MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc. (President & CEO: Noriyuki Hara) announces that MS&AD Ventures Inc. (MS&AD Ventures), the corporate venture fund of MS&AD Group based in Silicon Valley, USA, has increased the fund amount by US $100 million (approximately JPY 14 billion) which brings the total amount under management to US $300 million (approximately JPY 42 billion).

  Since its establishment in October 2018 as the first CVC of a Japanese insurance company, MS&AD Ventures has invested in numerous start-up companies that are leading the world in advanced technology and business models, and has promoted the strengthening of the DX platform, business transformation, and the creation of new businesses in our group through partnerships with start-up companies. Under this backdrop, we decided to expand our investment fund size based on the steady growth of portfolio companies and the growing need for additional investments.

  Going forward, MS&AD Insurance Group will continue to make use of MS&AD Ventures’ effective investment activities to provide new value to stakeholders while working to solve social issues, with the aim of achieving sustainable growth and increasing corporate value.

*US $1 = 140 yen

1.Expansion of investment limit

(1)Extended amount: US $100 million (approximately JPY 14 billion)

* Total investment amount from the time of establishment is US $300 million (approximately JPY 42 billion).

(2)Date of implementation: October 2022

2. Overview of MS&AD Ventures

(1)Name: MS&AD Ventures Inc.

(2)Location: Menlo Park, California, USA

(3)Shareholders: MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc. 100%

(4)Investment target: Startups that can achieve synergies with our group *

* Overseas startup companies focusing on early stage (from late startup to early growth) in areas such as insurtech, life&health, cyber security, mobility

(5)Investments: 83 companies (as of November 2022)

(6)Web Site:

3. Reasons for Expansion of Investment Limit

  Collaboration between MS&AD Ventures' portfolio companies, start-up companies with relationships to MS&AD Ventures, and group companies, has generated a steady increase in cases of developing new products and services, upgrading insurance underwriting, and creating new businesses.

  In order to continue to realize the creation of shared value (CSV) with society, we need to advance the value of insurance to a new stage by working with partners with cutting-edge technologies and ideas. Through the expansion of investment limit, we will enhance CVC activity.