MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc. (President & Group CEO: Noriyuki Hara) has set interim targets for GHG emissions from insurance underwriting and investments to facilitate the transition to net zero. Through engagements with our clients, we will share challenges they have in reducing GHG emissions and work together to resolve them.

1. Newly set target

GHG emission*1 reduction rate associated with our business with key Japanese domestic corporate clients Target ▲37%*2 FY2030 (Base year: FY2019)
Action We, through engagement with clients, share challenges they have in reducing GHG emissions.
We work together with them towards reduction of GHG emissions with solution proposals.


【Reference information】GHG reduction target set in FY2021

GHG emission reduction rate from our own operation and supply chain

▲50% FY2030 from (Base year: FY2019)
(Scope1+2, Scope3 Category1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 13)
Net-zero by 2050(Scope1+2+3)

*1 GHG emissions associated with our insurance underwriting and investments with key Japanese domestic corporate clients (approximately 3,300 companies) selected based on insurance premiums

*2 Calculated from Japan NDC's GHG emission target 2030 and actual result of FY2019.

*3 Scope 1: Direct emissions from our operations, such as gasoline combustion of vehicles

Scope 2: Indirect emissions from the use of electricity and gas

Scope 3: Indirect emissions by our operations other than those in Scope 1 and 2

Category: 1 Purchased products and services (Subject: Paper and mail), 3 Non-scope 1 and 2 fuel and energy activities, 5 Waste from our operations, 6 Business trip, 7 Employee commuting, 13 Lease assets

2. Our Approach

Climate change and the depletion of natural capital cause natural disasters.
MS & AD Insurance Group is committed to addressing climate change and improving the sustainability of natural capital.
We will promote the reduction of damage caused by natural disasters and the realization of early recovery from disasters.


  • Our "Transition to 2050 Net Zero" is available from this URL.