The Company has established the “MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy Concerning Antisocial Forces.” In accordance with this Basic Policy, the Company and its Group companies will strive to sever any relations with antisocial forces, retain the trust of the public and conduct business properly and soundly.

MS&AD Insurance Group Basic Policy Concerning Antisocial Forces


  1. The posture of the MS&AD Insurance Group toward antisocial forces that pose a threat to the peace and safety of society must be one of resolute refusal to acquiesce to any unreasonable and inappropriate demands. Effort must be made to sever any relationships with antisocial forces so as to retain the public trust as well as assure the proper and sound conduct of business.
  2. In addition to having an organizational system in place to deal with inappropriate demands from antisocial forces, close relationships with outside specialized organizations such as the police, the National Center for the Elimination of Violent Groups and law offices should be developed.
  3. If confronted with an inappropriate demand from antisocial forces, in addition to assuring that the highest priority is placed on the safety of officers and employees, responsive action should be carried out at the organizational level rather than by specific persons in charge or individual business units.
    In absolutely no circumstances whatsoever are any transactions that would result in funds being provided to antisocial forces or in concealment of facts to be undertaken. The responsive actions must be legal both in terms of civil and criminal law.