Promotion of diversity & inclusion

The MS&AD Insurance Group believes that providing all motivated employees with the opportunity to grow through their jobs and exercise their capabilities brings about an improvement in corporate competitiveness.

Encourage employees to learn and think by themselves, take on challenges and continue to grow

We are engaged in human resource development efforts aimed at enhancing the professionalism of each individual employee, pursuing innovation without being satisfied with the status quo, and maximizing our collective strength as an organization.

Health and productivity management

The MS&AD Insurance Group places emphasis on the perspective of sound management. To promote the maintenance of mental and physical health for each individual employee, we strive to create a workplace environment that gives consideration to health and safety.

Highly transparent and effective corporate governance

To bring about the realization of long-term stability and development, we put effort into building a management system that is transparent and equipped with check-and-balance functions, and into enhancing our corporate value.