The MS&AD Insurance Group expresses its sincere sympathy and condolences to all who have been affected by the Tohoku Pacific Earthquake and hopes for the swiftest possible recovery of the region.


MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings has substantially bolstered arrangements to ensure the speedy payment of insurance claims, including by deploying additional customer service representatives to handle insurance claim payments. Some offices of MS&AD Group companies were damaged and closed as a result of the earthquake, but the entire group is working together to provide backup support in such cases to ensure that customer service is not adversely affected.


Further, the MS&AD Group has adequate capacity to pay the insurance claims. All group companies continue to maintain solid financial reserves and creditworthiness, for example, and ratings obtained by group companies remain strong.


The MS&AD Insurance Group will continue to work as hard as possible to swiftly pay insurance claims in a manner that provides customers with peace of mind.