MS&AD Ventures Inc. (“MS&AD Ventures"), corporate venture capital of MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc. (President & CEO: Noriyuki Hara), has been recognized in the GCV Powerlist Award 2021 which is an internationally recognized award related to corporate venture capital (CVC). Two representatives of MS&AD Ventures have been named to the “Top 100 Powerlist” of investors. This is the second year that MS&AD Ventures has been on the GCV Top 100 Powerlist, demonstrating their continued strong performance.

This award is a great honor as it shows that MS&AD Ventures plays an important role in the world of venture business.

Through MS&AD Ventures’ investment activities, MS&AD Group will continue to enhance the value of customer experience and business productivity, achieve sustainable growth, and enhance corporate value, while adopting new business models that utilize advanced technologies.

1. About GCV Powerlist Award 2021


This award is an authoritative award given by Global Corporate Venturing, a global media company related to CVC, to the top 100 investors out of more than 2,000 companies from around the world once a year.

It is considered to be a great honor to be selected for this award because, in addition to the number of investments and the growth rate of the investee, strategic and leadership factors such as thought-leadership, vision and motivational abilities are taken into consideration.

In January this year, the other partner of MS & AD Ventures was selected for the GCV Emerging Leaders Award 2021, which recognized emerging leaders in the CVC industry.

2. Awardees

Jon Soberg, Managing Partner of MS&AD Ventures
Takashi Sato, Managing Partner of MS&AD Ventures

3. Main results

We have invested in more than 50 startups in 7 countries in less than 3 years. It covers a wide range of fields, including mobility, cybersecurity, data platforms, weather and geographic data, as well as insurtech.

One of our portfolio companies is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (Hippo).

As a new business program with startups, the MS&AD Garage Program was established for MS&AD Group companies from all over the world to work together in Silicon Valley on short business trips and stay to resolve business issues. In about two years, 44 people from 26 offices and 5 countries have participated individually. Business alliance has been realized with 17 companies.

4. Comments from awardees

Jon Soberg, Managing Partner of MS&AD Ventures

It is a great honor to receive this prestigious award, and we are especially honored to be included for two years in a row. I would like to thank my wonderful teammates and colleagues in the MS&AD Group worldwide and, above all, the over 50 startups in our portfolio who have trusted us as partners. The privilege to invest into great startups is earned based on our reputation and how much value we add to our portfolio companies; as “One team of MS&AD”, we will continue to move forward to Create Shared Value for society to help make the world a better place.


Takashi Sato, Managing Partner of MS&AD Ventures

It's a great honor to receive this award two years in a row. I am proud of being an board observer for Hippo, which is one of our portfolio companies listed on New York Stock Exchange in August. I am looking forward to working with our colleagues in the MS&AD Group and the startups in our portfolio companies to create a “Resilient and sustainable society”. We will continue to challenge ourselves without fear of failure to achieve our goals.

Overview of MS&AD Ventures

1. Name:                  MS&AD Ventures Inc.

2. Location:              Menlo Park, California, U.S.A.

3. Shareholder:          MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc.  100%

4. Investment targets: Start-ups aiming to generate synergies with the MS&AD Group *

* Overseas start-up companies focusing on early-stage (from early startup to early growth) in areas such as insurtech, healthtech, mobility, cyber, and climate change

5. Investments:        54 companies (As of the end of June 2021)

6. MS&AD Ventures website: