Policies and Management Systems Related to Environmental and Social Contribution Activities

The MS&AD Insurance Group positions environmental problems as an important management issue, and aims to build a sustainable relationship between the Earth's environment and our business activities. Based on the MS&AD Insurance Group Environmental Basic Policy, we are actively engaging in environmental activities.

MS&AD Insurance Group Environmental Basic Policy


Under its Group Mission Statement, “Through our insurance and financial service businesses, bringing security and safety to people and businesses around the world and making a lasting contribution to the enrichment of society,” the MS&AD Insurance Group has made the environment a part of its corporate strategy. The Group has established the following Key Issues and is advancing efforts in these areas in line with the Standards of Conduct listed below.
The Group is committed to ongoing improvement through its environmental management system, and to abiding by environment-related laws, regulations, principles and guidelines agreed to by all members of the MS&AD Insurance Group.

1. Key Issues

(1) Mitigation of and adaptation to climate change
(2) Sustainable use of resources
(3) Reduction of environmental burden
(4) Preservation of biodiversity

2. Standards of Conduct

(1) Initiatives via our insurance and financial services
We will create insurance and financial services that contribute to the Key Issues, and work to resolve social issues and thus enhance corporate value.

(2) Initiatives as part of the business process
Through an innovative reassessment of our business processes, we will work to enhance quality and improve business operations, while making more efficient use of resources and energy.

(3) Environmental awareness and protection activities
By raising environmental awareness among all of our executives and employees, our communities and the next generation, we will work with stakeholders to promote environmental protection activities, gaining their trust and building sympathy for these issues.


Established April 1, 2010
Revised April 1, 2016

Policies and Management Systems Related to Environmental and Social Contribution Activities

Under the “MS&AD Insurance Group Environmental Basic Policy,” all Group companies have been putting the “Standards of Conduct” into practice by combining the ISO14001 certification, which is the international standard for environmental management systems, and the “MS&AD Our Earth Project,” the Group’s unique environmental & social contribution management system.


Although the scope of ISO14001 certification is limited to department in headquarters of seven Group companies(*),we have stipulated in our EMS manual to apply our environmental aspects of organizational activities, products and services that we determine that we can manage or influence in the life cycle viewpoint according to the concept of Standard ISO14001:2015. We work with our Group companies and also with our business partners as necessary promoting initiatives throughout the value chain of the insurance business such as, i) energy conservation and resource saving by reforming insurance contract process including efficiency of logistics by the digitalization of securities and contracts, ii) development of insurance products and services leading to the resolution of environmental problems, iii) procurement of goods used in office work.

From fiscal 2018, aiming for the Goal “Resilient and Sustainable Society,” which is set in our new medium-term management plan “Vision 2021,” we utilize the PDCA cycle of ISO14001 to also address the social issues other than environment issue.

Approach for Acquisition and Maintenance of ISO 14001 Certification

With the integration of the Group in FY2010, the MS&AD Insurance Group decided to acquire and maintain the ISO14001 certification as a group, which had previously been undertaken by each operating company. We worked on formulating a Group-wide standard manual and establishing a structure that positions the Holding Company as the secretariat for the entire Group. These efforts, among others, resulted in the acquisition of batch certification for the Group. Through the departments in each headquarter of the seven Group companies, we are now engaged in the provision of products and services that contribute to solving environmental/social issues, and the promotion of operational efficiency.

MS&AD Our Earth Project

"MS&AD Our Earth Project" logo
"MS&AD Our Earth Project" logo

The MS&AD Insurance Group is promoting a management system “MS&AD Our Earth Project” in all of the companies and all of our business sites to push forward with environmental and social contribution activities that every employee should address. Based on the Secretariat Manual, the Group as a whole is grappling with activities for energy saving, resource saving, waste management at offices/ data centers and preserving biodiversity and contributing to society.

In fiscal 2015, the original logo was selected by a vote of all group employees to further promote these activities. We created this logo in collaboration with an NPO by making a request to a young artist. It expresses the idea that each one of our employees engages in environmental and social contribution activities to create the Earth's future for all of us.

Support for Certification under Eco Action 21

The MS&AD Insurance Group supports our agents and SMEs which is our important business partner to obtain environmental management systems certification “Eco Action 21” recommended by the Ministry of the Environment to make environmental efforts together with the value chain.

MSI participates in “Partner companies Greening Program” in which auditors in each area hold seminars and provide follow-up for the members of “Advance Club.” an organization of service and repair shop agents who engage in eco-maintenance, and is continuing to engage in environmental management.

Awareness Raising Activities for Stakeholders

The MS&AD Insurance Group, together with society, has been making efforts to build a sustainable global environment.

Spread of Eco-maintenance and Eco-inspection

Through the Advance Club, an organization of service and repair shop agents, MSI is promoting the spread of eco-maintenance and eco-inspection. Eco-maintenance and eco-inspection consist mainly of engine washing; the interiors of combustion chambers in automobile engines are washed by a special procedure. Besides curtailing emissions of toxic gas, the removal of residue of carbon and other substances in the chambers helps to reduce CO2 emissions because it improves fuel efficiency and thereby decreases fuel use. As of March 31, 2018, the number of repair shops performing engine washing reached 386.

Promotion of Eco Safety Driving

In the non-life insurance industry, approaches to building environment-friendly, accident-free society have been pursued by practicing "Eco Safety Driving". The MS&AD Insurance Group has prepared tools to assist promotion of eco safe driving, a term referring to practices that are gentle to the environment, help to reduce fuel costs, and also decrease accidents. We are actively advocating these practices to corporate customers.

Enlightenment of the Employee

MS&AD Our Earth Project Check

We believe that continuous awareness activities for our employees, the principle actors of our business, are necessary in order to promote the Group’s environmental and social contribution activities.


The MS&AD Insurance Group conducts its “MS&AD Our Earth Project Check” campaign every year so that every employee can reflect on environmental protection and social contribution activities—such as eco-life practices including energy saving, eco-activities at office, volunteer work, charitable giving—as well as enhancing their consciousness toward them.

Environmental and Social Contribution Education

Environmental problems surrounding us, such as global warming and the crisis of biodiversity, are becoming more serious. To tackle these environmental problems, the MS&AD Insurance Group is conducting e-learning sessions, etc. for environmental education in order to share that same recognition with all of our employees.

Awarded Minister of the Environment’s Award at “Environmental Education Award 2016”

The MS&AD Insurance Group was selected for the Environment Minister’s Award (grand prize) at “the Environmental Education Award 2016” organized by the Environmental Consortium for Leadership Development (Eco Lead) of Ministry of Environment. The Group's efforts for human resource development for raising awareness about environmental and societal issues were recognized. Following the excellent awards received in 2014 and 2015, the Group received the Minister’s Award (grand prize) in 2016.

Medium- and Long-term Reduction Goal of CO2

The MS&AD Insurance Group supported the Paris Agreement adopted at COP21 (21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) in December 2015, and signed on to the Paris Pledge for Action dealing with climate change and global warming. Following up on this signing, we have established the CO2 reduction goal of 2050 for the whole group including overseas, in addition to the existing one for fiscal 2020. As an insurance and financial group engaged in business globally, we will proactively pursue reduction of CO2 emissions as an entire group.

Reducing the Environmental Burdens of Business Processes

We have achieved a significant reduction in environmental burdens by digitizing insurance policies and payment procedures. We are also contributing to the environment by saving resources used in automobile repairs. We will promote initiatives to feed back the environmental preservation results by sharing the fruits of the efforts to reduce environmental load shown above.

Approach to the "Eco-insurance policies" and the "Web Policy "

MSI promotes the "Green Power Supporter program", which engages in the global environment protection with customers through insurance. According to the level of achievement of the 4 approaches below, MSI donates to environment protection and other activities,: 1) "web policy/Eco-insurance policies," and 2) "Electronic contracting procedures," which helps reduce paper consumption, 3) "Use of recycled automobile parts," which facilitates eco-friendly car repair, and 4) "Eco-maintenance/Eco-inspection," which helps reduce CO2 emissions and emissions of hazardous substances. In fiscal 2016, we donated to the Indonesia tropical rainforest recovery project and Tohoku reconstruction aid. From 2009, which is when we started our involvement, through March 2017, the total number of cases amounted to 42 million, leading to approximately 217 million yen worth of donations.


As a part of its environmental preservation activities, ADI is working to cut down on the usage of paper resources and energy by introducing a paperless insurance certificate (Eco-insurance policies) and Web Policy Clause. Donations are made to NPO organizations and local public organizations in each region corresponding with the number of customers who select the paperless insurance certificate (Eco-insurance policies) and Web Policy Clause, thereby supporting environmental preservation activities that are deeply rooted in local communities.

Go Green Program (German)

Certification by<br/>Deutsche Post DHL
Certification by
Deutsche Post DHL

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Europe (ADE German branch) which is the Europe subsidiary of ADI has been participating in "Go Green Program" held by Deutsche Post DHL since the spring of 2011. In the "Go Green Program," an environmentally friendly delivery service is practiced in which the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) exhausted when delivering postal mails to customers is calculated and the same amount of CO2 is reinvested to environmentally friendly projects (like hydroelectric power generation and wind power generation plant). ADE German branch made a donation equivalent to total of about 52 tons of CO2 in the end of 2017, and was awarded a certification by Deutsche Post DHL. Many Germany companies including the local subsidiary of the MS&AD Insurance Group's business partners are participating in the program.

Environmentally-Friendly Building

MSI's Surugadai office
MSI's Surugadai office

The new wing of MSI's Surugadai office, completed in February 2012, is an energy-thrift architecture built with the latest environmentally symbiotic technology. Having the full-fledged double-skin (double window pane construction) exterior system installed, the building is expected to allow for more reduction in thermal load in summer and added insulation effects in winter. Moreover, Natural ventilation system is in place and lightings in the office are controlled by sensors for automatically switching on and off, sensitive to lightness and human presence, thus saving energy. On roof-tops, solar battery panels are installed.

Promotion of Use of Forest Certified Paper(*)

At the MS&AD Insurance Group, switch over to forest certified paper has been in progress since 2010 for printing material like pamphlets. By using paper stock made from forest lumbers properly managed, we contribute to conserving forests and maintaining biodiversity.


(*) Paper made of wood pulp from forest lumbers properly managed for the purpose of sustainable use and conservation of forest resources