Outside Director
Mariko Bando
(Aug. 17, 1946)

July 1969

Entered the Prime Minister's Office

October 1985

Counsellor of Cabinet Secretariat, Councillor of Cabinet Secretariat

July 1989

Director of Consumer Statistics Division, Statistics Bureau, Management and Coodination Agency

June 1994

Director of Gender Equality Bureau, Cabinet Secretariat

April 1995

Vice-Governor of Saitama Prefecture

June 1998

Consul General of Japan in Brisbane, Australia

January 2001

Director General of Gender Equality Bureau, Cabinet Office

October 2003

Director, Showa Women's University

April 2007

President, Showa Women's University

April 2014

Chancellor (Rijicho), Showa Women's University (present)

July 2016

Chancellor (Socho), Showa Women's University (present)

June 2017

Director, the Company (present)