Promotion of understanding and development of frameworks

TFND selects members from among financial institutions, corporates, etc. in 14 countries for development of disclosure frameworks. One of our employees was selected as a taskforce member and is currently working toward framework development.
Having released a prototype disclosure framework (beta version), TNFD adopts a development approach based on inputs and feedback from stakeholders such as financial institutions and corporates. To support this initiative, we participate in the TNFD Forum.
In Japan, the TNFD Consultation Group of Japan (commonly known as TNFD Japan Council) was formed in June 2022 in order to promote understanding about TNFD by companies, etc. participating in the TNFD Forum. Our Group is endeavoring to increase understanding of the beta version and inviting expression of opinions by creating opportunities for explanations on the beta version and discussions by various participants.


Participation in the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) which promotes disclosure associated with nature-related risks

Establishment of the TFND Consultation Group of Japan and convening of its first meeting

Participation in pilot programs

We are participating in a pilot program which TNFD is carrying out in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Program’s Finance Initiative.
In this program, we select one theme from among many which are based on establishment of region/industry combinations, and carry out pilot operation of risk evaluation using a method proposed by TFND in its prototype framework. We then feed the results back to TFND to help it further develop the framework.
Our company is participating in the project to acquire know-how in risk assessment and disclosure, and to apply the knowledge gained through conducting pilots to the framework development and TNFD Consultation Group of Japan.