MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc. (President & CEO: Noriyuki Hara) has been selected as an index component of both World Index and Asia Pacific Index of Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (“DJSI”), the world’s leading ESG investment index, for six consecutive years.

1. Our initiatives

In its medium-term management plan “Vision 2021,” MS&AD Insurance Group are taking various initiatives with the image of society to aim for by 2030 as “resilient and sustainable,” incorporating SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) as milestones to CSV (Creating Shared Value) . Those achievements are evaluated.
MS&AD Insurance Group will continue to work toward the development of a resilient and sustainable society and our mission, “to contribute to the development of a vibrant society and help secure a sound future for the planet by enabling safety and peace of mind”.

DJSI is an ESG investment indicator by S&P Group and  widely used when institutional investors integrate sustainability considerations into their portfolios. Indices including DJSI World and DJSI Asia Pacific are composed of companies selected from 2,500 global leading companies from the view point of “environmental, social and governance/economic”dimensions.