Our lifestyles and economic activities are made possible thanks to the bounties of nature (ecosystem services) which rely on a stock of natural capital. A resilient and sustainable society can only come about if its foundations are rooted in a sound global environment, through natural capital, stable weather systems and other factors. The sustainability of society as a whole including companies depends on business models that integrate the sustainability of natural capital. The MS&AD Insurance Group is working to ensure a sustainable relationship between natural capital and business activities.

Identify and inform on risks

Prevent risks from occurring/minimize the impact

Reduce the economic burden

Assessment of risks caused by depletion or degradation of natural capital

(Analysis examples)

・Future risk of water depletion at business facilities that use large volumes of water
・Assessment of the sustainability of supply chains which primarily depends on natural resources

Proposals on risk management measures based on assessment and analysis results

(Proposal example)

・Consultation on land use that considers local ecosystems

Provision of risk coverage

(Coverage example)

・Expenses incurred during recall when a sustainability certification of the used materials is revoked and expenses needed for apology

Providing Natural Capital Products and Solutions

Project businesses undertaken both inside and outside Japan, as well as global supply chains have the potential to cause major losses to natural capital. It is thus important to analyze and assess the impact of business activities on natural capital and to take the steps necessary to establish a sustainable relationship between the two.
The MS&AD Group provides a whole range of services to quantitatively assess the impact on natural capital in domestic and overseas business locations and project development. The Group supports analysis of the reliance on and impact of the entire business on natural capital, and supports risk assessments such as ascertaining the value of natural capital to apply this information to its business decisions, and understanding where and what kind of natural capital is being affected through the company’s supply chains.
MS&AD also provides food service businesses with products that help reduce food loss, which is a concerning issue for society.

Provision of Simplified Evaluations of Water-related Risks

An increasing number of areas worldwide are experiencing depletion of their water resources due to climate change, population increases in developing countries, economic development and other factors. In some cases, this depletion has been serious enough to threaten companies’ operations. Companies now need to identify and disclose their own water risks. We offer services for assessing the water risks (depletion, contamination, flooding/droughts, etc.) business locations face inside and outside Japan.

Environmental Supply Chain Consulting

Establishing a sustainable raw material procurement network is a key business challenge in realizing sustainable business activities. We conduct environmental risk analyses of raw material procurement tailored to specific industry sectors, and support approach prioritization and the formulation of supply chain management activities.

Biodiversity-conscious Land-use Consulting

A growing number of companies which see initiatives to conserve biodiversity as both risks and opportunities for their businesses have begun to take biodiversity into account in determining their businesses’ land use. We offer comprehensive support ranging from surveys and analysis to the formulation of development/action plans based on these surveys and analyses for the use of offices, apartment buildings, and other land with green spaces.

Product Recall Expenses Insurance for Food Service Businesses - Shoku-eco

MS&AD has partnered with Kuradashi Co., Ltd., which operates a social contribution food sharing platform, and provide recall expense insurance for food service businesses.
When a food company recalls food without any quality issues but mislabeling expiry dates, Kuradashi reduces food loss by purchasing the food. Also this enables disposal cost down and insurance premiums can be offered at a 10% discount.
This insurance paves the way for more effective use of foods that would otherwise be discarded, leading to less wasted food.

Preserving Conserving Biodiversity through Partnerships and Industry-Academia Collaboration

Our Group has made biodiversity conservation one of key issues in MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy on the Environment and is pursuing measures accordingly.

Joined the Natural Capital Finance Alliance

In July 2016 our Group signed the Natural Capital Declaration, which calls on financial institutions to incorporate the concept of “natural capital” into their financial products and services and is a member of the Natural Capital Finance Alliance (NCFA).

Japan Business Initiative for Biodiversity (JBIB) and “The Story of Biodiversity Told by Companies”

The Japan Business Initiative for Biodiversity (JBIB) brings companies together for joint research projects on biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of biological resources. MS&AD Holdings has been serving as the chair company of the JBIB since it was founded in April 2008.
And in February 2021, we hosted the “The Story of Biology Told by Companies” symposium for the 14th time as an opportunity to provide information on corporate initiatives for biodiversity. These initiatives have been regarded highly with the symposium featuring in the Guidelines for Private Sector Engagement in Biodiversity.

JBIB logo
JBIB logo

Participation in Research on Ecosystem Disaster Prevention/Mitigation and Multifaceted Uses of Ecosystems

MS&AD Holdings is participating in the Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction (Eco-DRR) project conducted by the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, an inter-university research institute corporation under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology that is engaged in comprehensive research on the global environment. The project focuses on methods for utilizing the wide-ranging functions of ecosystems to prevent/mitigate disasters (Eco-DRR) and, with population decline being seen as an opportunity to revamp land use, research is being carried out to create local communities that can both enjoy the rich blessings of nature and prevent/mitigate disasters.

On December 4th, 2019, as a part of the research activity, we hosted the “Eco-DRR x Finance and Insurance - Study on Advanced Finance Cases for a Naturally Rich and Resilient Society” symposium where we introduced two practices; insurance for coral reefs in Mexico, and bonds for resilient forests in the US. For further details of the symposium, please visit the link below:

In November 2019, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance concluded a partnership agreement with Kumamoto City, and has been working on regional revitalization and disaster prevention projects by utilizing the region's nature, including the creation of the “green resilience potential map,” which is a tool to integrate, share, and analyze various regional data such as hazard information obtained through GIS (Geographic Information System).

Biodiversity Conservation Initiatives in Asia

MS&AD is promoting biodiversity conservation activities in Southeast Asia in collaboration with the global non-governmental organization, Conservation International (Asia-Pacific). The Group is working with local partners in six key Asian markets (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) and two Pacific countries (Fiji and New Caledonia), to help with reforestation, mangrove planting, conservation of rare wildlife, and monitoring protected areas.


Biodiversity conservation initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region ( in Japanease only)

Protecting biodiversity (MSIG-Asia)