MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc. (President & CEO: Noriyuki Hara) has been selected as the "Digital Transformation Stock (DX Stock) 2023" jointly conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Tokyo Stock Exchange(TSE) and the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA).

  This is the fifth selection for the company in total since "DX stock" and "Noteworthy DX Company" and their predecessors, "Competitive IT Strategy Company" and "Noteworthy IT Strategy Company".

  In its medium-term management plan, MS&AD group aims to help solve various social issues including climate change, and grow together with society as a platform provider of risk solutions. The selection was made in recognition of MS&AD group's efforts to achieve this goal, such as the provision of new solutions utilizing data or digital technologies and the strengthening of its digital transformation infrastructure.

1. About DX Stock and Noteworthy DX Company

From among TSE-listed companies, METI and the organizations select and publicize by industry, outstanding companies that have internally established the systems for promoting DX, an approach that contributes to improving corporate value, and that have achieved outstanding utilization of digital technologies as DX Stocks. This year, 32 companies have been selected as "DX Stocks 2023".

In addition, from among the companies not selected for the DX Stocks category, 19 companies that are making noteworthy efforts, particularly efforts for contributing to corporate value, have been selected as winners of the "Noteworthy DX Companies".

2. Major Initiatives of MS&AD Group

The MS&AD Group is united in its group-wide efforts to provide optimal solutions utilizing digital technology to solve various social issues, and the following efforts were highly evaluated in this selection.


(1) Creation of new solutions utilizing DX

We are working to create new solutions utilizing digital and data, such as "AI assessment for accident occurrence", which uses AI technology to assess and visualize potential traffic accident risks, "cmap", a real-time damage prediction website, and "RisTech", a risk data analysis service.

(2) Transformation of the value of insurance through DX

In addition to the original function of insurance, which is to compensate for economic losses, we offer products that integrate services to "prevent" accidents and disasters and "mitigate the effects and support recovery" from accidents and disasters through DX.

(3) Human Resource Development toward DX

In 2019, we launched the Digital Innovation Challenge Program, an idea contest for business transformation for all Group employees, as part of our efforts to foster a digital culture. We have also set a target of developing 7,000 digital human resources across the Group by the end of FY2025, mainly through our own training programs in collaboration with universities, and by internally developing human resources and data scientists who can create new business models, products, and services.


Photos of the presentation of DX Stocks 2023, MS&AD's Executive Officer & CDO: Tomoyuki Motoyama<br/>Provided by METI
Photos of the presentation of DX Stocks 2023, MS&AD's Executive Officer & CDO: Tomoyuki Motoyama
Provided by METI