At the heart of the SDG-focused 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development lies the mission of ensuring that everyone can enjoy productive and satisfying lives toward the future while leaving no one behind as the society progresses. These share the similar proposition with the MS&AD Insurance Group’s mission of “contributing to the development of a vibrant society and helping secure a sound future for the planet, by enabling safety and peace of mind through the global insurance and financial services business” and an essential element for our goal of the “resilient and sustainable society.”
Our Group will partner with various sectors in taking on the challenges of making insurance/financial services more widely available and utilizing insurance to resolve such issues as poverty, social disparities, and discrimination.

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Efforts in support of “leaving no one behind” overseas

We are transferring insurance technologies to expand the communities and the number of individuals able to obtain insurance and engaging in social contribution activities in those areas that cannot be covered by insurance products or services.

<Principal Approaches>

Provision of insurance for small loans to micro-entrepreneurs in the Philippines

Working together with BPI Direct BanKo, which provides small loans to micro-entrepreneurs, we started offering micro-insurance for loans in the autumn of 2019. We provide insurance to support the operations of micro-entrepreneurs even in the event of an unforeseen occurrence such as an accident or disaster

Provision of fire insurance for special housing for indigenous peoples in Malaysia

We packaged compensation related to the support scheme undertaken by the social enterprise EPIC Homes to improve the living conditions of indigenous peoples. Housing with compensation provides reassurance to the indigenous people living there and encourages participation in donor support schemes.


Press release (MSIG Malaysia)

Greater access to insurance and job creation in India

We have set up small shops equipped with insurance kiosks in villages, towns, and small and medium-sized cities across the country, and are thus helping to expand access to insurance in regions where insurance had been previously difficult to obtain.
We have also contracted groups that are striving to create jobs in farming communities to issue insurance policies. This contributes to the process of creating jobs for women in farming communities where few job opportunities outside agriculture exist.


Cholamandalam MS General Insurance official website

Donations to help supply vaccines to the world’s children

For each new policy sold among our &LIFE brand of insurance products, we make a donation to the Japan Committee - Vaccines for the World's Children who use the donation to purchase vaccines.


Results of FY2019 sustainability initiatives (★)

Efforts in Support of “Leaving No One Behind” in Japan

Through our business endeavors, we are aiming to ensure that no one is left behind, focusing on issues such as poverty, disparities, and discrimination in Japan.

<Principal Approaches>

Provision of easily comprehensible information

In addition to utilizing personal computers and smartphones, we are instituting procedures that give due consideration to the needs of the elderly and people with disabilities by adopting eye-friendly and easily readable fonts (Universal Design Font, etc.) for use in pamphlets for our primary products together with easy-to-understand words, figures, and illustrations to convey information. We also provide sign language, interpretation services in 17 languages, and translation services in 12 languages.

Establishment of a special clause for Social contribution

In response to customers’ diverse range of values related to asset inheritance, such as good will of contributing to society by donating their assets, together with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, we developed the industry’s first “special clause for social contribution,” which enables designated public interest groups* to be appointed as the beneficiaries of insurance claims (September 2019)
*As of the end of July 2020, the following three designated public interest groups have been designated:

・Japanese Red Cross Society ・Japan Committee for UNICEF ・CiRA Foundation


Handling of special clause for social contribution started(★)
Addition of designated public interest groups in special clause for social contribution(★)

Development of an accident relief system linked to dementia ordinances (dementia "Kobe Model")

Entrusted with the administration of the accident relief system linked to Kobe’s dementia ordinances, we have developed Japan’s first comprehensive three-pronged coverage scheme for dementia: (1) accident relief (insurance), (2) system expansion (encouragement of early dementia testing), and (3) Prevention of accidents (GPS tracking services by security companies). (There were 21,446 applications for dementia tests as of the end of March 2020)

Contributing to the realization of a “multicultural society” for regional revitalization
- Building a society that transcends nationality and language differences and supports each other -

In order to realize a multicultural society, we hold traffic safety-related workshops for foreign residents throughout Japan. We also support the development of disaster prevention leaders and mutual assistance systems in foreign communities in Japan.

Affixing of Bell Marks to insurance products

As the only co-sponsor from the non-life insurance sector (as of August 2020), we are participating in the Bell Marks campaign which is designed to ensure that all children equitably receive education in productive environments. We have affixed the Bell Marks to all of the Tough-series products.


Guide to Bell Marks-designated insurance products (★)

Fostering of Dementia Supporters

Employees and agents took dementia supporter training courses, learning accurate knowledge about dementia and the know-how to support those with dementia and their families. In fiscal 2019, our Group jointly conducted promotion of the dementia training courses for employees (approximately 9,500 employees participated as of the end of fiscal 2019)
MS Aioi Life sets a target to have all employees participate in the dementia training courses, enter into cooperation agreements with local governments regarding monitoring activities and participate in community monitoring activities.

Cultivating a Sustainability Mindset among Employees

Employee participation in social contribution activities in their local communities not only advances the personal growth of the employees but also prompts them to learn more about social issues and consider the solutions needed to achieve a sustainable society. Social contribution activities carried out by corporate citizens extend the employees’ antennas into communities and societies, foster ability to image, and build networks with communities. We, as a company, are providing opportunities for employees to engage in a variety of local activities alongside community residents both inside and outside Japan.

<Principal Approaches>

Social contribution activities carried out nationwide

Group companies are actively taking part in global environmental conservation/social contribution activities tailored to the needs of individual communities.

MS&AD Unison Smile Club

A social action organization operated by MS&AD Group employees who support the organization by undertaking volunteer activities and making donations in 100-yen units from their monthly salaries. The club makes donations to NPOs and other organizations and undertakes employee volunteer activities.


MS&AD Unison Smile Club

Disaster volunteer activities

We are continuing our efforts to provide aid to the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake as exemplified by our co-sponsorship of soccer classes featuring J-League players as well as sales events and running events to generate funds for reconstruction assistance. When floods or other disasters strike, employees obtain information on volunteer activities from their companies and disaster-hit areas, and then participate on their own in relief efforts in the disaster-hit areas.