nursing care. Also, it has introduced a care aid service provided by the NPO “Sea Care,” which provides support for balancing work and care for parents. In this way, MSI provides assistance to employees who are shouldering the burden of providing family care.


ADI allows shortened work shifts and work hours so employees can provide nursing care. The company has in place a nursing-care leave scheme and a life-support leave scheme that can be used in units of hours, as well as a nursing-care work suspension scheme for leave of up to one year. In addition, it offers a re-employment system for employees who have left the company for nursing-related reasons. It has also introduced the Nursing Station and BELS Family Club schemes offered by Benefit One Inc. as a part of the company’s welfare and benefit system. By enabling employees to search smoothly through approximately 600,000 offices and nursing care facilities across Japan, allowing them to consult freely with more than 70,000 care managers and receive attentive answers, and using members’ benefits (discounts) for various nursing care life support services, it thereby provides support for balancing nursing care and work.
Moreover, to allow a person faced with nursing care duties to address the situation in a composed manner without panicking, the company has released an AD-version nursing care handbook titled “Yakudatsu Hon” (Useful Book) that explains nursing care in an easy-to-understand manner even for first-timers. It also provides a checklist that should be kept in mind while one’s parents are still healthy and well. In addition, it has launched “Tomo Care,” an internal nursing care community, with the aim of dispelling troubles and anxiety about nursing care.

Implementation of Family Day (Company Tour for family)

MSI holds Family Day, where families who support our employees are invited to the workplace, in order to deepen their understanding about the company and the workplace, and exchange with members of the workplace. By increasing communication at the workplace, this event has led to the creation of a more lively and active working environment.
In fiscal 2017, ADI held a family day event at 15 outposts in Japan as the company aimed to become an enterprise staffed by cheerful and dynamic employees supporting customers with the utmost effort. This event consisted mainly of visits to workplaces with the goal of vitalizing communication at the respective workplaces and promoting understanding of work-life balance. Among other activities included in the program were para-sports (such as a wheelchair basketball/boccia experience session).

Exchange of business card
Exchange of business card