Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd. (President: Noriyuki Hara), a member of the MS&AD Insurance Group, has received a silver award in the Workforce Transformation category of EFMA-ACCENTURE INNOVATON IN INSURANCE AWARDS 2020 selected by Efma (*).
In order to achieve sustainable growth, our company is promoting digitalization that contributes to the improvement of customer experience value and business productivity as a global initiative. We will continue to strengthen the development of human resources with expertise in digital technologies, which is the foundation for this initiative, and actively develop products and services that utilize advanced digital technologies.
*Efma (The European Financial Management & Marketing Association) is a global non-profit foundation established in 1971. It is an association of more than 3300 financial institutions in 130 countries. Major member institutions include banks and insurance companies throughout Europe.



The Awards were established in 2016 to showcase innovative initiatives in the insurance industry and promote an industry-wide digital transformation. To accelerate industry innovation and support the creation of new business models, the awards are presented for innovative and outstanding ideas.
This year, 359 entries were submitted by 240 companies from 45 countries.


2. Contents of the award

(1) Overview
Our company is promoting digitalization based on the three pillars: DX (digital transformation), DI (digital innovation), and DG (digital globalization). As an important initiative to support these efforts, we are working to nurture human assets who are  proficient in the use of digital technologies.  
(2) Highly evaluated initiatives
Such initiatives as training programs in collaboration with universities, interaction with top data scientists in Japan, and nurturing of our own data scientists have been highly evaluated.
Other recognized initiatives were promotion of open innovation at the GDH (Global Digital Hub), which serves as a base to accelerate the use of digital technologies, as well as consideration to practically apply new business ideas generated within the company.