Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd. (President: Noriyuki Hara, “MSI”), a member of the MS&AD Insurance Group , has won “BEST GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY, JAPAN” at the Global Insurance Awards 2020 organized by WORLD FINANCE*1.
MSI is promoting DX (digital transformation) on a global basis to improve the value of customer experience and business productivity in order to achieve sustainable growth. We will continue to accelerate these efforts and develop products and services utilizing advanced digital technologies on a global scale.
*1 WORLD FINANCE is the quarterly British economic magazine and online media, launched in 2004, published mainly in Europe and the Americas.

1. Outline of “Global Insurance Awards 2020”
Established in 2008, the Awards recognize companies that make innovative efforts in the global insurance industry. In 2020, 69 applications from around the world including Japan were received.

2. MSI’s Initiatives
(1) Overall
MSI is promoting digitalization based on the 3 pillars of DX (digital transformation), DI (digital innovation) and DG (digital globalization). MSI developed “MS1 Brain”*2 in the DX field and is reforming the sales model of approximately 40,000 agents in Japan in order to provide new experience value to customers.
*2  “MS1 Brain” is an agent system utilizing AI.

(2) Points Evaluated
As the insurance industry continues to change rapidly, MSI’s digitalization efforts have been at the forefront of innovation worldwide, and MSI was recognized for making the value it provides through  “MS1 Brain” a customercentric experience. It was also recognized for its industry-leading insight into the changing role of data analysis in the business model of non-life insurance companies and its deep understanding of customers.

3. About the British Economic Journal “WORLD FINANCE”
This is a quarterly economic magazine and online media focusing on opinion leaders in the business world published by World News Media in the UK. Publications are mainly issued in Europe (Western and Eastern Central Europe) and the Americas (North and South America). This time, a case study from MSI was published in this magazine, which has about 120,000 readers. It will also be posted on the website*3.
*3  “WORLD FINANCE” website:

<Reference: MSI’s Case Study>
Titled “Two brains are better than one,” it was introduced as an advanced example of the fusion of humans and AI (digital).

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